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AP New Syllabus-Old Pattern-English 10th Class Exam Pattern-100 Marks

AP New Syllabus-Old Pattern-English 10th Class Exam Pattern-100 Marks. Even though New Text Books with New Syllabus are introduced, The 10th Class Exams will be conducted as per Old Pattern for 2014-15 as directed by DSE vide Rc.302 As per the Directions of DSE, SCERT has prepared New Exam Pattern for Andhra Pradesh 10th Class Students for 10th Class English for 100 Marks. The Exam pattern is given below:

AP New Syllabus-Old Pattern-English 10th Class Exam Pattern-100 Marks

SSC Pubic Examinations 2014 suggestive divisions of syllabus

English PAPER-I
Q. No. 1 to 8 From A & B readings (prose & poetry) short answer questions 8 x 2 mark Short answer type (2 to 3 lines) 16 M
Q. No. 9 to 13 Reading comprehension (from A reading) 5 x 1  mark Multiple choice type 05 M 
Q. No. 14 to 18 Reading comprehension (from B reading) poetry 5 x 1 mark Short answer type (one line) 05 M 
Q. No. 19 to 24 Grammar (from  A reading)
6 x 1 mark Editing a passage by identifying the errors and writing the correct answer 06 M 
Q. No. 25 to 40 Vocabulary (from A & B reading) Prose & Poetry 16 x ½ mark Close test: filling the blanks / replacing words and phrases from the given options 08 M 
Q. No. 41 to 45 Grammar (from unseen text) 5 x 1 mark Editing a passage by identifying the errors and writing the correct answers. 05 M 
Q. No. 46 to 50 Vocabulary (from unseen text) 5 x 1 mark Cloze test: filling the blanks / replacing the words and phrases selecting from the given options 05 M 
Total 50 M

English PAPER-II
Q. No. 1 to 5 Short answer question (from C reading)Prose 5 x 1 Short answer of one line 05
Q. No. 6 to 10 Reading comprehension (from C reading) 5 x 1 Short answer of one line 05
Q. No. 11 Unseen text study skills verbal to visuals or visual to verbal 5 Changing from words into diagram / graphs and vice versa 05 (Choice: 1out of 2)
Q. No. 12 Unseen text study skills (summarizing the text) 5 05
Q. No. 13 Developing a story / narrative, conversion: description and conversion from one to other discourse 10 10 (Choice: 1out of 2)
Q. No. 14 Essay (all types) Biography, review and reports / news report 10 10
Q. No. 15 Message : Letter profile and dairy 05 05
Q. No. 16 Posters / advertisements, invitations and notices 05 05
Total 50
Commissioner & Director of School Education Andhra Pradesh is requesting your valuable suggestions and remarks to the State Council of Education and Research and Training, Hyderabad Email:


  1. so confusing..can get relieved only after coming at least one model paper in full.


  3. is this just for Andhra?any info about telangana?

    1. yes andhra paper pattern is different from that of telangana

  4. These SCERT people not taking Telugu medium students in to consideration.

  5. Nice pattern to improve English. But, authorities must train the Examiners before evaluating Paper II lest student should be given a room for losing their competencies. Conventional Questions should not be asked to improvise the present pattern

  6. Authorities must be considered in these so as to eschew protest due to the confusion by the teachers and the students.
    1. Evaluation sheets must be sent to the teachers concerned to follow the steps while evaluating the papers and follow the same at Annual Exams or else there may be discrepancies emerged at the exams which inturn resulted to protests against the pattern.
    2. Grammar topics are not particularly mentioned in this pattern. So, chapters should be clearly mentioned better for wiping out the tension and time by the teachers for teaching and for learning by the students. Ex :Tenses, Degrees of Comparison, etc otherwise panic may be hovered to cover all the topics.
    3. Conventional questions should not be asked in the Exams wherein put to miss the opportunity for constructing of sentences.

    The teachers are not to be put in dilemma of what and how to teach sans the clear pattern.

  7. For Telugu medium students paper - II pattern is difficult, Instead of story building questions comprehensive passages are suggestableas in old pattern