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How to Prepare Salary Bills in E-Payment System | Know Status of a Bill in Treasury

How to Prepare Salary Bills in E-Payment SystemHow to Prepare Salary Bills in E-Payment System for Direct Credit of salaries to Bank Accounts | Know Status of a Bill in Treasury-Step by step method and process. How to Know the Status of a Bill in E-Payments. Teasury Dept started implementation of  Electronic payments in all District Treasuries during the month of March -2014 as per the Government Memo No.138/36/TFR/201 Dt.19-02-2014. DTA has prepared the user manual to disseminate the information regarding the procedure to be followed by the DDO in preparation of bills to facilitate them to key in the error free data to ensure smooth payments in the Treasury in electronic mode. Hence It is important to know How to Prepare Salary Bills for E-Payments of Salaries. Read the Information on E-Payments in the below links.

How to Prepare Salary Bills for E-Payment | Know Status of a Bill in Treasury

  1. First We should note that "Bill preparation/generation in DDO Request module no change to the existing process"
  2. TBR Number generation --Same as existing process.
For Bills Prepared and submitted in HRMS Module:
  1. A sub module “TBR_Beneficiary details entry” is provided under “Paybills” module of HRMS package. The DDO has to enter the TBR number in the above module as input. Then the system displays all employee details on the screen. The DDO has to check the correctness of the details and submit them if everything is correct. 
  2. This completes the submission bill to the Treasury online using DDO claims module along with beneficiary details for transfer of amounts to the beneficiaries’ accounts directly from the Treasury, When it is Passed in Treasury by Treasury Officials. 
  3. If a bill passed in Treasury and the amount is not credited to beneficiaries’ Account due to erroneous account: 
  4. In such case, the details of such beneficiary have to be rectified with the procedure mentioned  in previous post, for permanent change in the database. Similarly, the Treasury Officer has to make the same change in the beneficiary data of that particular bill by obtaining the proof to ensure correctness details of beneficiary.

Know the payment status of a bill in Treasury 

The DDOs can know the status of a bill using “Treasury bill details” sub module in “General Services” module of HRMS package. 
Select district code, STO code and the token number, as shown below:

Now Press Submit. After pressing Submit the Screen will show the Bill Details and Status of the Bill as shown in the Picture Below.
Problems and Rectifications:

Case1 :
  • In the above screen, the fist table indicates the bill passing status in Treasury. The second table indicates the status of transmission of funds. As seen from the second table, the payment status is “success”. That means, the payment is successful to the beneficiaries.

Case 2:
  • In some cases, the payment status will be “Success” but the beneficiary may not get the amount into his account. This state specifically occur, if the beneficiary account belongs to other than SBI (NEFT transmissions), which is because of technical issues in bank. In this case, the fact should be intimated to Treasury with necessary evidence (proof like copy of passbook). The Treasury Officer shall bring it to the notice of DTA to reprocess the payment. If the same situation occur in case of SBI Accounts, the Treasury Officer shall re process the payment, duly making necessary checks.

Case 3:
  • The status remains blank even after 3 to 4 days from the date on which the bill is sent to bank.
  • This is because the payment status is not received by DTA from bank. This should be brought to the notice of DTA through Treasury Officer concerned to update the status.
  • This status report is useful to the DDOs to intimate the payment details to the beneficiary whenever required. For instance, if the BSNL requests the DDO to furnish payment details, the details can be given to BSNL so that they can check the credit details in their passbook
Roll of DDOs in E-Payments:
  • Data entry of beneficiary details (Employee / 3rd party) 
  • Entry of beneficiary details (Bank Account Numbers) 
  • Preparation of Pay Bill in HRMS package. 
  • Generation of TBR using DDO claims module for pay bills/ other bills. 
  • TBR – linked beneficiary details 
  • Verification of beneficiary accounts -Thorough understanding of HRMS data entry requirements.
  • The Treasury Dept is not responsible for any delay or failure in transmission of funds. Hence DDOs should take utmost care while preparation of Bills and verification of Accounts.
E-Payments likely going to be introduced from August 2014


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