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Rc.356 Instructions to Officials on Implementation of MDM Scheme-Monitoring

Rc.356 Instructions to Officials on Implementation of MDM Scheme-Monitoring. D.O.Lr.Rc.No.356/MDM/2011-1 , dated:09/07/2014-MDM Records to be maintained at School–Mid Day Meal Scheme Instructions to the district officials and Mandal Level Officers for effective implementation of the MDM scheme. DSE has instructed that The Mandal Development Officer, Mandal Educational Officer, EORD & CRPs should visit compulsorily two schools daily and see that the MDM is being implemented properly.
Rc.356 Instructions to Officials on Implementation of MDM Scheme-Monitoring

Rc.356 Instructions to Officials on Implementation of MDM Scheme-Monitoring

  • 1. Lr.No.F.1-15/2009-Desk (MDM), dated:10/02/2010 of Joint Secretary to GOI, MHRD, New Delhi.
  • 2. G.O.Ms.No.21, Edn. (SE-Prog.I) Dept., dated:10/03/2011.
  • 3. C&DSE’s Proc.Rc.No.356/MDM/2012, dated:24/06/2012.
  • 4. Prl. Secretary, School Edn., D.O.Lr.No.356/MDM/2012, dated:25/07/2013 addressed to all the District Collectors in the State.
  • 5. C&DSE’s DO Lr.Rc.No.356/MDM/2012, dated:27/07/2013.

The SPD and C&DSE's Instructions on Implementation is as follows

The inspecting officers once again instructed to follow the given instructions strictly to serve quality food and for effective implementation of MDM scheme.
  1. 1. The District-level Steering cum Monitoring Committee meetings should be held every month under the chairmanship of District Collector as per instructions issued in G.O.Ms.No. 21, Edn. (SE-Prog.I) Dept., dated:10/03/2011 and review the scheme which is not being done regularly and minutes are to be submitted to this office. The Village Organisation / parent teacher meetings should also be held regularly and MDM scheme should be reviewed critically to ensure that hygienic and nutritious food is served to the School Children.
  2. 2. For effective implementation of the scheme, each Mandal should be divided into three parts and school in each part should be inspected by Mandal Educational Officer, Mandal Development Officer and EORD / CRP’s (as was done last year). They should take responsibility of inspecting 15 to 20 schools in their jurisdictions with overall responsibility lying with Mandal Educational Officer. The DEO / Dy.E.O / M.E.O / CRP’s must make surprise visit every day of two schools for inspecting MDM as was done in the last year 2013-14.
  3. 3. The Mandal Development Officer, Mandal Educational Officer, EORD & CRPs should visit compulsorily two schools daily and see that the MDM is being implemented properly.
  4. 4. The inspecting/visiting officer should compulsorily taste the food being served to the children under MDM scheme and also every Headmaster/Teacher in charge of MDM of the concerned school must taste the food served under Mid Day Meals scheme prior to serving to the children and ensure that the hot cooked meal is served to the children.
  5. 5. The food grains being supplied under MDM scheme should be of Fair Average Quality (FAQ) rice and they should be properly stored and utilized on First In First Out basis. The foodgrains are to be delivered at school point invariably.
  6. 6. Old stocks of foodgrains are not to be utilized and to be returned back if not of the required quality.
  7. 7. The ingredients being used for cooking purpose should be properly stored in containers and only Iodised salt / double fortified salt, fresh oil to be used.
  8. 8. Fresh pulses and other ingredients are to be utilized as per the GOI norms.
  9. 9. The MDM menu shall be displayed in the School premises in a prominent visible place.
  10. 10. In the districts where NGOs are serving MDM, such NGOs are to be instructed that the MDM should be of good quality & prepared in hygienic condition and to reach the school in time and served hot.
  11. 11. SHG groups / implementing agencies (CCH’s) shall cook MDM in the school premises only. They are not permitted to cook MDM at out side / in their houses. If any deviation, in this the HM of the school and MEO concerned are personally responsible.
  12. 12. Over head tanks must be cleaned frequently (at least once in a week), using bleaching powder.
  13. 13. Good Sanitation and Cleanliness has to be maintained in the premises of the school and also at the place where food is being cooked, ensuring there is no stagnant water.
  14. 14. Cooking and serving utensils should be properly cleaned after use and dried every day before and after use.
  15. 15. Only fresh vegetables are to be used and vegetables are to be washed properly before cutting in salt water and cut on a mat or mattress.
  16. 16. The firewood to be used to cook food should be stored in a place where there is no dampness.
  17. 17. The cook cum helpers must ensure utmost personal hygiene, and they should wash their hands daily with / detergent, before starting cooking of MDM.
  18. 18. First aid kit with proper medicines should be maintained in school.
  19. 19. Ensure that children wash everyday their hands with soap before and after taking MDM.
  20. 20. Proper sanitation facilities are also to be provided for the children.
  21. 21. The attendance registers in the schools are to be cross verified with the food grains lifted and daily utilization by the inspecting officer. The MDM registers and regular attendance registers in schools are also to be checked during visit / inspection by inspecting officers duly verifying regular attendance and Mid Day Meals taken attendance registers.
  22. 22. The District Educational Officer/Mandal Educational Officer will be held personally responsible for the untoward incidents and action will be initiated against them and also on the implementing cooking agency for any lapse found.
  23. 23. The RJDSEs should visit MDM scheme concerned district fortnightly and to review with DEOs and to report irregularities if any for taking necessary action.
  24. 24. The budget for construction of kitchen sheds under MDM scheme has already been released to all the districts (except Hyderabad). But no significant progress in the construction of kitchen sheds under Mid Day Meal Scheme is noticed. The construction of kitchen sheds phase II shall be completed (100%) by 31st August, 2014 where works are already started and where works are yet to be started the same shall be started and completed by 31st August, 2014.
  25. 25. Proforma for Dy.EOs, MEOs, MDOs and Consolidated proforma for DEOs and RJDSEs (to be submitted fortnightly to MDM Monitoring Cell) were already communicated to you last year. The same proforma are to be used this year also.
  26. 26. The District Educational Officers will be personally held responsible for irregularities, lapses, untoward incidents happen, if any.
  27. 27. The DEO’s are informed to take necessary steps to complete MIS data entry every month in time.
  28. 28. Regular Health checkups to the students shall be conduct in all the schools with the cooperation of nearby available Primary Health center/ Hospitals once in a month / quarter. Necessary records also to be maintained in this regards in the Schools.

Records to be maintained at School Level on MDM

  1. Attendance Register
  2. General Register for MDM opted children.
  3. Rice issue Register
  4. Mid Day Meal Consolidated Monthly register.
  5. Monthly bills.
  6. Visitors Register.
`The following records are to be maintained at Mandal Offices:
  • Cash Book
  • Sub Treasury Office Registers
  • Stock Entry Registers
  • MDM monthly data
  • Visit Reports

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