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Language and Medium of Study of Qualifications for AP DSC 2014

As per GO.38 Rule 4 2(vi) Details of The Language/Medium of Study Qualifications for AP DSC 2014 (Teacher Eligibility Test cum Recruitment Test 2014) mentioned. There two Media Posts. Telugu Medium & Mior Media Posts (Non Language Subjects) and English Medium Posts (Non-Language Subjects). See below the Clarifications and rules given in the GO.38

Language-Medium of Study of Qualifications for AP DSC 2014

(a) Telugu Medium & Minor Media posts (Non-language subjects):
  1. The candidates who have passed SSC Examination in the concerned medium of instruction or with the concerned Language as First Language are eligible to apply for the posts of SA (Mathematics, Biological Sciences, Physical Sciences, Social Studies & Physical Education), SGT and PET in the concerned medium school except for English medium posts. The candidates who have passed the Intermediate / Degree Examination (Academic) in the concerned medium of instruction or with the Language concerned as a subject are also eligible to apply for the posts in that medium except for English Medium posts. The SSC in concerned medium completed before going for higher examinations will only be considered. The SSC completed in concerned medium after completion of higher exams will not be considered.

(b)English Medium posts (Non-language subjects):
  1. In respect of School Assistant (Mathematics, Biological Sciences, Physical Sciences, Social Studies) posts in English medium, the candidates who studied SSC, Intermediate and Graduation through English Medium only are eligible. In respect of SGT posts in English medium, the candidates who studied SSC and Intermediate through English medium only are eligible. 

Rule 4(2) (vii)

  1. In respect of posts for which two subjects at Degree level are prescribed, a Candidate who studied one subject at Degree level and the second subject at Post Graduation level is also eligible to apply.

Example: A candidate who intends to apply for the post of SA (Social Studies) should have studied at least one of the following mentioned subjects at graduation level and the other at Post graduation level. (i) History (ii) Economics (iii) Geography (iv) Political Science (v) Public Administration (vi) Sociology (vii) Commerce (viii) Politics (ix) Social Anthropology (x) Ancient Indian History Culture & Archaeology (xi) Anthropology (xii) Social Work (xiii) Philosophy and (xiv) Psychology.

Rule 4(2)(viii)

  1. Candidates having the training qualification of Special D.Ed / Special B.Ed are also eligible to apply for the posts of Secondary Grade Teacher/School Assistant, respectively, in General Schools in addition to Special Schools, provided they are in possession of academic qualifications prescribed for the posts to which they apply. However, on appointment to the post they are required to undergo an NCTE recognized six months Special Programme in Elementary Education at his / her own cost.

(ix) Only the qualifications mentioned in the application form, for the post applied for, shall be taken into consideration for the purpose of selection.


  1. Dear Sir, How about the candidates who have studied at Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya? They will study X Class in English medium but nothing is printed on their marklists with reference to first language (Telugu or English). Please give clarification as to whether they are eligible to take the exam or not? Is there any GO which clarifies the same? If so please provide a link to the soft copy of the GO. Thank You

    1. I too have the same problem ..I dont have telugu as first language in my am I not eligible to apply for SGT posts?I need clarification..can anyone please respond!!

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  3. If TTC is studied in English medium then which language are coming in DSC

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