Visakha Engaging Part Time Vocational Instructors and Computer Operators in KGBVs 2014

Basing on Rc.No.911/APSSA/KGBV/2014 Dated: 16-08-2014 KGBV-Providing Computer and Vocational Skill Training in KGBVs for the year 2014-15 Instructions issued for Engagement of Part Time Vocational Instructors and Computer Instructors in Visakhapatnam District. Guidelines for Engaging Vocational Instructors in KGBVs.

  • 1) KGBV Operational Financial Guidelines 2014-15.
  • 2) Representations of certain Project Officers, AP SSA, Andhra Pradesh.
Guidelines and Instructions:
  • 1) All the Project Officers of APSSA and the Secretaries of APREIS, APTWREIS and APSWREIS Andhra Pradesh are informed that it has been decided to provide Art/Craft/Vocational Skills Training and Computer Education to KGBV students in the year 2014-15 through recruitment of Part Time female Instructors. The following guidelines are issued in connection to the appointment of Part Time Instructors.
  • 2) Guidelines for Engagement of Part Time Vocational Instructors & Computer Instructors:
  1. a) All the Project Officers are permitted to engage the Vocational Instructors in KGBV as per the KGBV Financial Guidelines 2014-15.
  2. b) All the Project Officers are permitted to engage the Computer Instructors in KGBV as per the KGBV Financial Guidelines 2014-15.
  3. c) All the Project Officers are permitted to re-engage the Vocational Teachers after satisfactory appraisal of their previous work during the last academic year by duly verifying the eligibility criteria, however re-engagement is not mandatory if their work is not satisfactory.
  4. d) Skills to be imparted to the students: i) Tailoring, Stitching, Embroidery ii) Dance iii) Music iv)Painting
  • 3) For recruitment of Vocational Instructors & Computer Instructors at the KGBV level, the following procedure is to be followed:
  • In those places where Vocational Instructors were engaged during 2013-14, the same may be retained after satisfactory appraisal for the year 2014-15 @ Rs.250/- per class and 3 classes per week and the duration of each class is 2 hours the Vocational Instructor need not stay for all the time in KGBVs, once they finish their classes they can leave the KGBV, and they are responsible for imparting at least 2 of the above mentioned skills.
  • In case of Computer Instructors an amount of Rs.5000/- per month will be paid as a honorarium and they have to take 3 classes per week each class with duration of Two hours.
  • In those places where new persons are proposed to be engaged, the Project Officer of RVM (SSA) is the officer responsible to move the proposal for recruitment of Part time Vocational Instructors & Computer Instructor by constituting a District Level Selection Committee comprising of the (i) PO, APSSA as Chairman, (ii) District Employment Officer,(iii) DM of Mahila Pranganam and (iv) Principal of ITI.
4. Eligibility Criteria:
Age: No person shall be eligible for any post unless She is above 18 years and below 39 years of age as on 01.07.2014. However, in case of SC/ST/BC candidates the maxmimum age limit shall be 44 years and in case of physically challenged candidates the maximum age limit shall be 49 years.

a) Part-Time Vocational Instructor for Art Education:
  • 10th class pass or its equivalent. 
  • Diploma/Certificate in music or dance, OR certificate in a trade such as sewing, Tailoring, Weaving, etc., issued by any ITI or DLTC.
  • Technical Teacher Certificate of Government of Andhra Pradesh.
b) Part Time Computer Instructors
  • Intermediate pass (or) Equivalent along with PGDCM (or) its Equivalent
  • Bachelors Degree in Computer Discipline like, B.Com Computers & B.Sc Computers or Equivalent
c) The appointment is only up to end if Academic Year 2014-15
d) The required materials for imparting the vocational skills may be purchased duly following the Procurement Guidelines. This shall be charged to the Specific Skills component of the KGBV budget.
e) The salary component of Vocational Instructors shall be charged to the Specific Skills Component and for Computer Operators from Part Time Teachers of the KGBV Budget 2014-15.
5) The P.Os, AP SSA and the Secretaries of APREIS, APSWREIS & APTWREIS of Andhra Pradesh are requested to follow the instructions scrupulously and report compliance.