AP Badi Pilustondi Program 3rd-7th June 2015 under Janma Bhoomi Maa Vooru

AP Badi Pilustondi Program from 3rd-7th June 2015 under Janma Bhoomi Maa Vooru.(JBMV) ; Memo NO.1109/SERP/Admn/2015 Dated: 27.05.2015 Nava Nirmaana Deeksha and Janmabhoomi Maavooru - (JBMV) Programme -Guidelines Communicated. Rc.No.2389/SSA/A6/2015, Dated: 29-05-2015 Badi Pilustondi Program Guidelines and Instructions. Sensitization and mobilizationfor the 5 Campaigns taken up by GoAP in Janma Bhoomi Maa Vooru are 1) Pedarikam pai Gelupu, 2) Badi Pilustondi 3) Polam Pilustondi 4) Neeru-Chettu 5) Swacha AndhraPradesh
AP Badi Pilustondi Program from 3rd-7th June 2015 under Janma Bhoomi Maa Vooru

AP Badi Pilustondi Program from 3rd-7th June 2015 under Janma Bhoomi Maa Vooru

  1. The first Government in the mother state of Andhra Pradesh will be completing one year in office in the first week of June 2015. During this short period of time, in spite of several constraints on finances as well as other resources, the GoAP has launched several immediate, medium term and longer term initiatives- viz. the 7 Missions (Primary Sector, Social Empowerment, Knowledge & Skill Development, Urban Development, Industry Sector, Infrastructure, Service Sector), 5 Campaigns (Polam Pilustondi, Badi Pilustondi, Pedarikam Pai Gelupu, Swaccha Andhra Pradesh, Neeru Chettu) and 5 Grids (Water, Road, Power, Gas, Fibre Optic).
  2. In this context, a decision has been taken to reach out to the people of the state through a comprehensive community contact programme to be rolled out in three stages- Nava Nirmaana Deeksha on June 2nd,Janmabhoomi Maa' Vooru from June 3rd to th and a Public Meeting on June 8th.:

AP Badi Pilustondi Program from 3rd-7th June 2015 Program Details

Rc.No.2389/SSA/A6/2015, Dated: 29-05-2015
  • Sub:- A.P. SSA Hyderabad — Community Mobilization Activites -State Function — Observation of 2na June 2015 as "NAVA NIRMANA DEEKSHA'DAY and Badi Pilustondi, under Janmabhoomi Maa Vooru (JBMV) programme from 03.06.2015 to 07.06.2015 — Communication of Guidelines —Regarding.
  • Ref:- 1. Govt. Memo.No. 15912/General/A1/2015-1 Edn. (General) Dept. dt. 28.05.2015. 
  • 2. Govt. Memo.No. 1109/SERP/Admn/2015 dt. 27.05.2015.
  1. All the Project Officers of SSA and the District Educational Officers in the State are hereby informed that, it is proposed to observe 2" June as Nava Nirmana Deeksha Day and Badi Pilustondi, under Janmabhoomi Maa Vooru (JBMV) programme from 03.06.2015 to 07.06.2015 in all the habitations in the State in a massive way involving public representatives, community, Stakeholder Departments. The Guidelines for conduct of Badi Pilustondi," which is one of the five campaigns taken up by the Government of Andhra Pradesh are enclosed.
  2. The Project Officers of SSA and District Educational Officers s are requested to issue necessary instructions to all the Sectoral Officers, MEOs, CRPs, to work in convergence with the Public representatives, Govt. functionaries/ Representatives of Community Based Organizations /Municipality/Gram Panchayat level & JBMV teams that are formed in order to collect data in respect of "'drop out" and "never enrolled children" from the Gram Panchayat!Mandal/Municipality wards. They are also requested to go through the Govt. Memo.No. 1109/SERP/Admn/2015 dt. 27.05.15 and necessary instructions may be issued with regard to data entry on regular basis ie., from 3.6.15 to 7.6.15 in the prescribed formats without any errors.
  3. All the Project Officers of SSA and the District Educational Officers in the State are requested to go through the above guidelines and conduct the "Badi Pilustondi" programme with utmost care and report compliance.

Nava Nirmana Deeksha Program 2nd June Details

 Memo NO.1109/SERP/Admn/2015 Dated: 27.05.2015 Nava Nirmaana Deeksha- 2ndJune 2015:
a. Date and Time: Nava Nirmaana Deeksha shall be observed in all the villages and towns across the entire state on 2ndJune 2015 from 9 AM onwards.

b. Responsibility: The responsibility of organizing this at the GP level lies with Gram Panchayat Secretary and the JBMV committee. In urban areas, the municipal commissioner of the respective town along with the ward level JBMV committee will own this responsibility. At the district level, the District Collector shall be the responsible person for all activities taken up under Nava Nirmaana Deeksha .

c. Location: At the Gram Panchayat level as well as in small towns it will be at one location whereas in bigger municipal towns, it will be in three or four localities so as to ensure that messages from the campaign are delivered effectively while balancing out manageability of the event.

d. Mobilization: Every cross section of the society must be mobilized to participate in the programme- especially rural and urban SHGs, NREGS workers, farmers, students, civil society organizations, teachers, etc. In this connection, students from Class 6 onwards shall be required to participate in the programme. In addition, all officers of GoAP stationed at Hyderabad are required to congregate at Vijayawada to participate in the programme where .Hon' ble Chief .Minister will participate in the programme. 

e. Plan for the Programme: .
i. Participants will start in a rally and converge at a predesignated common point by 9 AM
ii. Once the group gathers, the local public representatives will address the gathering from 9 AM - 9.30 AM.
iii. The Hon'ble Chief Minister will make a speech between 9.30 AM  and 10 AM at Vijayawada. Its reach is to be ensured through giant television screens and appropriate audio arrangements. In case television channels are giving live feeds, arrangements for the broadcast of the same are to be made, wherever feasible. In addition, All India Radio and Mana TV may be requested to broadcast the speech. At the end of the speech, the Hon'ble Chief Minister will administer oath. Everyone present will take the oath.

f. Samaikyandhra Agitation Participants: This will be followed by a felicitation of those who participated in the Samaikyandhra Agitations. In addition, police cases on participants in the Samaikyandhra Agitation must be withdrawn before 1st of June.

Janmabhoomi Maa Vooru (JBMV)- 3rd June to 7th June 2014

JBMV exercise is being undertaken to coincide with one year in office of the first Government of the mother state of Andhra Pradesh. The number of  teams should be so formed as to cover all the villages/wards in  the Mandal/Municipality between 3rd and 7th June 2015. The key focus areas of JMBV in this round will be as follows:
  • Progress made during the first year of the GovernmeRt
  • Action Taken Report on the grievances of the first round of JBMV
  • Progress Report of DWCRA Groups
  • Discussion and Information Sharing on Farmers Loan Redemption
  • Capital infusion to DWCRA Groups- Distribution of Sanction Proceedings and Payment Advance.
  • Issue of passbooks to NTR Bharosa Pensioners.
  • Mobilize and initiate process for construction of ISLs
  • Distribution of Newly Sanctioned Pensions to 1.5 lakh beneficiaries in the entire State.
  • Distribution of NTR Bharosa Pensions for the month of May to be distributed in June.
  • Distribution of Rations through the PDS forthe month of June 2015
       Grievances collected need to be tabulated at Mandal Revenue Officer level and monitored at the District Level and linked to Hon'ble Chief Minister's Grievance Management System (Contact Person Mr. B. Sreedhar, I.A.S, Secretary, Information Technology & Communications Department). For the purpose of Janmabhoomi Maavooru, grievances need to be grouped in 22 categories as per guidelines previously issued on the same.
       Daily report needs to be entered in two formats at Mandal Level. Control room with Mr. Ch. Santhi Swarup (9849901509), Joint Director, will be maintained in the planning Department. The District Collec.tors are also requested to set up a control room in the District. You may contact Chief Executive Officer, SERP for any reference.
Detailed Guidelines and formats (in English and Telugu) to be utilized from 3rd to 7th June 2015 for Janmabhoomi Maa Vooru Programme are enclosed,

Public Meeting on 8th June 2015:

On 8th June 2015, a public meeting will be held in Nagarjuna Nagar, Guntur  District- the location where the Hon'ble Chief Minister and the cabinet was sworn in, exactly a year ago. He will, on this occasion highlight the key achievements of the GoAP during its first year in office. Further instructions on the same will be issued separately.