AP TW REIS Gurukulam Teachers Transfers Guidelines 2015 and Application Download

AP TW REIS Gurukulam Teachers Transfers Guidelines 2015 and Application Download. AP Tribal Welfare Residential Educational Institutions Teachers Transfers Guidelines 2015 (APTW Residential Schools). AP Tribal Welfare Gurukulam Teachers Teachers Transfer Guidelines. Rc. No. B1/543/2015 Date:20/05/2015.  Vide this Rc Guidelines for Transfers through counselling of the teaching staff in Gurukulam for the year are released. The guidelines are prepared for regulating transfers of all teaching staff i.e., PGT, TGT, PD(s), PET and Superintendents (Non-teaching) on transfer policy through counselling. Details are given below.
AP TW REIS Gurukulam Teachers Transfers Guidelines 2015 and Application Download

APT WR EIS Gurukulam Teachers Transfers Guidelines 2015 and Application Download

  1. All the Principals are requested to circulate these transfer guidelines to all the staff members and receive the filled transfer applications forms of liable and eligible employees as mentioned in the transfer guidelines. 
  2. The required number of transfer applications may be got prepared by the Principal and supply to all persons who are liable/eligible for transfer and the abstract of all the applications should be furnished in the following Performa
  3. The applicants and Principals should take utmost care in filling the transfer application form. Furnishing of any incorrect information will be viewed seriously and disciplinary action will be initiated against the persons responsible. The Principal should verify and certify the correctness of the entries. All the Principals are requested to see that the transfer applications of Principals, teaching staff and Superintendents along with abstract, should reach the Head Office on or before 23-05-2015 by 5:00 P.M. positively for APTW Residential Schools. 
  4. The Principals are hereby directed to indicate the leave vacancies (cadre­ wise) exceeded by one year except the vacancy against Maternity leave. Regarding the vacancies against deputations (out of the Gurukulam) to other departments including KGBVs and Mini Gurukulams are also to be indicated in their institutions. All the eligible persons for transfer as per guidelines shall compulsorily apply for transfer failing which they loose their opportunity of counselling.

Schedule for AP TW Gurukulam Teachers Transfers

Schedule description Date indicated
1. Last date for receiving transfer applications 23-05-2015 by 5 P.M.
2. Consolidation and scrutiny 25m of May, 2015.
3. Counseling dates for opting districts by the applicants subject to availability of vacancies. 26tn of May 2015.
4. Sending of option forms of the applicants to the District Level Committes (DLC) for issuing posting orders to the applicants. 26m May 2015

Guidelines for AP TW Residential Gurukulam Teachers Transfers

Eligibility for Transfers Through Counselling:
The following will be eligible for transfers:

i) Compulsory Transfers:
  • a) The employees who have completed the period of (5) years of service in a particular station as on 15 May of 2015. 
  • b) Transfer of a spouse on the request of another spouse during counselling to post them together in one School I Place. 
  • c) A spouse case under transfer counselling will be considered once on completion of 5 years only to one of the spouse and not in every year. 
  • d) All the spouse cases will be considered on par with Govt. norms 
ii) Administrative Transfers:
  • Transfers on account of administrative grounds i.e., disciplinary cases or redeployment of surplus manpower or in ·public interest or for sharing shortage of staff. 
iii)Request Transfers:
The following are eligible to apply for request transfers:
  • a) Employees who have completed minimum period of (2) years stay at a particular station as on 1st May of 2015. 
  • b) Any Employee retiring on or before June 30, 2016 shall not be transferred. 
iv) Exceptional Transfers:
Male Teachers below (50) years of age working in Girls institutions will be transferred to accommodate lady teachers.
3. No mutual transfers will be considered.

Calender of Counselling for Transfers
  • a. The transfers WOULD BE AS PER THE SCHEDULE &. INSTRUCTIONS CONTAINED IN THE CIRCULAR. No transfers shall be made there-after during the year 2015-16 and no relaxations would be entertained. 
  • b. The posts of the persons those who are on deputation/OD will be shown as clear vacancy. The posts where TGTs working against PGT post will be shown as vacancy. 
  • c. The leave vacancies for more than a year will be treated as vacancy. 
Transfers Procedure
  • 5.1 The applicants shall fill only the option forms to the Districts opted by them in the Head office Gurukulam and the list of District wise, Institution wise vacancies shall be provided to the concerned District Level Committees(DLC) as enclosure to the option forms of the applicants so as to enable the DLCs for giving posting orders to the applicants as ordered in the G.O.Ms.No.57, dated 18-05-2015. The transferring authority or his nominee shall conduct the counselling. 
  • 5.2 A District Level Committee (DLC) is being established with the Minister­ incharge of the District Development as the Chairman and comprising of the District Collector and the District Head of the concerned department. The DLC will effect the transfer of all Local I District Cadre employees. It will also assign posting to the Zonal Cadre employees allotted to the district by the Government I HOD. The DLC shall finalise the list of employees to be transferred and upon approval by the Committee, the District head of the concerned department shall issue orders. 
Transfer of Non-Teaching Staff at District Level
The DLC shall effect the transfer counselling to the District cadre Employees i.e. Non-Teaching staff (up to cadre of Sr. Asst.) at district level in terms of the orders issued in the G.O.Ms.No:57 of Finance (HR.I) Department dt:18-05-2015.