AP Teachers Transfers 2015 AP Teachers Transfers Web Counselling Process Details

AP Teachers Transfers 2015 AP Teachers Transfers Web Counselling Process Details. First time in Andhra Pradesh Teachers transfers history, the Web Counselling System is going to be introduced in 2015 AP Teachers Transfers. Hence, the curiosity is building up among teachers that how the Web Counselling Process of AP Teachers Transfers are going to be held. What are the Steps involved in applying for AP Teachers Transfers Web Counselling Process. Hence we apteachers.in tried to give you a Idea on this AP Teachers Transfers Web Counselling Process..
AP Teachers Transfers 2015 AP Teachers Transfers Web Counselling Process Details

AP Teachers Transfers 2015 AP Teachers Transfers Web Counselling Process Details

A Demo was given to All Union Representatives on 7th Aug on the Teachers Transfers Web Counselling Process by the CSE Officials. Teachers should know that the Web Counselling is a Part of Teachers Transfers Process. The Transfers Process consists of 6-7 Steps. apteachers.in trying to explain the steps one by one below.
  • Display of Vacancies
  • Applying Online
  • Confirmation of Application
  • Provisional Seniority List
  • Selecting Web Options / Web Counselling Participation.
  • Generation of Transfer Orders

1. Display of Vacancies for AP Teachers Transfers Web Counselling

In this First Step, the CSE will release the Clear Vacancies, 8 Years completed vacancies and vacancies due to Rationalization. These vacancies will be displayed in the CSE Website. Here Teachers should know that the arising vacancies are not displaying in this step as nobody has applied. From These Vacancies we can get an idea about the No of Vacancies which are clear to opt. Let us go to the 2nd step info provided to you by apteachers.in
Display of Vacancies for AP Teachers Transfers Web Counselling

2. Apply Online for Teachers Transfers

  • In this Stage, Every teacher who wants to participate in the Transfers Counselling have to apply Online through the Link and Website given for applying online in Teachers Transfers. Teachers should note that in this step we are just submitting our details for generation of entitlement points and seniority points. This process was also there in our previous Transfers Processes. 
  • Teachers should apply Online within the stipulated given time. Those who submit their details Online will be able to participate in Web Counselling Process later. When you Submit your Details your Total Entitlement Points for Transfers will be calculated.
  • Take Print Out of the Submitted Application and Submit it to MEO/ Gz HM.

3. Confirmation of Application

When You submit your printed application to MEO/ Gz HM, it means that you are showing your willingness to participate in Transfers Process. MEO / Gz HM will forward this Application to DEO Office/ Higher Officials through the means given to them. Basing on all the Applications received, the Seniority Lists are going to be prepared.

4. Provisional Seniority Lists - Objections - Obtaining the OTP - Arising Vacancies

  • Provisional Seniority Lists of all the Teachers who applied Online,  will be prepared as prepared by the Officials as per the Norms and Guidelines going to be issued for AP Teachers Transfers. These norms will be available at apteachers.in when they are released. These List will be displayed in the Website.
  • If any Objections raised on these Lists, they can be submitted to the Officials with in the time. After rectifying the objections, Final Seniority Lists will be prepared. 
  • After preparation of Final Seniority List, Every Teacher has to confirm his/her Candidature for participation in Teachers Transfers Process. When they Confirm their details in Website, One Time Password OTP will be sent to their mobile. (To the Mobile Number provided by you while submitting your application at step 1)
  • When Once, we confirm Our Candidature, Our Post will be shown in Arising Vacancies.

Web Options - Web Counselling - Choosing Places by Web Options

  • This is one of the crucial step and has to be done carefully because the future of your place allotment is going to be based on this step.
  • Using the ID and OTP sent to the Mobile every Teacher has to select Places through Online. 
  • Teachers can select Clear Vacancies, 8 years vacancies, rationalization vacancies and arising vacancies as per their choice.
  • When District is selected, Mandals List will be displayed. When You select a Mandal, all the existing vacancies, 8 years vacancies, arising vacancies will be shown for selection for that teacher. Every Teacher has a Choice of selecting 199 Options. The Number may be increased. 
  • Those Teachers who have completed 8 Years / who are participating in Transfers Process due to rationalization, while giving options in the last they should select 'select all'.
  • Every Teacher can change their Web Options Preferences for Two Times.
  • To give unwilling, The Teacher has to give his own Place as the Last Option. When they Prefer their Own Schools as Last Option, when will remain in that School, when the  Preferred Schools are not available.

Generation of Transfer Orders

After closure of Web Options - Choosing Places by Web Options Transfer Orders will be generated Online with in 5 Days. The Allotted New Schools details will be sent through SMS to concerned Teachers Mobile Number.
Note: This Post is protected and registered by DMCA (Digital Millennium Copy Right Act) This Post is solely written basing on the Demo. If Any Updates/News, will be made by apteachers.in later in this post. Give Your suggestions and visit regularly for updated information on this AP Teachers Transfers Web Counselling Process 2015.


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  2. The state government sanctioned 14.5% HRA to PARVATHPURAM in Vizianagaram district from 2nd June 2014 If the points were calculated for PARVATHPURAM as category - II place for the period before 2nd June 2014, the candidates would loose points for the period for which they did not get 14.5% HRA. So, this should be corrected by taking period only from 2nd June 2014.

    phone : 9490762310

  3. పండిట్స్upgradation చేస్తే బాగుంటుంది.ఈ ట్రాన్స్ఫర్స లో ఐతే స్కూల్ అసిస్టెంట్స కి లాభం ఉంటుంది. సేనియర్స్ కి న్యాయం జరుగుతుంది. every time hidi assistants losers. no one is taking about this. getting 4 periods we are not getting justice. we have to take all sections in any schools . If there are 10 sections we have to take 40 periods in a week .,or we have to combined the same class sections . heare we are getting burden by the students strength and as well as paer corrections and grading process. Where as the othe teachers can take single sections and the teachers provided for the school will be more than one I.e two or more..is this is the justice.APTEACHERS.COM please think about this.

  4. Thanks for the clear information. Rajendra. Anantapur.

  5. ALL D VERY BEST TO MY DEAR TEACHING FRATERNITY IN my fellow state. For the very first time in INDIA YOU ARE GOING TO BE d ROLEMODELS with this type of web counselling. Which is most welcome these days...It infact reduces d burden n stress of tiring present system of counseling. Looking forward to seeing you guys emerge successful! !!!
    Patan F Khan

  6. For GR II HM'S monthly promotions were taken. So , there was no clear vacant places (only 8 yr's complition very few vacancies ) were found in general transfers . Please try to 5 years max period working place for gr II hm's.in AP state.

  7. why dont DSE didnot take consideration of school assistants working in UPPER PRIMARY SCHOOLS while giving priority points in performance area. they dont have opportunity to attain % to prove their ability such as ssc exam so UP SCHOOL school assistants will lose points . is there any solution to these .please forward to higher authority to think about this thank u

  8. Sir, is there municipal school teachers transfers?

  9. Sir, is there municipal school teachers transfers?

  10. sir are there rationalisation and transfers for municipal teachers?

  11. norms for web counseling is good.we are welcoming the web counseling.

  12. the education secretary took a fine decision. the maximum service at one station should be five years for gazetted headmasters. some of the leaders say that should be eight years for their own benefits. Let the opportunity of working in some desirable places should be shared by some other Please encourage the department in this aspect

  13. when will be inter district transfers announced

  14. when will be inter district transfers announced

  15. VERY FINE============THANK U FOR PROPER INFORMATION...............

  16. VERY FINE============THANK U FOR PROPER INFORMATION...............

  17. sir in some high schools there are temporay rmsa posts, for these posts if we opt we will work there only one year because these posts will be rationalised in the next year. so it is big fate for those who opt this post (School Asst) Murali.K

  18. How to cancel or edit the submitted tranfer application?

  19. sir in web counsellin max options 199. is there any rule about selecting number of minimu options. if i didnt have interest in either clear vacancies or araising vacncies can i give my working place as one and only one option.

  20. When B.Mattam is selected, the list of schools are not displayed and the website is showing 404 error. As a result, we are unable to submit the application. Please do the needful at the earliest. 9494427550