Performance Points in Teachers Transfers AP Teachers Transfers Performance Indicators Proposals

Performance Points in Teachers Transfers AP Teachers Transfers Performance Indicators Proposals. Below are the Performance Indicators proposed for AP Teachers Transfers 2015. This is for information and not confirmed.

AP Teachers Transfers Performance Indicators Proposals

1. 100% enrolment in the Govt. schools basing on child population within the catchment area For Institution: To encourage the parents to admit their children in govt. Schools for giving best practices as per modern technology in the modern era. 2 Dy.EO – High Schools MEO – Primary Schools
2. Attendance of children in a school by average year wise 95% above To encourage the teacher for the effort made to make the students attending the schools regularly. Head Master
Over 95% 2
90% – 95% 1
3. 100% Transition of children within their school or catchment area Govt. Schools 5th to 6th class 7th to 8th class 8th to 9th class 5 - HM certificate - Counter certified by Dy.EO/MEO
4. No adverse remarks on Mid day Meal scheme in a year To enable to give the best Meal to the students as per the norms of the government and increasing the strength of the children to have the meal 1 - MEO - Child Rights cell, MDM Grievance Redressal Database
5. Schools premises with clean environment and maintain plantation etc. As part of Swatch Bharat as imitative by the Government of India 1 Dy.EO – High Schools MEO – Primary Schools
6 Aadhaar seeding DISE Vs Childinfo
100% Aadhaar seeding 2 NIC Database
90-99.9% Aadhaar seeding 1
7 % of difference between DISE and Childinfo data for the school DISE & NIC Database
Less than 1% difference 3
2-5 % difference 2
8. Teacher attendance in the institution at present cadre except Casual Leave For individual: To encourage the teachers for dedication towards the job for continuous and rigours teaching to the students. - HM certificate - Counter certified by Dy.EO/MEO
95% attendance of total no.of working days for last 2 years 5
90-95% attendance of total no.of working days for last 2 years 3
9. If the children of Govt teacher are studying in Govt/Aided schools (If both are working as teachers, one of the spouse will be entitled for these points) To be the role model of the institutions by admitting their children in government Schools encouraging to the have high enrolment in Government Schools. 5 Self-Certification Counter certified by Dy.EO/MEO
10. Preparation and implementation of lesson plan/unit plans & instructional plan Leads to the best Practices by Planning and Analysing the activities leading to the best result. Each year – 1 - HM certificate - Counter certified by Dy.EO/MEO
11. Initiation in raising of funds/material/property/infrastructure for developing the school To encourage the welfare of the society by giving a scope to meet the competitiveness with the private school managements and giving best opportunities to the students enabling to the get best result. 5 3 2 1
Worth of more than 3 lakhs 5
2 – 2.99 lakhs 3
1 – 2 lakhs 2
50,000 – 1 lakhs 1
12.A a) Marks of A+ grade & A grade in a school (Annual Assessment Survey for 3,5 & 8th class teachers) To give competitiveness among the teachers for benefit of the student in getting the result.
If 100% children got A+ 3
If 90% children got A+ 2
If 80% children got A+ 1
If 100% children got A 2
If 90% children got A 1
12.B Student performance in Formative & Summative Assessments, Exams (to be included for 2016-17 as data is not available in all schools
12.C Performance in SSC Results
100% pass in concerned subject. 3
90% and above pass 2
12.D School Average performance in SSC Exam To be given to Head Master - HM certificate - Counter certified by Dy.EO
95 to 100% pass percentage 3
90-94.99% 2
14. Participation of children in competitions atDistrict/State Level from the schools Essay writing / Elocution/ Drawing / Quiz Points to be given to the HM & concerned Teacher 1 - HM certificate - Counter certified by Dy.EO/MEO
15. Participation in sport & games at district/ state/national To have Competitive and Sportive Spirit among the students Points to be given to the HM & concerned PET 2 for PET/HM - HM certificate - Counter certified by Dy.EO/MEO
16. If teacher is residing at working habitation To give more opportunities to the students by staying at working habitation which leads to have impact on the students – applicable to Teachers working in 3rd& 4thcategory of Schools. 3
17. a) Conduct of science exhibition at school level with local contribution inviting neighbouring schools in Mandal b) Science Project - Green Crops c) Enrolment d) Arts e) Sports To Explore more opportunities in the science for the students to have vision over the future. 2


  1. i think it will lead to malpractice. long ago teachers working in u.p.schools. those who were dealing 7th class were given some points. this was misused. now it may also be misused.

  2. I think the government wantedly make a wall between teacher who are working in the same school, area, village and also mandal level. If they have any sense the shouldn't make conditions like this, in sitting A/c rooms and make G.O.'s

  3. if chandra babu impliment this i am very glad to him,if not he will be the waste fellow!/?

  4. Not a good idea .I think, this will encourage corruption..

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