Confirmation of Transfer Application Process Details AP Transfers Application Confirmation

Confirmation of Transfer Application Process and Details..Transfers Application Confirmation Process Started... Below are the Steps to confirm your application ..
Click on the Link given at the bottom of the Post..
It will Look Like this..

In the Above Screen You have to Enter Your Application Number and Click on Get Data..
Then Your Data will be displayed.

At the Bottom If you Want to Participate in the Web Options Process then Click on Yes... Then Your Mobile will receive a OTP.. Enter the OTP in the Box provided as given in the Image... Then You will be eligible for Web Options ..

Important Note::
Compulsory Transfer Teachers NO Need of Confirmation... and OTP.. Only Request Transfer Teachers have to Confirm their Application..

Click Here for Confirming Your Application and Receiving OTP


  1. Deeply distressed to get less financial benefits than with 2012 pramotees thoughI got promotion in2002 as an SA in english

  2. Help our DSC1996 apprentice teachers notional increments issue.All the apprentice teachers can get common and equal benefitsy if the notional increments are given from date of joining in the job.