CPS Vs PF Pension Online Comparison | CPS Vs PF Pension Comparison Calculator

CPS Vs PF Pension Detailed Comparison NPS and Defined Benefit Pension Comparison. We have build a online comparison calculator between CPS Pension and PF Pension. We all know that, it is mandatory for  the State Government employees  who have joined on after 1.9.2004 to join in CPS (Contributory Pension System) for their retirement benefits. Now a days there is a huge awareness coming among CPS Employees, and started opposing the NPS System. When calculated there is a huge loss for CPS Employees in CPS System when compared to the PF Pension System. CPS is completely based on Share Market. Let us see the CPS and PF Pension Benefits in brief below.

CPS Vs PF Pension Comparison Calculator

  • As we are aware that there is no Retirement Gratuity for CPS Employees till to date
  • If unfortunately any CPS employee dies, then very disastrous position to his family members. Only 1000 Rupee as pension per month. How a family can survive with this amount. ?
  • We have already designed a Software for CPS Pension Calculator previously. Click Here for Calculate Your CPS Pension

Instructions for CPS-PF Pension Comparison Calculation

Enter Your Present Basic Pay:
  • Enter Your Present Basic Pay of PRC 2015. Basing on Your Present Basic Pay, Our Software will calculate the estimated Basic Pay at your retirement age.
CPS Contribution per month:
  • Enter Your CPS Contribution per month. Either You can enter your present CPS Contribution or Estimated Average CPS Contribution per month.
  • Don't need to enter Govt Matching grant. Enter Only Your Contribution.
  • Minimum CPS per month is Rs.500 per month 
Enter Present Age:
  • Enter Your Present Age. Minimum Age is 18 Years
  • Maximum Age is 50 Years
Enter Retirement Age:
  • Enter Your Retirement Age. Retirement age should not be 20 Years.
  • Maximum age is 60 Years. Note that if the Retirement age is less than 60 Years, the CPS Employee have to contribute 80% of their retirement amount in pension fund.
Expected Growth Rate per Annum:
  • Expected Growth Rate per Annum between 5-9%. This is the  Annual Growth of Your CPS Fund  or your CPS Contribution.
Expected Returns on Pension Amount
  • Expected Returns on Pension Amount is the returns on the CPS Pension fund invested for Pension. Your 40% Pension Fund have to be invested into Pension Fund for Pension.

Click Here for CPS - PF Pension Comparison Calculator