New Teachers Salary Particulars - New Teachers Pay Details

New Teachers Salary Particulars - New Teachers Pay Details. New Teachers are recruited in Andhra Pradesh through DSC 2014. All the DSC 2014 Teachers, SGTs, PETs, School Assts Salary Particulars and Deduction Particulars are given below by Component wise details with explanations of Salary Particulars for newly recruited teachers.

New Teachers Salary Particulars - New Teachers Pay Details

First Let us discuss the Salary Particulars of the Teachers. What are the Earnings and What are the deductions for newly recruited Teachers.


In Earnings section we have Basic Pay, Dearness Allowance, House Rent Allowance and Other Allowances. We will discuss one by one. Total of this Earnings Sections is called Gross Pay or Gross Salary. 
Gross Salary = Basic Pay + DA + HRA + Other Allowances if any. If appointed in the middle of the month, the Pay will be on the Ratio Basis.
Basic Pay:
  • Every Post has a Scale of Pay. Basic depends the Scale of Pay. The Basic Pay depends on the Scale of the Pay.
  • Basic Pay is the Key for all Income. Every Employee will have basic Pay for his Post.
  • All Other Earnings and Deductions are based on Basic Pay Only.
  • Let us see the Basic Pays for the Posts of Teachers as per PRC 2015.
Category of Post Pay Grade Scale of Pay Basic Pay
SGT (Secondary Grade Teachers), LPT Language Pandits Grade - II, PETs XI 21230- 590- 21820- 640- 23740- 700- 25840- 760- 28120- 820- 30580- 880- 33220- 950-36070- 1030- 39160- 1110- 42490- 1190- 46060- 1270- 49870 -1360- 53950-1460-58330- 1560- 63010-(40)
School Assts (Languages and Non-Languages) XVII 28940- 820- 30580- 880- 33220 -950- 36070- 1030- 39160- 1110- 42490- 1190- 46060- 1270- 49870- 1360- 53950-1460-58330- 1560- 63010- 1660- 67990-1760- 73270- 1880-78910 (38)

Understanding the above Table
  1. From the above Table, It is clear that SGTs Basic Pay is 21230, and School Assts Basic Pay is 28940
  2. In the above Table, the scale of Pay gives us the rate of increment for next year. For Example, for SGTs, This Year they will be appointed on Basic Pay of Rs. 21230. After completion of One Year, they will be given a increment of Rs. 590 (See in the Scale of Pay Column) and then their Basic Pay is 21230+590 = 21820. Hence Presently just take the Basic Pay given in the Red Letters.
Dearness Allowance (DA):
Dearness allowance: Dearness Allowance is paid as a portion of basic pay of employees to neutralise the impact of inflation. The Dearness Allowance (DA) is a cost of living adjustment allowance paid to Government employees,
Presently State Govt Employees are paid DA of 12.052% on Basic. It has to be revised.

HRA House Rent Allowance:
The Government includes certain allowance in the remuneration of the employee termed as House Rent Allowance or HRA. This allowance is used by the employee to meet the rental expenses for his/ her accommodation.
HRA is not same for all. HRA depends on the Category of the Place. 
  • Category IV Place 12%
  • Category III Place 12%
  • Category II Place 14.5
  • Category I Place 20%
Hence HRA depends on the working Place. Most of the New Teachers are going to be appointed in Category III, Category IV Places means with 12%  HRA.

Other Allowances:
  1. If the Newly recruited Teacher/SGT is going to join in a single Teacher School, then they will have to act as Head Master of the School. Hence they will be paid Head Master Allowance for the post. HMA (Head Masters Allownace) for Single Teacher Schools is Rs. 75 and for Other PS Schools is Rs.100 and for UP Schools is Rs150
  2. Language Pandits Gr.II/S.G.B. T. Teachers (for handling High SchoolClasses) allowance is . 150/- pm
  3. Physically Handicapped employees PH Allownace is Rs.1350/-per month. For Blind Teachers, 400 Escort Allowance is Additional.


Now Let us see the Deductions. We are going to discuss only Regular Deductions which are applicable to all employees. In Deductions section, Normally there will be CPS, APGLI, GIS, PT, Health Cards Deductions applicable to employees. let us see these details by

Contribution Pension Scheme Contribution. CPS is introduced w.e.f  1.9.2004.  10% of the Basic Pay + DA is deducted towards CPS and will be credited to your PRAN Account for your Pension Amount. Note that there is no Pension. Only returns on CPS is your pension.

APGLI means Andhra Pradesh Government Life Insurance. It is a insurance Scheme for AP Govt employees. The APGLI Department is one of the oldest departments in the State. APGLI Scheme is a Social Security Measure for the welfare of the Government employees and is mandatory for all Government employees and provincialised Local Body employees.
Basing on the Basic Pay the Contribution for APGLI will be deducted from Salaries.
GIS : Group Insurance Scheme:
It is also called as Andhra Pradesh State Employees Group Insurance Scheme – 1984. It is also Insurance Scheme for employees. 
  • Presently SGTs comes in 'Group C' and Rs. 30 is recovered from their salaries as GIS Subscription. And School Assts comes under Group B and Rs.60 is deducted from their Salaries
Professional Tax (PT):
Professional tax is the tax by the state governments in India. Anyone earning an income from salary or anyone practicing a profession such as chartered accountant, company secretary, lawyer, doctor etc. are required to pay this professional tax. Presently the Professional Tax PT for SGTs and SAs as per their scale is Rs.200

Health Cards EHF Deduction
All AP Govt are eligible for Health Cards.The Employees Health Scheme is formulated to provide cashless treatment to the employees and pensioners of the State Government and their dependent family members treatment in empanelled hospitals.
Presently the EHF deduction for New SGTs and SA is Rs.90.

Table of Salaries Details for SGTs and SAs

Final conclusion and Table of Details of Pay Particulars of Newly Recruited Teachers is given in the below table.

Pay Details
SGT/ LPT/ PET School Asst
Basic Pay 21230 28940
DA 2559 3488
HRA @ 12% 2548 3473
Gross 26337 35901
CPS 2378 3243
GIS 30 60
APGLI 850 1150
PT 200 200
EHF 90 90
Total Ded 3549 4743
Net 22788 31158