Rc 41 Mana Vooru Mana Badi Program up to 30th April

Rc 41 Mana Vooru Mana Badi Program up to 30th April. CSE has modified its previous orders and instructed to complete the Mana vooru Mana Badi campaign by 30th April 2017. Remaining admissions program and campaign to be completed after reopening of schools from 12th June 2017.

Rc. No. 41 /A& 1/2017 Doted: 28/04/2017

Sub: School Education - MANA VOORU - MANA BADI Campaign - Completing the School Admissions for the academic year 2017 - 18 - Prevailing of prickly heat waves during summer 2017 - Implementation of MANA VOORU - MAMA BADI Programme upto 30th April, 2017 -Pe.

1) RTE Act No. 35 of 2009. 
2) This office Proc. Re. No. 41/A&I/2017, dated: 07-04-2017. 
3) This office Proc. Re. No. 41/A&112017, dated: 24-04-2017. 
4 This office Proc. Re. No. 41/A&1/2017. dated: 25-04-2017.

  • In partial modification of the orders issued in the reference 2nd & 4th read above, all the Regional Joint Directors of School Education and District Educational Officers in the State are requested to implement the "MANA VOORU MANA BAD!" Programme upto 30th April. 2017 due to prickly heat waves prevailing in the State of Andhra Pradesh. The enrolment work may be taken up as part of the Badi Pilustondi Programme after reopening of the schools in the State ie., 12-6-2017. 
  • Further, they ore therefore requested to submit information in the prescribed proforma communicated vide ref. 2nd read above, to this office by 5th Ma 2.17 with da wise enrolment alread undertaken under MANA VOORU MANA BADI Proarammme.

Rc 41 Mana Vooru Mana Badi Program up to 30th April