AP Primary Schools Rationalization Norms 2020 AP Primary Rationalisation GO

AP Primary Schools Rationalization Norms 2020 AP Primary Rationalization GO. AP Primary Schools Rationalization Norms 2020 Roll Particulars GO XXX. Basing on the GO 29, Primary Schools Rationalisation Guidelines and Roll Particulars for Rationlisation of Primary Schools in AP are here. Primary Schools and Model Primary Schools Staff Pattern as per GO XXX. AP Primary Schools Rationalization Table.

AP Primary Schools Rationalisation Norms 2020 Roll Particulars GO XX

General Guidelines and Norms for Primary Schools Rationalisation AS PER GO 29
  1. (i) Allocation of Teachers to Primary Schools shall be on the basis of norms indicated in Table-1.
  2. (ii) Consolidation of Primary Schools and creation of Model Primary Schools may be taken up as per G.O.Ms.No.39 Education (Ser.II) Department, Dated:07.08.2015 to G.O.Ms.No.51 Education (Ser.II) Department, Dated:07.08.2015 (pertains to respective districts) based on the integrated U-DISE data. All such Model Primary Schools shall be allocated 5 Teachers.
  3. (iii) Primary Schools with <20 enrolment within 1 Km radius may be considered as Non-viable and consolidated with nearby existing school within 1 Km radius.
  4. (iv) The Primary Schools with less than 20 enrollment within 1 KM radius where there are no other schools within 1 K.M. radius may be continued.
  5. (v) After 340 student enrollment, for every 30 additional students, one additional SGT will be provided.
  6. (vi) On completion of the entire Rationalization exercise, if any working SGT are found surplus (rendered without work due to norms as given above) in the district, such teacher shall be allotted in the descending order to <80 enrolment primary schools wherever requirement is there as per norms given above. If after doing this exercise still surplus SGT post along with teachers are remaining, after filling up all posts in the needy schools, such surplus teachers shall be kept in the District Educational Officer’s pool for further utilization based on need.
  7. (vii) The LFL HM posts shall be provided to the Primary Schools having student enrolment of 131 and above. Where L.F.L. H.Ms are working in the schools having 130 and below the strength and not covered under compulsory transfer. Such LFL HM post may be adjusted against the justified SGT post in that school. Such LFL H.M. post may be treated as SGT in that school. 
  8. (viii) On Rationalization of schools where SGT is rendered without work, as the school is getting merged with other schools, the junior most SGT in that School shall be preferably be transferred to schools where vacancy has arisen due to student teacher norms, or as per other transfer norms.
  9. (ix) All efforts should be taken to reduce single teacher schools in the district through appropriate consolidation of Primary Schools.
  10. (x) In Scheduled area, Schools with less than 10 enrolment may be continued, if no scope for the consolidation.
  11. (xi) Where there are both media in a Primary School, teachers shall be provided as per the justification for each medium based on enrolment.
  12. (xii) Schools in SC/ST areas which are specially located for them and where there are no schools in vicinity, schools which are separated by natural barriers hillock, water bodies, streams (vagus) shall not be consolidated. 
  13. (xiii) Urdu medium schools shall be consolidated with other Urdu medium schools, if possible.

Primary School / Model Primary School (I to V Classes) – Staff Pattern

Enrolment range
(I to V Classes)
Head Master No. of SGTs Total
311-340 1 11 12
281-310 1 10 11
251-280 1 9 10
221-250 1 8 9
191-220 1 7 8
161-190 1 6 7
131-160 1 5 6
81-130 - 5 5
61-80 - 3 3
20-60 - 2 2
Upto 19 - 1 1


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