GO 72 Online Employees Transfer Application System for AP Employees

GO 72 Online Transfer Application for AP Employees. How to apply for Employees Online Transfers in Andhra Pradesh. Detailed Guide for Employees Transfers Online Application. GO 72 Dated 4/5/2017. All Employees in Andhra Pradesh have to apply Online for Transfers. Public Services - Human Resources – Transfers and Postings of Employees – Online Employee Transfer System - Guidelines / Instructions – Issued. Online Employees Transfer System’ (OETS) has been developed for the use of the Heads of Departments/Competent Authorities/Individual Employees. Website for Employees Online Transfers System is: https://transfers.apcfss.in
G.O.MS.No. 72 Dated: 04-05-2017 

GO 72 Online Employees Transfer Application  System for AP Employees

Read the following:- 
Ref.: 1. G.O. MS. No. 64 Finance (HR I) Department dated 21.04.2017. 
  1. Orders In the reference read above, the Government has issued orders for relaxation of ban on transfers for the period 25th April, 2017 to 24th May, 2017 and issued guidelines for transfer of employees. As per the orders the transfers should be undertaken in a transparent process using IT application. 
  • 2. Accordingly, an application called ‘Online Employees Transfer System’ (OETS) has been developed for the use of the Heads of Departments/Competent Authorities/Individual Employees. 
  • 3. The Government hereby order that all the transfers shall be done only through this system. 
  • 4. Necessary guidelines for the use of ‘Online Employees Transfer System’ are appended in the Annexure to this order. 


  • Government of Andhra Pradesh issued G.O. MS. No. 64 Dt.: 21-04-2017 outlining the guidelines/instructions for transfers and postings for the year 2017 cycle. It is outlined in this order about the process and need to adopt a transparent system to carry out the transfer processes. Towards this, the Finance Department has designed and developed the ‘Online Employee Transfer System’ (OETS), an application to be used by the individual Eligible Employees, the Competent Authorities and the Heads of Departments, to facilitate a seamless and transparent process. 
  • Guidelines and Instructions for using the online applications are outlined below for the benefit of users, who are expected to use this application:
  • This process illustration showcases 7 main steps or activities in the process, some of which are performed online in the application and some are done outside as manual processes. Key users for the application are – Competent Authority, Head of the Department, Employee. Different reports are made available on the tool to get insights into some of the aspects like eligible employees list, finalized vacancies, counselling schedules, ITDA areas etc. The tool is also being set up to generate transfer orders for the finalized transfers. Following are a set of brief guidelines on using the online application through astep by step activity, by the role and the expected outcomes
URL for the Online Application is: https://transfers.apcfss.in 
  • Login to the Application: o User ID – Employee ID (as per the Payroll). 
  • If Employee ID is not known please contact your CA, HOD, Supervisor or DDO 
  • Mobile Number – Enter the Mobile Number to which you would like to receive OTP and other communication during the transfer process
  • One Time Password (OTP) – An OTP will be sent to the Mobile Number that you enter
  • Bank Account Number – Your Bank Account Number is the number where you receive your salary as per the available records with the payroll. This is used for second level authentication. 
Competent Authority Login will have the following options:
  • Publish the Eligible Employee List for Transfers along with their details 
  • Publish the existing and potential vacancies list o Enter the Employee rankings in the merit order within the each grouping
  • Capture counselling details o Review and Finalize the new postings for the eligible employees
  • Generate Transfer Orders for the eligible employees about their new postingsReports 
Employee Login will have the following options: 
  • Review the employee details and request for any changes through CA
  • Review the list of vacancies o Submit preferences against the vacancies 
  • Reports 
HOD Login will have the following options: 
  • Review the activities of CA 
  • Review the CA data and ensure the accuracy 
  • Reports
Help Desk: 
  • Finance Department has enabled a help desk to support the Competent Authorities, 
  • HODs and Employees in the process of using the application. 
  • The help desk can be reached at the following email and telephones:
  • email: helpdesk.transfers@apcfss.in
Process Issues: Krishnaveni G @ 8501097733 or Sai Seshu @ 9885355951 
Software Issues: Md. Rizwan @9963922376

Step by Step Process

STEP 1: 
  • 1. Competent Authority – Should draw up the list of eligible employees - >5 years at one station continuously; >3 and <5 years meeting certain criteria (as outlined under point 3 (iv) in GO MS No. 64 dt. 21/4/2017) and have submitted request for transfer (each department/CA will define how these requests shall be submitted); >2 years at a ITDA area – and notify the list by publishing it on Notice boards and department portals. Employees – If meeting the criteria as outlined under point 3 (iv) in GO MS No. 64 dt. 21/4/2017, and would like to be considered for a transfer, shouldapproach the CA and submit a request for transfer along with a certificate of verification of the criteria. Please note that such request transfers are limited to 5% of the employees in any working cadre. If at a ITDA for >2 years and willing to continue in the ITDA area, a willingness to continue should be submitted to CA. Please note, CA will decide to accept these requests on merits on a case to case basis.
  • 1. If an employee is at an ITDA area for >2 years and is willing to continue in the ITDA area, a prior consent should be obtained before excluding them in the list. 
  • 2. Should finalize the list of existing and potential vacancies category-wise and notify them.
  • 3. HOD – Will review the list of Competent Authorities for their departments and notify them to complete the activity as per the guidelines issued. 
STEP 2: 
  • 1. Competent Authority – Should login to the Online Employee Transfer Application at the URL provided and enter the list of eligible employees under each category along with all the required details online. CA should also enter the list of existing and potential vacancies category-wise online.
  • 2. Employees –Should approach CA for any changes – if they believe they should be in the eligibility and are not appearing on the published list online; if they believe their profile data is wrong; if they do not see any expected vacancy online; if they have any questions on the vacancies published etc. 
  • 3. HOD – Should review the lists submitted by CAs and ensure that they are accurate and are in compliance with the orders stated in GO MS No. 64 dt. 21/4/2017. 
STEP 3: 
  1. 1. Competent Authority – Should evolve performance criteria for each category of employees and notify the same through notice boards and department portals. Where needed/required, CA should instruct the concerned employees to submit self-appraisal. 
  2. 2. Employees –All eligible employees should login to the Online Employee Transfer Application at the URL provided and verify their basic details and submit their options/preferences to the list of vacancies related to them. At least 3 (three) preferences should be submitted. Employee is permitted to submit preferences for all the published vacancies if they desire to. If they desire to or are required to as instructed by the CA, they can submit their self-appraisal on the application in a PDF format as an attachment. A report of employee preferences will be published in the reports section of the Online Employee Transfer Application. 
  3. 3. Competent Authority – Should rank the employees in a merit order on the Online Employee Transfer Application based on the performance criteria evolved. Merit order is separate for each grouping of eligible employees - >5 years; >3yrs and <5yrs and >2yrs at ITDA area. Where desired, CA can attach a performance document in PDF format against the employee details. 
STEP 4: 
  • 1. Competent Authority – Should draw up a detailed counselling schedule for each category with a date, venue and time slot. The same shall be published on the notice boards and department portals in addition to entering the same on the Online Employee Transfer Application. 
  • 2. System –System will match the employees to the vacancies based on the preferences submitted by the employees and the rules engine (which will be an algorithm based on the process and orders in GO MS No.64 dt. 21/04/2017). The criteria will be applied inter-se within each grouping of employees and preferences as ordered in the GO MS No.: 64 dt. 21/04/2017. The match thus determined will be shown against the Employee on the Online Employee Transfer Application for the CA to review, Accept and Reject. In case of a Rejection a reason should be specified.
  • 1. Competent Authority – Should conduct counselling based on the published schedule and as per the prescribed norms. The details of counselling schedule, time slots, venue and eligible attendees as per the schedule will be published online. 
  • 2. Employee – Should attend the counselling as per the published schedule and the prescribed process. All employees eligible to be transferred and/or submitted a willing to be considered for transfer and if accepted should attend the counselling compulsorily. 
STEP 6: 
  • 1. Competent Authority – Should record the counselling details in the remarks column of the employee details. CA should accept or reject the system assigned posting for the employee. In case of a reject, CA should also record the reasons. The final posting shall be finalized and entered against the employee details on the Online Employee Transfer Application. A final listing of new postings shall be generated and made available online under the reports section of the Online Employee Transfer Application. 
STEP 7: 
  • 1. Competent Authority – Based on the final posting finalization and completion of any required reviews, CA should generate Transfer Orders to each eligible Employee for their new posting using the appropriate option in the Online Employee Transfer Application.

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