Performance Points in Teachers Transfers GO 31

Performance Related Points in Teachers Transfers GO 31. There are so many performance Related Points included in AP Teachers Transfers 2017. There are some School Points and Some Individual Points. Institutional related points are applicable to all the teachers working in the School, and Individual Points are applicable to only Individuals.
Read the details of the performance Related Points in GO 31. Performance Points in Teachers Transfers GO 31.

Performance Points in Teachers Transfers GO 31

Institutional Related Performance Points:
School Related Performance Verification / Validity POINTS
Increase in enrolment by 10 to  20% during last 2 years (Applicable to H.M & all Teachers) As per integrated Aadhaar Based U-DISE enrolment data during last 2 years as on 31st December of the year in which transfers are to be taken up. Aadhaar seeding done/purified on subsequent dates or if the student is having E.I.D.No. it is valid. 6
100% own school transition of children
1st to 2nd class
2nd to 3rd class
3rd to 4th class
4th to 5th class
5th to 6th class
7th to 8th class
8th to 9th class
(Applicable to  H.M and concerned teachers)
U-DISE data of last 2 years 5
(a) Marks  obtained
by students as per CCE and additional assessments undertaken in the preceding 2 academic years. If this is not available for preceding 2 years, data for preceding 1 academic year may be considered
If 80% enrolled Students in the class got B II and above Grade 6
If ≥50% to < 80% enrolled students got B II and above grade 4
If ≥25% to < 50% enrolled students in class got B II and above grade 2
School Pass % performance in SSC exam (Applicable to H.M only)
  1. HM certificate
  2. Counter certificate by Dy.E.O
  3. Crossed verified with DG (Examinations)
95% to  100% pass percentage 6
85% to  94.99% pass percentage 4
50% to  84.99% pass percentage 2
M.D.M. online indent submission in time for Food Grains (Applicable to H.M).  As confirmed by the NIC Data
If indent is submitted on time in >90% instances 2
If submitted on time in >80% to <89.99% instances. 1
Online submission of daily MDM Report through APP /SMS of number of students taking meals (applicable to HM only) If submitted >90%of school working days 2
If submitted >80% to <89.99% of school working days. 1
 Total Institutional Performance Points 27

Individual Performance Points:

Individual Related Performance Points
The teachers who were honored with the National Award from the Government of India (applicable only once in the 5/8 year period). 6
The teachers who secured State award issued by the State Government (applicable only once in the 5/8 year period) 5
Marks obtained by students as per CCE of any additional Assessment conducted for 2 preceding academic years. If not available for preceding 1 academic year.
If 80% and above students in the class B II marks and above grade 6
If ≥50% to < 80% students got B II marks and above grade 4
If ≥25% to < 50% students in class got B II and above grade 2
Performance in SSC Results 100% pass in concerned subject
90% to 99.99% and above pass % in concerned subject 5
80% to 89.99% and pass % in concerned subject 3
Participation in sport & games points to be given for both PET/HM (conducted by SAAP/SGF/Govt. recognized accredited organization) National State
  1. HM Certificate
  2. Counter
  3. Certified by Chairperson SMC committee
  1. The criteria for determination of the above performance parameters shall be two preceding academic years.(1 year, where not applicable).
  2. Data will be drawn from the related data bases available
  3. Applicable to the HM / concerned Teachers.
Total Individual Performance Points23

In case of a Tie in Points Secured
  • In case the points of two or more applicants are equal, the inter-se seniority shall be determined as below: 
  • The seniority in the cadre shall be taken into account 
  • Priority to the candidate basing on the date of birth (Senior) besides rule (a) and (b). 
  • Women 
Preferential Categories 
  • The following categories shall take precedence in the seniority list, in the order given below, irrespective of their entitlement points. 
  • Physically handicapped i.e., those with not less than 70% orthopedically-handicapped / Visually challenged/Hearing Impaired. 
  • Widows 
  • Legally Separated Women 
  • Teacher who is suffering with the following diseases, in which he/she is undergoing treatment: 
  • i. Cancer 
  • ii. Open Heart Surgery 
  • iii. Neuro Surgery 
  • iv. Bone TB 
  • v. Kidney Transplantation /Dialysis 
  • vi. Neuro – Surgery 
  • Applicants with dependents i.e., Mother, Father, children, Spouse who are mentally retarded and are undergoing treatment 
  • Children suffering with holes in the heart by birth and undergoing medical treatment available only at specified places to which they are seeking transfers 
  • Applicants with dependent children suffering from Juvenile Diabetes 
  • Applicants with dependent children suffering from Thalassemia Disease 
  • Applicants with dependent children suffering from Hemophilia Disease 
  • Spouse of the Service Person in Army / Navy / Air force. 
  • The Headmaster Grade-II Gazetted should avail either the preferential category (Rule 12) or the special points Rule 7 (I to VII) once in 5 years and an entry is to be made in his/her SR. 
  • The Teachers should avail either the preferential category (Rule 12) or the special points Rule 7 (I to VII) once in 8 years and an entry be made in SR. 
  • The teachers who have availed the preferential category or spouse category in the earlier transfer counseling and now shifted under Rationalization without completion of 5/8 years of service shall be given the respective benefits / entitlement points along with the Rationalization points. 
Notification of vacancies:
  • The following vacancies shall be notified for the purpose of counseling: 
  • All the existing clear needy vacancies arrived at, based on rationalization exercise, except the leave vacancies. 
  • In order to ensure that the no vacancies in schools located in unpopular stations, while displaying number of vacancies for the purpose of counseling. Such vacancies shall be filled only through work adjustment with surplus teachers in that cadre /subject, if not filled up after counseling. 
  • Needy vacancies for Academic & Administrative purposes, including vacancies remained unfilled in Agency Areas. 
  • All the vacancies arising due to compulsory transfers as per Rule 5 – Criteria for transfer 
  • Resultant vacancies arising during counseling. 
  • Long period vacancies likely to arise due to Maternity leave, medical leave beyond 4 weeks should not to be notified. They can be filled up by work adjustment. 
  • Vacancies existing above 1 year due to unauthorized absence 
  • Upgraded posts of School Assistants (Languages and Physical Education) as per GO.MS.No.144, Finance Department, Dated:02.08.2016 and also posts of Gr.II Head Master due to filling up of MEO posts in the State on adhoc basis shall be treated as vacancies. The effected persons should participate in the transfers counseling with entitlement points applicable to their previous stations. 
  • After assessing requirement at school level, additional Posts/Teachers to be provided to ensure School and Class level Teacher Pupil Ratio & for strengthening academic monitoring. Single teacher schools shall be made double by notifying vacancy, if not consolidated for valid reasons. 
  • The Headmaster/Teacher vacancies shall be computed based on the UDISE data with cut-off date as 31st December of preceding year and by taking into consideration the teacher pupil ratio and as per the rationalization norms as notified by Government from time to time. This shall be reconfirmed by the competent authorities after field level verification with the approval of District Collector (District Cadres) or Commissioner of School Education (Zonal Cadre), as the case may be. 
Publication of vacancies and seniority list:
  • The following lists shall be published on the website specified for the purpose and also displayed at the O/o Regional Joint Director of School Education and District Educational Officer concerned: 
  • The lists of category wise schools (category I, II, III and IV), 
  • The School wise vacancy position of Headmaster Gr.IIGazetted/School Assistant/Secondary Grade Teacher and equivalent categories for counseling. 
  • Subject to the procedure prescribed in clause (2) below, the list of names of the Headmaster Gr.II Gazetted / Teacher who applied for transfer with entitlement points. 
  • After the last date for applying for transfers as per schedule, the seniority list shall be prepared, using software for generating the entitlement points management wise, category wise, subject wise, medium wise and the seniority list with entitlement points shall be published in the website specified for the purpose and also on the notice board of District Educational Officer /Regional Joint Director of School Education. 
Online Application and Process for Web Assisted Counseling
  • The Headmasters/teachers shall apply for transfer in the prescribed online services for web based allotment at
  • Only online applications received through the website shall be considered for transfer and processed further 
  • After completion of the online submission, the applicants shall thereafter obtain the printout of the application from the specified website and submit the same duly signed to their respective authorities, viz., Mandal Educational Officer/Headmaster High School/Deputy Educational Officer, as the case may be. 
  • Note - Submission of Hard copies is only for verification purpose and shall not be processed for transfer). 
  • The Headmaster Gr.II Gazetted / Teacher who is eligible as per the criteria prescribed in Rule 5 may apply online through website specified for the purpose in the prescribed proforma and the particulars furnished in the proforma shall be final and no modification shall be allowed. 
  • An applicant seeking to apply under Preferential categories / spouse category shall also submit along with application the latest certificate from the competent authority in that regard. 
  • After receipt of applications, the authorities concerned shall display the provisional seniority lists and call for objections if any. After redressing the objections / grievances, the authority shall display the final seniority along with the entitlement points in the website / notice board. 
  • Once the Headmaster / teacher submits an application through online it shall be final. No teacher is allowed to apply twice on online 
  • If any Headmaster Gr.II Gazetted / Teacher who is compulsorily transferable under Rule 5 does not apply online or having applied does not attend the online counseling and exercise his/her options shall be transferred to the available left over needy vacancies in category III & IV schools, apart from taking disciplinary action deemed fit. 
  • Any HM / Teacher who is under compulsory transfer and does not apply / submit his / her transfer application serious view will be taken against the Teacher / H.M. and M.E.O. and appropriate disciplinary action initiated. 
Receipt and disposal of objections / Grievances:
  • Objections if any in respect of the seniority list and entitlement points published as per Rule 13 (2) may be filed online by any applicant together with evidence in support of such objection within the time specified for this purpose in the schedule. 
  • The District Educational Officer / Regional Joint Director of School Education, as the case may be, shall cause verification of all objections and pass orders through a counseling system at district level disposing of the same. In cases where objections are upheld, the District Educational Officer/ Regional Joint Director of School Education shall cause the necessary corrections in the seniority list and publish the same on the website. 
  • Transfers and postings of Headmasters/Teachers shall be done on the basis of entitlement and performance points as specified in these rules. 
  • After finalization of seniority lists and notification of vacancies, Options shall have to be exercised by the teachers through web assisted counseling. If specifically requested by an applicant the designated committees for transfer will provide counseling. 
  • Transfer orders shall be issued by the respective Committees on the basis of the final lists drawn online duly following the above procedure. 




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