Rc 4102 Date 5.6.2017 Rationalization further Clarifications

Rc 4102 Date 5.6.2017 Rationalization further Clarifications. Rc 4102/Estt-II/Clfs-2017 Dated 5.6.2017. Govt has released further Clarifications on Rationalization of Schools. Rc.No.4102/Estt-111/Clfs/2015 Date: 05/06/2017
Sub:- School Education - Norms for Rationalization of Schools, Posts and Staff under various managements Government, ZP and Mandal Parishad Schools-Certain clarifications- Issued - Reg.

1. G.O.Ms.No.29 School Education (Ser.II) Department, Dated: 22.05.2017.
2. This Office Proc.Rc.No.4102/Estt-111/201S, Dated:24.05.2017.
3. Email received from the DEO, Chittoor on 25.05.2017.
4. Lr.Rc.No.2640/86/2017, Dated:25.05.2017 of the DEO, Visakhapatnam.
5. Lr.Rc.No.97/A3/2017, Dated:26.05.2017 of the DEO, WestGodavari.
6. Lr.Rc.No.2121/A2&81/2017, Dated:27.05.2017 of the DEO, Vlzianagaram. 
7. Lr.Rc.No.3141/Bl/82/A3/A5/C6/2017, Dated:27.05.2017 of the DEO, Ananthapuramu.
8. Lr.Rc.No.2882/A2·84/2017, Dated:27.05.2017 of the DEO, Chitto or.
9. Lr.Rc.No.3013/A3/2017, Dated:28.05.2017 of the DEO, YSR District, Kadapa. 
10.This Office Procs.Rc.No.4102/Estt.lll/Clfs/2015, Dt.31--05-2015. 11.Lr.Rc.No.3435/Bl/(A3)/2014, Dt.27-05-2017 of the DEO, Srikakulam. 
12.Lr.Rc.No.3939/Al/2017, Dt.30-05-2017, 31-05-2017 and 03-06-2017of the DEO, Prakasam.
13.Lr.Rc.No.2947/A3/2017, Dt.31·05·2017 of the DEO, SPSR Nellore.
14.Lr.Rc.No.3103/A3/2017, Dt.02-06-2017 of the DEO, YSR District.
15. Lr.Rc.No.45/AS/2017, Dt.02-06-2017 of the DEO, Krishna.

Rc 4102 Date 5.6.2017 Rationalization further Clarifications

  • In continuation of this Office reference 10th read above, all the RJDSEs and the DEOs in the State are informed that, some of the District Educational Officers have requested certain clarifications in the references 11"' to 15"' read above. In this connection, the following clarifications are issued and they are requested to take further necessary action in the matter promptly.


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