8 Years Completed Teachers cannot opt Same Panchayat / Ward

8 Years Completed Teachers cannot opt Same Panchayat / Ward. If the Headmaster / teacher who have completed 5 years / 8 academic year' of service respectively in a gram panchayat, they may not to opt in the same gram panchayat. For Nagar panchayat / municipalities / corporations the teacher shall not opt in the same ward. Rc.No.190/Estt-111/Clfs/2017 Date: 17/07/2017

8 Years Completed Teachers cannot opt Same Panchayat / Ward

Other Clarifications in this Proceedings are as follows:
  • To allow previous station points ( actual period not exceeding 8 academic years) to the teachers who are under shifting due to Rationalization/merging in 2017 and were affected in rationalization/merging during 2015. 
  • The LPs and PETs who are affected due to upgradation of their posts as School Assistants (Lang/Phy. Edn.) may be given their pre-previous stations points not exceeding maximum 8 academic years under Rule 6 (i) from the upgraded station in line with Rule 12, Note 3 of G.O.Ms.No.32 SE (Ser.I1) Dept., Dated:04.06.2017. They shall not be given the Rationalization points. 
  • Those teachers who are affected under Rationalization and due to retire from service within 2 years shall be exempted from rationalization. In such cazs, any willing teacher in the school, or junior most teacher may be identified as surplus teacher.
Certain teachers have claimed service rendered in special teacher posts in connection with total service of the teacher. Hence requested to clarify whether the special teacher service shall be taken into consideration for entitlement points or not. ??
  • The total service rendered as a Special Teacher should also be taken into consideration while computing the service seniority for the purpose Transfers counseling 2017.

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  1. my self worked as a special teacher in some place .after regularisation ,in transfer process can i select the same place