Rc 190 Work Adjustment Instructions DEO Pool Teachers

Rc.No.190/Estt-III/2017 Date:23/08/2017 Rc 190 Work Adjustment Instructions DEO Pool Teachers
 Sub:- School Education Department — Work Adjustment of Surplus Teachers after completion of Rationalization / /teachers Transfers — 2017 exercise — Further Instructions — Issued — Reg. 

Rc 190 Work Adjustment Instructions DEO Pool Teachers 

1. G.O.Ms.No.29 SE (Ser.II) Department, Dated:22.05.2017. 
2. G.O.Ms.No.32 SE (Ser.II) Department, Dated:04.06.2017. 
3. G.O.Ms.No.42 SE (Ser.II) Department, Dated:30.06.2017. 
4. G.O.Ms.No.43 SE (Ser.II) Department, Dated:22.05.2017. 
5. This Office Proc.Rc.No.190/Estt-111/2017, Dated:09.08.2017. 
  • Attention of the all the DEOs in the State is invited to the references 5th read above, wherein instructions were issued to submit information on the following to take up Work Adjustment of Surplus teachers who are under DEOs pool. 
>>List of teachers category wise kept in DEOs pool 
>>Needy schools for work adjustment identified on the basis of the following parameters. 
  • a. Left over vacancies after counseling 
  • b. Vacancies of un-authorized absence cases / long leave periods of more than one month (maternity, medical, abroad travel, etc.) 
  • c. Need arising due to deputation of teachers to CTE / IASE / DIET, Assessment cell, SSA, APOSS, DCEB, Adult Education and other deputations (to be specified clearly) 
  • d. Teachers transferred under compulsory category but not relieved due to non-availability of substitute. 
All the DEOs are requested to upload the vacancies as mentioned above. Further, the following vacancies may also be identified and uploaded in Teachers Transfers Counseling tracking. This should be completed by 24.08.2017 without fail.
  • i. Needy vacancies in Model Schools 
  • ii.Actual or potential vacancies of Teachers / HMs identified as Nodal Persons for Digital Class room, e-Hazar etc., 
  • iii. Recognized State leaders of teacher's associations places who are availing OD facility. 
Further, the District Educational Officers are informed that salaries to the teachers deployed under Work Adjustment shall be paid from the schools where they are adjusted. If no vacancy is available in that school, salaries of such teacher may be drawn from the available vacancy in the District.

In this connection, it is informed to all the DEOs in the State that the exercise of Work Adjustment through online counseling will be done on 29.08.2017 and 30.08.2017 in respect of surplus / DEO pool teachers to fill needy vacancies. 

IT Cell of Commissioner of School Education is instructed to coordinate with CGG and get the necessary technical support provided to the DEOs for uploading the vacancy lists and conducting Work Adjustment Counseling. Therefore, all the DEOs are requested to take immediate necessary steps without any further delay and report compliance promptly. 

All the RJDSEs in the state are requested to monitor with the DEOs closely under their jurisdiction and ensure for completion of the above exercise as scheduled without any deviation.


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