SBI SGSP 2022 SBI State Govt Salary Account Benefits Details APPLY NOW

SBI SGSP 2022 - SBI Salary Account SBI State Govt Employees Salary Account Benefits. State Bank of India benefits for State Government Salary Package Accounts. SGSP also known as SALARY ACCOUNTS UNDER STATE GOVERNMENT SALARY PACKAGE (SGSP). Salary Accounts under SGSP a gamut of privileges and other value added services to the employees of State Government, Union Territories and their Boards/Corporations. Salary Accounts under this package are available in four variants, namely Silver, Gold, Diamond and Platinum depending on the designation of the personnel. SBI Salary Account Latest Guidelines.

SBI SGSP 2022 SBI State Govt Salary Account Benefits Details APPLY NOW

Some Key Benefits of SBI SGSP 2022 SBI Salary Account Benefits
SBI salary account benefits: Here are the five benefits
  • 50 percent rebate in loan processing fee: A SBI salary account holder is eligible for 50 percent processing fee on any loan like personal loan, home loan, car loan, etc.
  • Rebate in locker charges: SBI offers up to 25 percent off on locker charges to its salary account holders.
  • Accidental death cover: SBI salary account holders are entitled for up to Rs 20 lakh accidental death cover.
  • Overdraft facility: State Bank of India offers overdraft facility to its salary account holders too. The largest commercial bank of India gives up to two month salary under overdraft facility to the SBI salary account holders.
  • Air accidental death cover: As per the official SBI website —, in case of air accidental death, the SBI salary account holder is entitled for Air Accidental Insurance (Death) cover up to Rs 30 lakh.
Package variants available as per designation of personnel
  • SILVER: Gross Monthly Salary from 5000 and up to 20000
  • GOLD: Gross Monthly Salary from 20,000 and up to 50,000/-
  • DIAMOND: Class 2 Employees i.e., Gazetted Officers, Asst Directors or Employees with Gross Monthly Salary from 50,000 and up to 1,00,000/-
  • PLATINUM: Class I Executive Grade 1 Like Commissioners, Collectors and HOD, Directors, PS, Secretary or Employees with Gross Monthly Salary 1,00,000/-
SGSP State Govt Salary Account Financial  Benefits
Variants Silver Gold Diamond Platinum
Net Salary(Rs) 10000-25000 25001-50000 50001-100000 >100000
Min. Balance ·     NIL
SMS Facility Free
Multi  City  Cheques
(Payable at par at all
·Cheque Leaf charges: NIL
·Payment Charges: NIL
RTGS/NEFT Unlimited Free through Alternate Channels( i.e. Internet Banking, Mobile Banking etc)
Demand Draft Unlimited Free, if issued through Salary Account
Setting  up SIs Free
Attractive  Interest Rates on Retail Loans
  • SBI Car Loan  Scheme: 50 bps concession, i.e. 75 bps above  1 year
  • MCLR, i.e.9.30% p.a*
  • Personal  Loan  Scheme:  Interest  Rate  starts from  12.00%  with daily reducing balance (Term Loan) Over Draft Rate of Interest starts from
  • 12.50  %
  • Special  concessions of 0.50% in Rate  of Interest for personal Loan where  Check off is provided  from DDO (Salary Disbursing officer) and for personal loan above  10.00  Lacs.
  • Educational  Loan-  upto   7.50  Lacs  10.55%  (Without  security)  and above  7.50 lacs 10.80% (with security and collateral/Mortgage)
  • Interest  Concession  for  Girl Student-0.50%  interest  concession  in interest rate  and  another 0.50% Interest concession for availing  SBI Rinnraksha policy for loan amount.
  • SBI Scholar  Loan Scheme: 8.75% for AA Institutes and  for IIMs/IITs
  • 8.90%
  • SBI  Global  Ed-vantage  Scheme-(Foreign  Education  Loan)  -  Above
  • 20.00  Lacs & upto 1.50 crores interest starts from 10.80% with 0.50% concession   for  girl  students  and   0.50%  Interest   concession   on availing Rinnraksha policy for loan amount.
  • Take over Collateralised Education Loans for above  10.00  Lacs from private Banks and private Institutions.
  • ·Home   Loans:  For  purchase  of  Flats/construction  of  House  and purchase of Plot (N.A Land) and Loan on Property with lowest rate  of interest in the market.

ATM Card and Over Draft Benefits in SBI SGSP 2022

A T M cum Debit Card Free,    Domestic
Classic  Debit Card
Free, International# Gold Debit Card Free  International# Platinum  Debit Card
Withdrawal  limit per day Max. s.20,000/- per day Withdrawal limit per day Max. Rs.50,000/- per day Withdrawal  limit per day Max. Rs.1,00,000/- per day
limit  per  day  at POS/   Merchant Establishments Rs. 50,000/-
Transactions     limit per day at   POS/ Merchant Establishments Rs. 2,00,000/-
#Issued to those account holders who consent to issuance of International Debit Card
No annual maintenance charges
Add on card for spouse free of cost for joint account holder
Transactions at
State Bank ATMs : Unlimited Free
Other Bank ATMs: Unlimited Free
Charge   on   Issue   of
Duplicate Account statement
Normal Rates Normal Rates Waived Waived
Easy Overdraft  up  to
2 Month’s Net salary, subject  to  min residual service of 6 months
Maximum limit Rs.40,000/- Maximum  limit
Maximum  limit
Maximum  limit
Auto Sweep Facility (Available only on customers request) Threshold Amount: Rs.35,000/-
TDRs/STDRs to be created for a minimum amount of Rs.10,000/- (and in multiples of Rs.1,000) in any one instance
Passbook Available for all accounts Free updating at Non Home Branches
Bar Code will be provided  on Account  passbooks for printing 24/7 at
SBI Kiosks
Internet Banking Free facility offered from SBI
Charges applicable to third party sites like Railways etc. payable
Core     Power
(a)Transactions    at Non home  Branches
(b)Transfer  of  funds between   SBI branches
State Bank Rewardz
points for online transactions
1x 1.25x 1.5x 2x
SBI Foreign Travel
For employees going abroad on official assignment, with facility of multiple loading
Benefits to the Employee
  • Zero balance account and free unlimited transactions across ATMs of any Bank. Also comes bundled with SBI Credit Card.
  • Complimentary Personal Accident Insurance (Death) cover up to Rs. 20 Lakhs.
  • Complimentary Air Accident Insurance (Death) cover up to Rs. 30 Lakhs.
  • Avail of Personal Loans, Home Loans, Car Loans and Education Loans at attractive rates and upto 50% off on processing fees.
  • Upto 25% off on locker charges
  • Avail of Auto-Sweep to create e-MODs (Multi Option Deposits) and earn higher interest.
  • Avail of Demat & Online Trading A/c at the time of on-boarding itself.
  • Free issuance of Drafts, Multi City Cheques, SMS Alerts. Free online NEFT/RTGS.
  • Overdraft equivalent to 2 Months Net Salary (Currently available for select customers only)
  • Earn points on various transactions through our loyalty program State Bank Rewardz.
  • Host of regular offers on Debit Cards and State Bank Buddy (e-Wallet)
Documents required for opening a Salary Account:
The following documents are needed:
  • Passport size photographs (2 nos.)
  • Certificate/letter of identity /address issued by the employer
  • In addition to the certificate/letter issued by the employer, at least one of the officially valid documents as provided in the Prevention of Money Laundering Rules (viz. passport, driving licence, PAN Card, Voter's Identity card, etc.) or utility bills for KYC purposes for opening bank accounts of salaried employees.
  • Joint Accounts ...For joint accounts the above documents are required for both, the applicant as well as the joint applicant(s).
  • For more details contact your nearest branch.
How to Change SBI Savings Account to Salary Account
  1. Write an application to change your account type to respective salary account with proof of your job (e.g. Salary Slip, Service Certificate etc). This process holds true if you are working at Central Government or State Government or PSU.The request for conversion of normal saving Bank account to salary account cannot be submitted by you directly to the branch. Submit it through your DDO.
Request Letter Model is given below

Letter from SBI Officials showing the Salary Account Benefits