Ammaku Vandanam Complete Guidelines Rc 31 Ammaku Vandanam Budget Guidelines

Ammaku Vandanam Complete Guidelines Rc.No. 31/A&I/2017-2 Date: 08/02/2019 Sub:- School Education - Conduct of "Ammaku Vandanam" programme in all schools in the State on 13-02-2019 - Instructions issued. Reg. Guidelines issued to celebrate Ammaku Vandanam Programme in identified High Schools on the day of Vasantha Panchami on 13-2-2019 during the academic year 2019. Ammaku Vandanam should be celebrated in all Primary, UP High Schools of all Managements.School Education — Celebration of "Ammaku Vandanam" Programme in all Schools ie., Primary, Upper Primary and High Schools under all managements on the day of "Vasantha Panchami” i.e., on 13.2.2019

Ammaku Vandanam Celebrations in All Primary UP High Schools

Rc.No. 31/A&I/2017-2 Date: 08/02/2019 Sub:- School Education - Conduct of "Ammaku Vandanam" programme in all schools in the State on 13-02-2019 - Instructions issued. 

  • 1. G.O. Ms. No. 22 School Education (Prog.II) Dept. Dated: 10-4-2017 
  • 2. This Office Proc.Rc.No.31 /A861/ 2017 dated 26.04.2018. 
  • 3. Lr.No.31/PS(MHRD)/2019, dated: 07.02.2019 of Sri. CH. Durga Prasad, Addl. PS to Minister (HRD), Govt. of A.P., Amaravati. 
  • 4. Govt. Memo No.485796/Prog.II/A1/2017,dated 08.02.2019
  1. All the Regional Joint Directors of School Education and the District Educational Officers in the State are informed that they are aware of "Ammaku Vandanam" Programme and the instructions issued earlier in this regard. During 2018 - 19 "Ammaku Vandanam" Programme" in scheduled to conduct on 13.02.2019. Therefore they are requested to ensure that this programme is conducted on 13.02.2019 in all the schools under all managements. 
  2. Further they are informed that in the reference 2nd read above, the District wise number of schools to be selected with allocation of necessary budget along with necessary instructions/ Guidelines were already issued for conduct of Ammaku Vandanam Programme during the academic year 2018-19. 
  3. They are further informed that, the Hon'ble Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh and Hon'ble Minister for HRD, Govt. of Andhra Pradesh will participate in Ammaku Vandanam Programme at Vijayawada on 13.02.2019. 
They are therefore requested 
  1. 1.To identify the number of High schools management wise as shown in the statement appended (ref 2nd cited) accordingly and implement the "Ammaku Vandanam" Programme on 13.02.2019 in a grand manner at their respective jurisdiction. 
  2. 2.To issue necessary instructions that Ammaku Vandanam programme shall be celebrated in all Schools ( Primary, Upper Primary and High Schools under all managements 86 KGBVs which are not enlisted the annexure) 
  3. Further, they are requested to issue necessary instructions to all the field functionaries and concerned school Headmasters for celebration of Ammaku Vandanam on 13.02.2019 in grand and gaiety.
a) The procedure: 
  • All students (boys and girls) have to clean their mother's holy feet and express their gratitude. 
  • Worship the feet of the mother with flowers and Akshinthalu. 
  • Every student should take blessings from their mother and express their gratitude for their birth. 
  • Teachers should explain in detail about mother and her greatness. 
  • Conduct Debate, Quiz competitions and cultural programmes on "Mother" as focal theme.
b) Invitees: 
  • All School management committee members should be invited to the Ammaku Vandanam programme. 
  • All mothers of the students of respective schools should be invited with the help of School management committee members. 
  • Eminent personalities to deliberate their speeches on the greatness of the Mother. 
  • Public representatives, School well-wishers, Donors, Press representatives etc., 
c) Roles and Responsibilities of the Headmaster: 
  • All Headmasters of their respective schools should take personal attention for conduct of the Ammaku Vandanam programme in a festive manner. 
  • Select a meeting hall / Big Class Room or Shamiyana at outdoors to make seating arrangements for children and their parents 
  • Arrange puja samagri and flowers for worshiping the mother. 
  • To prepare a minute to minute plan for the comfort of the students as well as invitees. 
  • To provide drinking water etc., to all students and invitees 
  • To ensure discipline for conduct of the programme in a grand manner. 
d) Expenditure: 
  • The School Education Department has created a New Head of account separately to meet the expenditure for conduct of Ammaku Vandanam. 
  • @ Rs. 2500/- (Rupees two thousand and five hundred only) has been allocated to each school which are identified by the DEOs concerned as mentioned in the annexure (Ref 2nd cited): 
  • An amount of Rs. 2.00 Crores has already been released to all District Educational Officers. 
  • In addition to the above grant, matching grant may be obtained from the donors, old student associations etc.,
Hence all the Regional Joint Directors of School Education and District Educational Officers in the State are requested to ensure the celebration of "Ammaku Vandanam" Programme on 13.02.2019 duly following the above guidelines scrupulously and submit the documentation of the programme to this office without fail.

Memo. No. 485795/Frog II/A1/2017 Dated:08.02.2019

Sub: School Education — Conducting "Ammaku Vandanam" programme by the Hon'ble MHRD on 13 02.2019 in Vijayawada Intimation — Reg.
  • 1. G.O. Ms No. 22, School Education (Prog.II) Dept. dated 10.04.2017 
  • 2. From the Commissioner of School Education. A.R. Amaravati, Lr.Rc.No.243/A&I/2017, dated 24.08 2017. 
  • 3 Govt. Memo. No 485796/Progil/A112017, dated 14.09.2017. 
  • 4. Govt. Memo No.485796/Prog.II/A1/2017. dated 15.09.2017 
  • 5. Govt. Memo. No.988448/Prog.II/A1/2017. dated 15.09.2017. 
  • 6. From the Addl PS to Minister (HRD). Lr. No 17/PS(MHRD)/ 2019, dated 28.01 2019 
  • 7. From the CSE. A.P. Lr. Rc.No. 31/A&I/2017, dated 28.01.2019 
  • 8. From the Addl PS to Minister (HRD). Li No.31/PS(MHRD)/ 2019. dated 07.02.2019
  1. In continuation of the reference 5th cited, a copy of the reference 8th cited is sent herewith. The Commissioner of School Education, A.P., the Collector and District Magistrate, Krishna, and the District Educational Officer, Krishna are informed that Hontle Minister (HRD) desires to conduct "Ammaku Vandanam" Programme on 13.02 2019 in Vijayawada. 
  2. 2 They are, therefore, requested to identify Govt./Zilla Parishad High School in Vijayawada to make necessary arrangements for grand success of the programme.

Ammaku Vandanam Budget Provision Guidelines Rc.No. 31/A&1/2017 Date: 26.04.2018

Sub: School Education - B.E. 2018-19 - Release of budget under Ammaku Vandanam Programme -2018-19 - Re-distribute the budget to the schools - Orders - Issued - Reg.
  1. 1) Cir. Memo No.348/A111/2018-19, dated 28-03-2018 of the Chief Accounts Officer, 0/o. CSE, AP., Amaravati 
  2. 2) This office U.O. note No. 31/A8d/2017, dated: 18-4-2018 addressed to the CAO, 0/o. CSE, A.P., Amaravati 
  3. All the District Educational Officers in the State are informed that, Govt. have allocated an amount of Rs. 2.00 Crores in B.E. 2018-19 for implementation of Ammaku Vandanam Progrmme during the year 2018-19. 
  • Accordingly, the said amount distributed proportionately based on no. of schools ie., Primary, Upper Primary and High Schools under Govt,,MPP ZPP, Municipal and Model Schools to all DEOs @ Rs. 2500/- per school to 8000 schools in the State. A copy of the statement is enclosed herewith. 
  • The following is criteria for selection of schools for sanction of budget for implementation of the Ammaku Vandanam Progrmme for the year 2018-19. 
  • 1. To give priority to the High strength schools in each category i.e. (Government, MPP/ ZP, Municipal and Model High Schools). 
  • 2. well planted schools under Vanam Manam Programme, during the year 2017-18 
  • 3. Maintain clean and green in the school as a part of Swachch Andhra Pradesh. 
  • 4. If any school selected, which is not having DDO, the said amount a Rs. 2500/ - per school should be retained with the DE0s. After implementation of the progamme, the original bills to be obtained from the schools and claim at his level and release the same to the concerned HM of the schools. 
  • They are therefore requested to select the Primary, Upper Primary and High Schools from the managements of Govt., MPP/ZPP, Municipal and Model High Schools duly following the above criteria for allocation of budget and re-distribute the budget (-1, Rs. 2500/- per school and place same under control of DDO of the said school in consultation with the Treasury Department / CMFS staff in their respective districts for implementation of Ammaku Vandanam Programme for the year 2018-19.


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