SSA Posts Outsourcing Recruitment Guidelines for Filling the Vacant Posts

SSA Posts Outsourcing Basis Guidelines for Filling the Vacant Posts. Guidelines for filling up of the various vacant posts under District Project Office, SSA on outsourcing Basis. File No. 5101/APSSA/A7/ 2017 Rc.No.5101/APSSA/A7/2017-2 dated: -10-2018. Latest Guidelines on filling of Outsourcing Posts in AP SSA.
Sub: APSSA, Amaravati - Service Providers for supply of manpower to all 13 District Project Offices of SSA in the State - Filling up of existing vacancies approved by the Government- Certain instructions on written test for Recruitment of teaching posts and instructions for recruitment of non-teaching posts as per Government orders - issued.

SSA Posts Outsourcing Basis Guidelines for Filling the Vacant Posts

SSA Posts Outsourcing Basis Guidelines for Filling the Vacant Posts


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Detailed Latest Guidelines as on 12.10.2018
  1. All the District Project Officers of SSa and All the District Educational Officers in the State are informed that in the reference 14th cited, the Government have decided to take up recruitment for teaching posts viz, CRTs SOs, through a written test to be conducted under the supervision of respective District Collectors with whom MoU is already entered by the District Collectors concerned. The Districts where not completed the process of MoU shall complete immediately and follow the instructions scrupulously in accordance with Government Rules and Regulations.
  2. Therefore, all the Project Officers of SSa in the State are hereby instructed to take immediate action and issue fresh notification on conduct of written test to the teaching posts approved by the Government with the approval of the District Level Committee. The District Level committee shall select the candidates purely based on the merit in the writen test & as per roster at District Level. The Guidelines on qualifications and age etc., were already communicated to all the District Project Offices of SSA in the State vide reference fifth cited.
  3. The written test shall be conducted at Dist Level for 100 Marks objective model. The POs of SSA, DEOs and the Principal of DIET are equally responsible for preparation of question papers and conduct of test at District Level under the Charimanship of the District Collector. The POs shall coordinate with the DEOs & Principals of DIETs for smooth conduct of the Examination.
  4. The entire process of written test have to be conducted at District Level and District as a unit only.
  5. The written test will be conducted at District Head Quarters only.
  6. The confidential material for examination has to be prepared at District Level as per the directions of the concerned Dist Collectors without any deviation of examination norms.
  7. The entire recruitment process of teaching and non-teaching posts should complete by 10.11.2018 and selected candidates should report to the allocated Areas by 17/11/2018.
  8. The POs and DEOs and Principals of DIETs in the state should work jointly on each and every point of schedule of recruitment procedure and follow the existing Rule of Reservation, Local/NOn Local and complete the entire process as above without fail.
Government of India have identified Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan Programme as main vehicle to implement the provisions of RTE Act 2009 which has been introduced to provide free and compulsory education to all the children in the age group of 6-14 years. A large number of posts are lying vacant at the field level and these posts are meant to be filled on outsourcing basis.
Further, all these posts have to be filled up immediately to implement the approved activities along with the provisions of RTE Act as per the time line specified in the Act. The following guidelines are issued to fill up these posts at district level.

Constitution of District level Committee:
A District Level Committee shall be constituted under the Chairmanship of nominee of the District Collector. The Committee shall comprise of the following:
  • i) Nominee of District Collector Chairman (In the Cadre of Joint Collector)
  • ii) District Educational Officer Member 
  • iii) Principal DIET Member
  • iv) Project Officer, SSA Member Convener
The above Committee will ensure that the entire process of recruitment of all category posts on outsourcing basis is as per the guidelines.

Rule of Reservation:
  1. The District Level Committee shall ensure that the outsourcing agency shall follow the Rule of Reservation as prescribed in the A.P. State Subordinate Service Rules, 1996. 
  2. Further, it shall also be ensured that 1/3rd of every category to the extent possible will be filled up by Women candidates. 
  1. No person shall be eligible for any post unless hej she is above 18 years and below 39 years of age as on 01.07.2018. However, in case of SC/ST/ BC candidates the maximum age limit shall be 44 years and in case of physically challenged candidates the maximum age limit shall be 49 years.
  • • The committee should go through the qualification prescribed for each category of post and the number of candidates should be called from the respective outsourcing agency notified against each district.
  • • The list of eligible candidates shall be prepared post-wise and community-wise for selection of candidates to the posts as per the reservation. The list should be communicated to the outsourcing agency.
  • • The District committee will examine Mandal - wise list of selected candidates keeping in view the reservation and allot the candidates in the identified schools.
  • • The concerned school Head Master shall in turn position the candidates in their respective schools post wise.
  • • If an eligible candidate is not available in a particular mandal, eligible candidate from the nearby mandal shall be considered
  • • The candidates should be selected through the outsourcing agency selected for the particular District as shown in the Annexure- 1.
  • • The District Level Committees constituted above shall call for the candidates from the agencies @ 1:2 i.e., two persons for each post.
Post wise Qualifications: 
The details of post wise category wise qualifications is appended in Annexure - II 

The District-wise, Post-wise and category-wise vacancies are appended in Annexure- III Duration of engaging the services of Agency:
The duration of the outsourcing agency depends upon its performance to be evaluated by the District Level Committee from time to time.

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