Municipal Schools Work Adjustment Quality Improvement Guidelines

CIRCULAR Roc.No.11021/29/2016/J3 Dt.22 .06.2018 Sub: Municipal Administration Department - Municipal Schools - Programme of Action 2018-19 for Quality Improvement in Schools and work adjustment of surplus teachers - Certain Instructions - Issued - Regarding. Municipal Schools Work Adjustment Quality Improvement Guidelines 

Municipal Schools Work Adjustment Quality Improvement Guidelines

  • 1. Review Meeting by the Hon'ble Minister of MA&UD department, the DMA, AP, Guntur, dated 15.05.2018. 
  • 2. Review Meeting of the Director of Municipal Administration, AP, Guntur, dated: 05.06.2018. 
  • 3. G.O.Ms.No.210, MA&UD (01) Dept., dated 23.05.2017
The attention of all the Municipal Commissioners in the 59 ULBs Where educational institutions exist are invited to the references 1st and 2nd cited, wherein detailed discussions were held during the review meetings and certain decisions were taken on Programme of Action 2018-19 for Improvement of Quality Education in Municipal Schools and work adjustment of surplus teachers in the ULBs and the following are the instructions/actions to be taken during 2018-2019;

Improvement of Physical Environment
  • Paintings to Compound Wall, White Washing of Class Rooms ..... Face lifting of Schools and bringing child friendly ambience in Primary Schools as it was done in the case of Pre- Schools in Urban areas.
  • Ensuring Good Sanitation, Safe Drinking Water, Separate Toilets for Boys and Girls etc. 
  • Conduct a quick assessment of structural soundness of all classrooms in the Schools and action may be taken to demolish the dilapidated classrooms as per procedure, before the rainy season.
  • Minor repairs to classrooms if any may be taken up from the ULB funds.
Enrollment of Students
  • *Enrolment campaigns were taken up during the last week of April 2018 and during Ist week of June 2018 and being continued. *
  • Conduct weekly reviews on improvement of enrolment in schools with the Head Master and to initiate follow up measures. 
  • * It was decided last year that in Municipal Schools English is the Medium of instruction for classes I to V and in case of High Schools and UP Schools there exist parallel sections in some schools. In this regard you are informed that students shall be motivated to join in English Medium sections. *
  • Coordinate with MEPMA and ICDS officers at the ULB level for improving enrollment in Municipal Schools.

Primary Level: Programme of Action 2018-19

Instruct al1 the Headmasters of Primary and Upper Primary Schools to focus on the following 
  • Improving Enrollment of Students. 
  • Distribution of Text Books to Students and constant monitoring to receive books from the School Education Department (MEO). 
  • Entry of new Admissions in child info 
  • Face lifting of Schools through Paintings, White Washing, School Sanitation, creation of facilities through local donors / CSR scheme. 
  • Strict adherence to Academic Calendar 2018-19 and conduct of Activities. 
  • Maintenance of Academic Guidance Register and recording of visitor's observations. *

Work distribution to Secondary Grade Teachers:

  • a) An analysis is to be made School wise on the enrollment vs Number of Secondary Grade Teachers positioned as per G.O.Ms.No. 210 MA&UD (01) Dept. dated 23.05.2017.
  • b) After ensuring the above, if surplus SGTs found in the ULB, then allot them to Primary & Upper Primary Schools based on the total enrollment of 1 to 5 classes in descending order.
  • c) Priority to the Senior Teachers to be given in allocation of surplus teachers to the schools.
  • d) In the ULBs where excess SG Teachers available, Monograde class system to be adopted i.e. 1 Class - 1 Teacher. This is applicable for the schools where enrollment of 1 to 5 classes exceeds 50.
  • e) Continue the SG Teachers who are working as subject teachers in AFC centers during 2018-19 also.
  • f) If there is shortage of teachers in Primary and Upper Primary Schools as per Rationalization norms engage Part-Time teachers immediately.
  • g) The honorarium may be given @ Rs. 5,000/- p rn to the Part-Time teachers engaged to teach I to V classes and Rs. 7,000/- p m to the Part-Time Teachers engaged against the required posts of Gr.Il LP & School Assistants in Upper Primary level.
  • h) Engaging the services of Part-Time Teachers is to be done by the School Management Committees and to be approved by the Commissioner of ULB. The process to be completed by 30.06.2018 and Part-Time Teachers to be positioned from 01.07.2018 onwards ..
  • i) The expenditure shall be met from the ULB funds concerned. Detailed financial guidelines will be given in due course.
  • j) The surplus LFL HMs ate to be adjusted in Primary and Upper Primary Schools based On the enrollment. LFL HMs are to be entrusted with the responsibility of handling one class on par with other teachers.
  1. Work Books to students of classes I to V will be distributed shortly. These worksheets are reinforcement activities after the lesson is taught. Hence the students are made to complete the day-wise worksheets in the classroom itself (Not for Home Work). After every 10 Days/Worksheets there will be one Assessment sheet - "Know your progress" to observe the child's progress in the subject.
  2. Progress Card will be given to each child in Telugu Work Book and it should be detached and to be maintained in the school. *
  3. It is also proposed to conduct OMR based Common Practice Test (CPT) to 4th & 5 th class students in all Municipal Schools in the State during 2018-1.9. Micro schedule will be communicated. *
  4. It is also proposed to conduct "No Bag Day" for classes 1,2 and 3 once in a fortnight. *
  5. It's also decided to continue the following School innovations - School post box, wall magazine, TLM corners, Class room library, Teacher's Dairy (Self evaluation of the day's Teaching learning activities) *

Work distribution of Grade n LPs & School Assistants:

  • The services of the Gr. II LPs and School Assistants working in Upper Primary schools, where there is no optimum strength in the classes VI and VII shall be utilized in High Schools. They should be deputed on work adjustment to the needy High Schools (as per norms) Part-Time teachers may be engaged in their places. In case of requirement of Subject teachers for Upper Primary Classes Part-Time Teachers may be engaged. 
* Work distribution of Subject Teachers in High Schools :
  • Parallel Medium sections are allowed if the class strength is crossed 40 Students and the new section shall have a minimum of 35 students (RTE Act 2009). 
  • Priority may be given to have English Medium sections in the School. 
  • In the first instance surplus subject teachers working in High Schools should be adjusted to the needy High Schools. 
  • Part time teachers are to be taken for the subjects as per need and requirement. 
  • A “Need Assessment Report" has to be submitted by the High School Head-Master to the Municipal Commissioner for engaging Part-Time teachers. - Requirement of Part-Time teachers are to be cross checked with number of Children/ Sections. - In place of teachers who were deputed to AFCs, Part-Time teachers shall be engaged.
  • The honorarium for the Part-Time subject teachers in the High Schools is Rs. 8,000/- pm and all the conditions will apply with regard to the process of engaging them. 
  • The expenditure shall be met from the ULB Funds. Part-time teachers are to be engaged in place of teachers deputed as State Academic Coordinators - Primary & High Schools. 
  • Special focus is to be shown and individual attention is to be paid on Low Performers (D1 and D2) Encourage 2 star and 3 star students of X class to get 10/10 GPA in forth coming Public Exams. Head Masters to chalk out a detailed plan to improve the quality levels of all Children of classes of VI to X.\
  • The Career Foundation Course Programme will be conducted for the students of classes VI to IX as it was done last year. Student's daily attendance will be captured through Facial Recording System. 
  • For X class Students there will be a separate programme designed to conduct Morning & Evening classes in all the 6 subjects. Special Tests, Cycle Tests etc will be conducted as per micro schedule. AFC will be continued during 2018-19. Ensure a minimum of 40 students in each class. 
  • In case of shortage of any subject Teacher in any AFC, Part-Time Teachers can be engaged with a monthly honorarium of Rs. 10,000/- to Rs. 15,000/- based on their ability. 
  • The Municipal Commissioners concerned are requested to bestow their attention on the strengthening of AFCs. Guidelines for engaging part-time Teachers : i. Candidate must possess the required qualification for teaching the subject. ii.
  •  He/She should have fluent English communicative skills.
  • The process of identification, Scrutiny may be done by School management committees supported with 2 working Teachers handling Mathematics and English in the High School After scrutiny, the candidates shall be finalized school-wise by the Commissioner of the ULB concerned. v. Transparency shall be maintained without deviating the procedure.
  • Based on the experience and competency the honorarium for the Part-Time tutors may be paid and this expenditure may be met from the Funds of the concerned ULBs.


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