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Bio-Metric Attendance Offline Attendance for NO NETWORK Schools

Bio-Metric Attendance Offline Attendance for NO NETWORK Schools. Rc.No. 150/ IT Cell/2011 Dated: 23.08.2018. Sub: - IT CELL- E-Hazar- Implementation of biometric attendance in the state 2018 - Certain Instructions -Orders -Reg. Bio Metric Offline Attendance User Manual, E-Hazar Offline Module, EHazar Offline for NO Network APP.Offline E-Hazar Bio-Metric Attendance for NO Network Schools Must from 1st Sep..
1. Instructions of the Commissioner of School Education, AP. 2. This office even no dated 04.07.2018

Bio-Metric Attendance Offline Attendance for NO NETWORK Schools

  • The kind attention of all the District Educational Officers in the state is invited to the reference read above regarding e-Hazar in School Education Department. It is observed that the average teacher's attendance of 96% is a tremendous improvement in the biometric attendance of Teachers across the state. Honourable Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh has instructed to make the attendance 100%. 
  • The remaining 4% teacher attendance not being captured is identified to be as "NO NETWORK" schools. Since the Government has mandated to capture attendance through e- Hazar in all offices and institutions across the State it is proposed to mark biometric attendance through Offline mode for the school having no network using the regular online e-Hazar application. In this regard an android application has been developed specially for "No Network" Schoo or marking the biometric attendance through offline mode. A pilot was also tested in Vizayanagaram district. It is now proposed to scale up the offline biometric attendance system to other districts across the State. 
  • In the above context, all the District Educational Officers in the state are requested to issue necessary instructions to all the filed functionaries in their districts to mark the offline attendance rough the applications developed and ensure 100% attendance. The process to be followed is : 
  • 1. Download of offline application and start using from 01-09-2018 
  • 2. Take teacher attendance twice a day 
  • 3. Synchronize the offline Biometric attendance to the central server from the close connectivity available schools at least 2-3 times a week. 
  • 4. User manual on offline Biometric attendance is at link 
  • 5. Once the offline attendance is pushed to the server, status reports can be viewed reports in Further, the District Educational Officers are requested to conduct a review with dist, Nodal team in implementation of attendance in Government teacher institutions in their district
  • Current report shows that the attendance captured is less and make sure that attendance should be 100%.


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