Parallel Eng Medium Teachers Training Venues Instructions Visakhapatnam District

Parellel English Medium Teachers’ training Programme Visakhapatnam District, 2018-19. Parallel  Eng Medium Teachers Training Visakhapatnam District Venues List and Tagged Mandals and Instructions of District Educational Officer Visakhapatnam.

  Parallel  Eng Medium Teachers Training Venues Instructions Visakhapatnam District 

As per the proceedings Rc.No.254/B/SCERT/2018 of Director SCERT,AP and instructions of District Educational Officer, Visakhapatnam all the Mandal Educational Officers are requested to follow the instructions given below
  • 1. Depute one teacher (dealing class-1) from each school working in parallel English Medium schools in the mandal. 
  • 2. Instruct the teachers to attend along with the text books of class-1(English, Maths &EVS), Note Book and a pen with out fail. 
  • 3. Instruct the teachers to report Course Co-ordinator at 9.00 AM on 03.10.2018 at the venue allotted. 
  • 4. Address of the venue should be informed to the teachers as per the annexure. 
  • 5.MEO’s of Yelamanchili, Pendhurthi, Chodavaram and Narsipatnam are identified as Asst. Course Co-ordinators for the venues selected. 
  • 6.The Asst. Course Co-ordinators are requested to make logistic arrangements viz..Electricity, Fans, Drinking water, Toilets and Pedagogic arrangements viz Digital Equipment, pieces of chalk, charts, duster, markers, sketch pens etc…

Venues List for Trainings