AP Govt New LOGO - Andhra Pradesh State Emblem 2018

Coat of Arms- Emblem of the Government of Andhra Pradesh – Orders - Issued. GENERAL ADMINISTRATION(PU-A) DEPARTMENT G.O. P. No. P-2 Dated: 14-11-2018. Consequent on the bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh in 2014, the Government finalized the State Emblem for official use.
Accordingly, the following notification shall be published in an Extra-ordinary issue of the Andhra Pradesh State gazette dated 14.11.2018. The State Emblem of Government of Andhra Pradesh has been released with changes. AP Govt New LOGO - Andhra Pradesh State Emblem 2018 

AP Govt New LOGO - Andhra Pradesh State Emblem 2018

G.O. Ms. No. 740 Home (Poll. &Military) Department dated 29.05.1954.

O R D E R:
Consequent on the bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh in 2014, the Government finalized the State Emblem for official use.
Accordingly, the following notification shall be published in an Extra-ordinary issue of the Andhra Pradesh State gazette dated 14.11.2018.


The State Emblem of Government of Andhra Pradesh shall be as under:
1. Elements of the Andhra Pradesh State Emblem
  1. The State Emblem is inspired by the Amaravati School of Art. It consists of “DhammaChakka” - “the Wheel of Law” embellished with a ring of triratnasalternating with pinnate leaves and precious stones. The three circles of decorative beads in ascending order of numbers – 48 in the inner, 118 in the middle and 148 in the outer circle. “PunaGhataka” – “The vase of Plenty” is at the hub of the DhammaChakka. It is decorated with a four banded garland on the main body with medallions and tassels. There is a braid around the thin neck and a flaring mouth. 
  2. The National Emblem is placed at the bottom. 
  3. The words “ఆంధ్రప్రదేశ్ ప్రభుత్వం” in Telugu will be at the top flanked by ‘Andhra Pradesh’ in English and Hindi. The words “సత్యమేవ జయతే” in Telugu Script appears at the bottom. 
2. Emblem Size
The emblem should never be reduced to a size of less than 24 mm in height.

3. Emblem Colours
(i) Multi – Colour Reproduction(for categories 1 to 6 of Para 5(i))
The Lions should be of Orange Colour (Hex Code: #ff4500)
DhammaChakka and Ghataka should be of Green Colour (Hex Code:#036d33)
Spokes of Dhamma Chakka (between inner and middle circle) should be of Gold Colour (Hex Code:#fdd600)

(ii) Single Blue colour design (Hex Code:#1d307f) against a white background (Only categories 7 & 8 of Para 5(i))
(iii) Black (Hex Code: #000000) and White Reproduction(Hex Code: #ffffff)

4. AP State Emblem - Permitted and Prohibited Users

(i) Permitted users
The following are authorised to use the Andhra Pradesh Government State Emblem:
1. The Chief Minister and the Council of Ministers
2. The Chief Secretary to Government
3. The Secretaries to Government
4. The Advocate General
5. All Heads of Departments
6. All Collectors and District Magistrates
7. All District Heads of Departments.
8. Secretariat Mid-Level Officers or equivalent.

(ii) Prohibited users
The following will have their own emblems and the Andhra Pradesh Government State Emblem will not be used:
1. Heads of Autonomous Bodies of Government such as:
a. Companies;
b. Corporations;
c. Societies;
d. Trusts;
e. Bodies created by statutes;
f. Bodies created by executive orders.

2 Private individuals/entities 

6. AP State Emblem - Permitted and Prohibited uses
(i) Permitted uses
· Letter heads and Visiting cards
· Printing purposes (pamphlets, posters, flyers, booklets, periodicals, flex boards, Government Advertisements etc.).
· Exhibits and other Public affairs-related materials.

(ii) Prohibited uses
· To replace, or in conjunction with the Government seal.
· By the private sector, including vendors, contractors.
· In combination with other elements to create a logo or emblem for an office or program.


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