Guidelines RMSA School Field Trips 2018-19 in AP Schools RMSA Excursions

Guidelines RMSA School Field Trips 2018-19 in AP Schools. File No.ESE02-34/71/2018-RMSA-CSE Excursion trip for students for students within State for the year 2018-19 A field trip or excursion trip for students is a journey by a group of students to a place away from their normal environment. Excursions are defined as educational experiences conducted during school hours to correlate with the regular classroom instructional program Rc.No.1146/85.J/RMSA/2018-2 Dt.10/11/2018. RMSA School Excursions Guidelines 2018-19.
  1. Sub:- RMSA- Release of funds to the Schools towards Excursion Trip for students within the State Project on Science & Maths- RAA- approved in PAB 2018-19 - Orders - Issued-regarding. 
  • S.No. District Name No. of Schools Students Proposed Excursion Trip Amount to be Released Target: Total 200000 Students of class IX from 3193 schools will be covered under this programme @ Rs. 200/- per student.
  • Criteria:- 60% of the students will be covered from class IX in each 3193 Schools, based on the attendance of the students and all round performance in curricular and co-curricular activities.
  • Timeline: The deadlines for different action to be taken are as follows:

Guidelines for organizing RMSA School Excursion trip

  • 1. A one day excursion trip for the students of class IX will be organized
  • 2. A district level committee may be formed with the following members: 
  • Chairman: DEO 
  • Convener: Dy.E.O., RMSA 
  • Member: Regional Transportation officer / APSRTC. 
  • 3. A Committee may be formed at School Level under the chairmanship of Head Masterfor selection of Student with the following members. 
  • Social StudiesTeacher 
  • Science Teacher 
  • One LanguageTeacher 
  • SMDC Chairperson 
  • 4. Planning meeting at district level shall be conducted in the concerned district by the respective team. 
  • 5.The DLC may select the places relevant to the students like IITs JiMs, NITS, Space Centers well within fund availability of the district.
  • 6. WhilevisitingtheplacespleasetakethesupportoftheDistrictLevelauthority, if necessary. 
  • Deputy commissioner of police office 
  • Superintendent of police office 
  • District cultural heritage, historical monument, museum, etc 
  • Other scientific place that can be beneficial for the students. 
  • 7. The interaction with Deputy Commissioner/Superintendent of police of the district during the visit must be ensured. 
  • 8. DLC to take step for exemption of ticket/entry pass at the parks,museum etc with the respective authorities for the excursion trip. 
  • 9. Take the undertaking from the parents for permitting their children to go for excursion mentioning all details of the tour schedule. 
  • 10. Make the tour arrangements with the safest mode of transport like to hire the RTC buses/Indian Railway Pass not less than the Super Luxury Bus/Sleeper Ticket as per route convenience. Precautions and Safety measures should be propagated to all the students during the excursion. 
  • 11. The necessary fund was already released to the SMDC concerned based on the number of Students. Hence, the expenditure shall be met from the released budget and report compliance of expenditure incurred District Wise to this office through the District Educational Officer& Ex-Officio Project Coordinator of RMSA. Available funds under any other source with SMDCs or through Donor/ CSR support may be utilized in additional to allotted funds. 
  • 12. The DLC need to select two guide teachers for every 50 Students. They will accompany the group from each. It is mandatory to accompany lady teacher with the girl students in their tour programme. 
  • 13. To make the visit more informative and enjoyable there should be constant illustration and explanation about the places of visit to the students. This will enlighten the students about the concept and also add to their learning and knowledge. 
  • 14. Arrangement should ensure picking up of students from their respective mandal Head Quarters. 
  • 15. The arrangement of Breakfast/lunch/Dinner should be done during the visit. It may be arranged in any hotel or eateries nearby the visiting sites but aspects of hygiene should be ensured. 
  • 16. Pure drinking water should be arranged during the visit. 
  • 17. Printing of banners should be done well in advance before the programme. The banner size will be (6M) and necessary format shall be sent by RIVISA. 
  • 18. There should also be constant monitoring for the students to maintain discipline and decorum during the visit, 
  • 19. To ensure proper management of affairs, the DEO/Dy.DEO shall keep the fund available for Transportation and other arrangements. 
  • 20. For Smooth organisation of the programme, the DEO / Dy.DEO should accompany with the students tour programme. 
  • 21. The DEC concerned shall submit the detailed documentation with photographs after completion of tour programme within a week. 
  • A detail budget mentioning the route of the excursion trip.
Places to be visited, number of children of Class X covered in this trip and detailed fund involvement activity wise may be submitted to the DEO for approval of the programme and release of fund. The budget shall also contain cost on transport, refreshment, drinking water, numbers of buses required, I banner per bus (Size: 6°*4) the detail of writing on the banner will be provided along with the approval of the programme) and other miscellaneous charges etc.