Roc 3276 Upgradation of Lang Pandits Posts in Municipal Schools Detailed Orders

Lr.Roc.No.3276/20I7-J3. dated.23/U/20I5.
Sub: Municipal Administration Department - Teaching Establishment - Upgradation of Language Pandits Posts into School Assistants (Languages) in Municipal Schools - Filling up of vacancies as per existing Service Rules - Permission accorded - Schedule issued - Regarding.

Roc 3276 Upgradation of Lang Pandits in Municipal Schools Detailed Orders

  • 1. G.O.Ms.No.18, Finance (HR-II) Dept, 
  • 2. G.O.Ms.No.82, Finance (RR-II) Dept, 
  • 3. Govt.Memo.No.7055571D1/2017-I, MA&UD (Dl) Department dated: 24.10.2017. 
  • 4. Govt.Memo.No.8815341D1I2017-1, MA&UD (Dl) Department dated: 01.12.2017 
  • 5. This office LLRoc.No.3276/2017/J3, dt.06.12.20I7 addressed to all the ROMAs. 
  • 6. Govt.Memo.No.8815341D1/2017-2, MA&UD (01) Department dated: 30.01.2018. 
  • 7. This office Lr.Roc.No.3276/2017/J3, dt.31.0L2018 addressed to all the ROMAs. 
  • 8. Hon'ble High Courts orders in WP No.4795/2018 dt.15.02.2018, WP NO.5213/2018 dt.20.02.2018, WP No.588112018, WP.No.5879/2018 dt.21.02.2018, WP NO.5760/2018 d1.21.02.2018, WP No.8243/2018 dt.19.03.2018 & WP No.4878/2018, dt.15.02.2018 filed by certain Municipal Teachers. 
  • 9. This office Lr.Roc.No.3276/2017/J3 Dated: 12.09.2018 addressed to the Government. 
  • 10. Govt.Memo.No.C-5734681D 1/2018, dated. 20. 11.2018 
  1. I invite your attention to the references cited. In the reference 3rd cited, Government have requested the DMA to examine and take necessary further action to take up 100% promotions to the upgraded posts of (610) School Assistants (Languages) which were upgraded through G.O.Ms.No.82 Fin, (RR-IT) Dept., dt. l6.05.20 17 from the Grade-Il Pandits working in Municipal Management Schools immediately, subject to outcome of O.As 1 W.Ps, if any on the subject, pending in any court of law. 
  2. 2. In the reference 4th cited, Government have issued certain clarification on promotions of Municipal Teachers and requested the DMA to instruct the authorities concerned to speed up the promotion process as per the rules in force. Accordingly, the DMA has issued schedule to effect promotions to the Municipal Teachers to all the ROMAs & Commissioners of GVMC and VMC vide reference 5th cited. 
  3. 3. In the reference 6th cited, Government have issued further clarifications on (5) points. Accordingly, the same has been communicated.and revised schedule has been issued for effecting promotions to the Municipal Teachers vide this office reference 7th cited. 
  4. 4. But, unfortunately, certain teachers were approached the Hon'ble Courts on process. of promotions and Hon'ble Courts issued certain orders vide reference 8th cited. 
  5. 5. In this connection, in the reference 9th cited, while apprising the Hon'ble Court orders Government bas been requested to issue necessary orders with regard to effecting the promotions to the upgraded posts of School Assistant (Languages), subject to finalization of pending court cases, if any at the earliest. 
  6. 6. Accordingly, in the reference 10th cited (copy enclosed), Government have issued orders permitting the DMA to proceed further to fill up the up graded posts of School Assistants (Languages) in Municipal Schools with the Grade-II Language Pandits as per Govt.Memo. No.7055571D1/2017-1,  dt.24.10.2017, subject to outcome of pending Court cases, if any on the subject and to take further necessary action in the matter accordingly. 
  7. 8. Further, I inform you that, on the requests of the Teachers/ Teacher Unions the following amendments were made by the Government to the Service Rules of Municipal Teachers issued in GO.MS.No.320 (Municipalities), G.O.Ms.No.322 (Corporations), G.Ms.No.323 (GVMC) and G.O.Ms.No.324 (VMC) through G.O.MS.No.362 (Municipalities), G.O.Ms.No.363 (Corporations), G.Ms.No.364 (GVMC) and G.O.Ms.No.365 CVMC)dated 11.10.2017....For More Details Download the Proceedings Copy


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