Tribal Welfare HMs Salary DDO Powers restored Rc SOW03

Lr,Rc,No.SOW03-17021(35)/91/2018-DSECCC,6105831. Date:26/12/2018 Tribal Welfare Department - DDO Powers of Tribal Welfare Head Masters restored. TWD - Education - 0/0 DTW, AP, Vijayawada -Rationalization of Drawing and :-Disbursement Officers of Tribal Welfare Department - Financial Powers relating to maintenance of Tribal Welfare Educational Institutions (Hostels, Ashram Schools and Post-Matric College Hostels) - Declaring the ATWOs as Drawing and Disbursement Officers - Request for Drawing of Salaries of the TW Teachers and other employees in the existing system - Necessary instructions issued - Reg. File No.SOW03-17021(35)/91/2018-D SEC-COTW.

ITDA Tribal Welfare HMs Salary DDO Powers restored Rc SOW03

  • 1. U.O.Note.No.88088/444/Budget.11/2015, Dt.30.12.2015 of Finance Department. 
  • 2. G.O.Ms.No.132 Social Welfare (TW.Edn.1) Dept., Dt.14.08.2018. 
  • 3. This Office Lr.Rc.No.SOW03-17021(35)/91/2018-D SEC-COTW, Dt.17.11.2018 addressed to CEO, APCFMS, Ibrahimpatnam, Vijayawada. 
  • 4. Representation of Hon'ble MLA, Paderu Assembly Constituency, Dt.26.11.2018. 
  • 5. Representation of AP United Teachers' Federation, Andhra Pradesh, Dt.26.11.2018. 
  • 6. Representation of Hon'ble MLC & PRTU Front Floor leader addressed to Hon'ble Minister for TWD, Dt.04.12.2018. 
  • 7. Note of the Hon'ble Minister for Tribal Welfare, Govt of AP Dt.10.12.2018. 
  • 8. This Office Letter Rc.No.D/1806/2017SOW03-17021(35)91 /2018-D­Sec,CNo.610583, dated:13.12.2018 addressed to the Government. 
  1. The attention of Chief Executive Officer, APCFMS, Ibrahimpatnam is invited to the subject and references cited. 
  2. In pursuance of the reference 1st cited, the Government in TWD issued G.O.Ms.No.132 Social Welfare(TW.Edn.1) Dept., Dt.14.08.2018 withdrawing the Drawing Powers of HMs/HWOs of Tribal Welfare Department and declared the ATWOs of Tribal Welfare Department as Drawing and Disbursing Officer to the Hostels and Ashram Schools under their jurisdiction, to meet the expenditure under (05) Educational Institutions. 
  3. Accordingly, vide reference 3rd cited, the CEO, APCFMS, Ibrahimpatnam was requested to map the DDOs in the CFMS as per the above said G.O.Ms.No.132. 
  4. In the references 4th to 6th cited, the Hon'ble MLA, MLC and office bearers of the Tribal Welfare Teacher Associations have requested to withdraw the G.O.Ms.No.132 Social Welfare(TW.Edn .1) Dept., Dt.14.08.2018.
  5. In the reference 7th cited, the Hon'ble Minister for Tribal Welfare and Empowerment has requested to keep the orders in abeyance pending detailed study and wide consultation on the implications and issues on the implementation of the orders issued in the said G.O. 
  6. As the issue is pending with Government for further decision, the Teachers and other employees are facing financial problems as they have not drawn their salaries for the month of November-2018. In view of the Christmas and Pongal festivals, the Hon'ble TW Minister instructed to pay the salaries in the old system until the Government takes decision on the representations submitted to the Government vide reference 8th cited. 
  7. In view of the above circumstances, the Chief Executive Officer, APCFSS, Ibrahimpatnam is requested to take necessary action to allow to draw and disbursement of the salaries of employees working in Tribal Welfare Department in old pattern i.e., in terms of G.O.Ms.No.75, Finance(TFR), dept., dt.19.07.1999 until further orders by this office in this matter. 
  8. Yours faithfully, RAMARAO MATA, DIRECTOR 
  9. Copy submitted to the Principal Secretary to Govt., Tribal Welfare Department, A.P., Secretariat, Velagapudi for favour of kind information. Copy to the OSD/PA to the Hon'ble Minister for Tribal Welfare Et Empowerment. Copy to the DDs/DTWOs in the State for information.