Employees - Allotment of Land Amaravati Capital City Area GO 34

Employees Housing Policy – Allotment of land in Amaravati Capital City Area - Orders – Issued. G.O.Ms.No.34 Dated: 24.01.2019. MUNICIPAL ADMINISTRATION & URBAN DEVELOPMENT (CRDA.2) DEPARTMENT Employees - Allotment of Land Amaravati Capital City Area GO 34

Employees - Allotment of Land Amaravati Capital City Area GO 34

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From the Revenue (Assignment-I) Department, E-file No.REV01-LANA0LAND(PM)/5/2019-ASSN-I.

  • Consequent to bifurcation of the state and creation of the new state of Andhra Pradesh, the new capital city area is notified in 29 villages of Guntur district and named as Amaravati. Amaravati is being developed and the High Court, Legislature, Secretariat, Government heads of departments, State Public Sector Undertakings and State level institutions are being established in the new capital. Buildings of the Secretariat, Legislature, heads of departments etc. are coming up in the ‘Government city’ while the High Court and related institutions are coming up in the ‘Justice city’ of Amaravati capital city area. About 10,000 staff will be re- located to the new city to work in these institutions. The entire Amaravati capital city area of about 54,000 acres is pooled by AP CRDA under CRDA Act. As the city is a new area still under development there is lack of housing stock in the new capital. It is observed that earlier Greenfield state capital cities in India have been struggling to attract human settlement even after 2 to 3 decades of their development. Therefore, in order to kick start city development it is necessary to promote settlement of this category of people. For this purpose of facilitating settlement of all this category of people in the new Greenfield capital city, a housing policy for Amaravati Capital City Area is required. Accordingly, the cabinet has approved the Employees Housing Policy for Amaravati Capital City Area. 
  • 2. Government after careful examination of the matter, hereby issue the following Employees Housing Policy for Amaravati Capital City Area: 
2.1. AIM: 
  • The aim of housing policy in Amaravati Greenfield capital city is to encourage settlement of first settlers (Judiciary functionaries/employees, Government functionaries/employees, Legislature employees, press etc.,) in the new city for rapid city development and its smooth functioning. Many new institutions are being allotted lands in Amaravati on concessional terms for kick starting the new city as it is a new area. There is a need to create a social environment by providing housing and incentivising housing investment into creation of housing stock by the first settlers of Amaravati city. 
2.2. ELIGIBILITY: The eligibility for some of the first settler categories is listed below: 

(i) AIS officers of AP Cadre/ Officers on deputation
  • a. AP cadre officers: All AIS officers who are allotted or born on the new Andhra Pradesh Cadre and working as on date will only be eligible. 
  • b. Deputation officers: All AIS officers belonging to other states/ central civil service officers/ secretary law who are working in the state as on date will also be eligible. 
  • c. House sites: House sites at the rate of 500 Sq yards per head will be allotted in the Amaravati Capital City Area to their Societies/ Groups. 
(ii) Employees working in the State Head Quarters
  • a. Categories of employees: All employees who are allotted or recruited to new state of Andhra Pradesh, and working as on date will only be eligible. 
  • i. Gazetted & Non Gazetted Officers working in Secretariat/ Legislature; 
  • ii. Gazetted & Non Gazetted Officers working in the heads of departments belonging to state capital unit; and 
  • iii. Staff of autonomous organizations of AP State located in the AP state capital. 
  • b. Plots/flats: Plots/flats will be provided to state government employees working in the Secretariat / state capital unit of Heads of Departments / State Public Sector Undertakings located in the state capital/state level institutions. 
  • a. Land through housing societies/ groups: Land will be allotted for housing purpose to first settlers through Housing Societies/ Groups only. The employees shall form into a Group or Co- operative Society for availing the facility of allotment of land for house sites/flats. 
  • b. Minimum members: A Society or a Group shall have a minimum of 12 eligible members. 
  • c. Affidavit: The employee concerned should apply to the respective Housing Societies/ Group with the sworn affidavit inter alia declaring that they are not owning a house or a house site either in his/her name or in the name of his/her spouse or children in Amaravati Capital City Area. 
  • d. Application submission: The Commissioner CRDA shall call for details of the members, who satisfy the eligibility criteria for allotment of house sites/flats. The respective Societies shall submit the applications of each of the members personally signed by them along with their sworn affidavits to Commissioner APCRDA. 
  • e. Applications and affidavits in public domain: Government shall keep all the applications and sworn affidavits in its web-site for information of general public. 
  • f. False declaration: If any member of the society makes a false declaration, allotment of house site/flat shall be liable for cancellation apart from the member, making such a false declaration, being liable for civil and criminal consequences. 
  • g. Assessment of land needed: On the basis of the applications and declarations, Commissioner CRDA shall assess the requirement of land to be allotted as house sites/flats to the eligible members only and allot the extent of land which is necessary for such allotment to each of the Societies/ Groups. 
h. Pricing and allotment:
  • i. AP Capital Region Development Authority (CRDA) will fix the market rate of land as recommended by the Group of Ministers and allot lands without again referring the matter to Government. 
  • ii. Allotment of Flats/land will be made to Employees House Building Societies at the nominal market rate as recommended by Group of Ministers, for construction of flats in multistoried apartments/ houses. Nominal market rate will not be applicable to AIS officers house building societies/groups. 
  • i. Prior membership: The employees, who are forming into a Society/Group are advised to complete the admission of members before making an application to CRDA. This would facilitate the Society/ Group to arrive at exact requirement of land, which can be calculated as per their eligibility criteria and make an application to Commissioner CRDA. 
  • j. Leftover members: If some employees are not covered by Society, CRDA may allot house sites/ flats to them in next phase as and when they place their requisition before Commissioner CRDA through a society/ Group. 
k. Nodal authority:
  • i. Commissioner, APCRDA shall be the nodal authority to make the scheme operational. Further action would be taken by the Commissioner, CRDA to make the scheme operational. 
  • ii. He shall be competent to allot lands for housing purpose to Housing Society / Group of employees at the rates stipulated, following the procedure outlined here. 
  • iii. He will be the nodal agency to allot developed house plots. 
  • iv. He will be the nodal agency to allot constructed flats in multistoried apartments. 
l. Conveyance to individual:
  • i. In case of house sites, allotment of the land will be done by Commissioner CRDA to the Society. The Society or Group concerned shall conduct lottery and submit the list of allottees and their plot numbers to Commissioner CRDA. The title of the house site shall be conveyed to the members concerned by the Commissioner CRDA through a registered sale deed. 
  • ii. In case of flats, the land will be registered to the Society or Group by Commissioner CRDA. The Society after construction of multi-storied flats will conduct the lottery and register the flats in the name of the allotted members. 
  • a. Time limit for allotment: In case of house sites, the allotment of individual house sites shall be completed by the Society, within a period of six (6) months from the date of allotment of the land. 
  • b. Time limit for construction: The time for completion of house/flat construction by the allottees will be three (3) years from the date of land allotment. 
  • c. Prohibition on resale: An employee who is allotted a house site/flat shall not sell such site for a minimum period of fifteen (15) years. 
  • d. No site/house in Amaravati: All employees and AIS officers who do not have a house site/house in the name of self/ spouse/ dependent children in Amaravati Capital City will only be eligible. 
  • e. Only one site/flat in state: An employee including AIS officers shall not be entitle to member of two or more societies in the new State of Andhra Pradesh for claiming house site/ flat. 
  • f. Only once in lifetime: An employee shall be eligible for only one Government allotted house site/flat during his /her service in the new State of Andhra Pradesh. 
  • g. Only one site/flat per Couple: If both husband and wife are in government service, only one would be eligible for allotment of a house site/flat in the state. 
  • h. No sites/flats to non-members: The Societies/ Groups shall not allot house sites/flats in respect of any other member, whose name is not figuring in the application submitted to the Commissioner CRDA, for allotment. 
  • i. Draw of lots: The Co-operative House Building Society / Group shall allot house sites/flats by draw of lots. 
  • j. Layout open spaces: If the Society, allots open spaces available in the layout or changes layout without approval from competent authority, the President, Secretary and other office bearers of the Society are liable for punitive action and changes made if any shall become and void. 
  • k. Recording in service book: The fact of allotment of house site/flat shall be recorded in the Service Book of the employee concerned. 
  • The Co-operative Society or Group are at liberty to decide whether they would like to build houses/ apartments themselves or they would like to avail the help of agencies like APCRDA/ AP Housing Board/AP TIDCO etc. 
  • 3. The Commissioner, Andhra Pradesh Capital Region Development Authority(APCRDA), the Secretary, General Administration(Services), the Secretary, General Administration(Political) and the Principal Finance Secretary shall take necessary action accordingly.


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