ZPPF Slips Visakha District Download - PF Slips of Visakhapatnam District

ZPPF Visakha Slips Download - PF Slips of Visakhapatnam District. ZP Provident Fund Slips for Teachers Employees in Visakhapatnam are available to Download from ZPVSP.ORG Website. The Employees, Teachers are requested to Download the Slips and inform the authorities if any missing credits. 

ZPPF Visakha Slips Download - PF Slips of Visakhapatnam District

  • 1. If the subscriber desires to make any alteration in the nomination already made, a revised nomination may be sent for in accordance with the rules of the fund.
  • 2. Subscribers, who nominates a person/persons other than members of his/her family and has subsequently acquires a family, should submit a nomination in favour of member/members of his/her family.
  • 3. The Subscriber is request to satisfy himself/herself as to the corrections of the statement and to bring or if any to the notice of the Accounts Officer with in three months from the date of its receipts.
  • 4. The Subscriber is requested to inform this office, whenever there is a change of place of duty/officer.
  • 5. The Figures shown in the online statement are not authorized until and unless certified copy issued from the office.