Aided Teachers Recruitment Rules GO 26 Dated 16.2.2019 Aided Selection Process

School Education Department,- Amendment to GO.Ms.No.43, School Education(PS) Department, Dated.09.08.2018-Orders – Issued SCHOOL EDUCATION (PS) DEPARTMENT G.O.Ms.No.26 Dated: 16.02.2019 Aided Teachers Recruitment Rules GO 26 Dated 16.2.2019. Rules and Guidelines for Recruitment of Teachers in Aided Institutions in Andhra Pradesh. Amendment to the Existing Rules released vide GO 43. Selection Process for Aided Schools DSC / Recruitment.

Aided Teachers Recruitment Rules GO 26 Dated 16.2.2019

Read the following:-
  • 1. G.O.Ms.No.1,Education(PS.2)Department, dated 01.01.1994.
  • 2. G.O.Ms.No.40, School Education(PS) Deptt., dt.30.06.2017
  • 3. From the Commissioner of School Education, A.P, Ibrahimpatnam, Lr.Rc.No.90/PS-1/2015,dated. 24.08.2017.
  • 4. GO.Ms.No.43, School Education(PS) Department, Dated.09.08.2018
  • 5. Representation of the working President, Private Recognized Aided School’s Management’s Association, A.P., Dated. 14.08.2018.
  • 6. e-file No.ESE02-17022/4/2018-PS1-CSE of Commissioner of School Education, A.P.

  1. In the GO 4th read above, the Government have amended Rule 12 and 13 of the Andhra Pradesh Educational Institutions (Establishment, Recognition, Administration and Control of Schools under Private Management) Rules, 1993 issued in G.O.Ms.No.1, Education (PS.2) Department, dated 01.01.1994.
  2. 2. Government after careful examination of the report of the Commissioner of School Education in the reference 6th read above, hereby issue the following amendment to the GO.Ms.No.43, School Education(PS) Department, Dated.09.08.2018.

Procedure for filling up of the posts in Aided Institutions: 

  • I. The merit-cum-roster based recruitment system as is existing be continued. There shall be a separate roster system for each District for aided posts. The aided posts shall be filled up accordingly. However roster shall not apply to minority educational institution only if they are selecting a candidate belonging to the concerned minority community. Where such a candidate is fitted against a vacancy belonging to S.C./S.T., then the S.C./S.T vacancy shall be carried forwarded to the next recruitment.
  • II. The rationalization exercise shall be taken up every year in the month of October based on the Aadhaar seeded UDISE enrolment data as on 30th September of that year. The recruitment procedure to fill up vacancies shall be taken up only after completing the promotions, which shall be done on a regular basis every year. Posts shall be shifted to aided Schools where it is required from those where it is not and if the strength is restored as per rationalization norms, they shall stand restored.
  • III. The District Educational Officer or the Regional Joint Director, as the case may be, shall estimate the number of aided posts to be filled in respective unit /School by way of direct recruitment based on teacher-pupil ratio requirement subject wise only after affecting promotions from the feeder category of aided posts.
  • IV. Regional Joint Director of School Education/District Educational Officer has to confirm that there are no surplus teachers/posts in the district and submit the school-wise aided posts, required to be filled up in respective unit/ school, by way of direct recruitment to the Commissioner of School Education.
  • V. Out of the total aided posts to be filled in the district, 80% of aided posts shall be filled with local candidates of the district remaining 20 % would be open to all.

VI. The selection process for aided teaching vacancies shall be as follows:

  • a) A committee comprising of both Government nominees (3 members) and Private aided school association nominees (2 members) headed by an officer not below the rank of Additional Director would conduct a test district wise on the vacancies arrived at in the district.
  • b) The question papers etc would be done under the supervision of the Commissioner of School Education, Andhra Pradesh. The cost of the test would be borne by the Private Aided school Management association/ Management of the Schools.
  • c) Required operational guidelines shall be issued by Commissioner of School Education as recommended by the Committee constituted for the purpose above. The selection process shall be completed within the time schedule prescribed by the Commissioner of School Education.
  • d) The Educational qualifications/ Age limit shall be same as the teachers being recruited for Government/Local body schools. There will be age relaxation for only for teachers who appear after three years service in an aided school.
  • e) The selection process shall be based in the lines of DSC with absolute objectivity and transparency. There shall be no interview. Total Marks of the selection process is 100. Out of 100 marks, test would be for 65 marks and 5 marks would be for TET qualified candidates and 25 marks weightage would be given only to the candidates those who have experience in Aided Schools. For first three years of experience would be given One mark, for every year of additional experience (above three years) would be given One mark for every year and the Maximum weightage under this is 25 marks. All candidates ( including aided experience candidates) shall have 5 marks Weightage out of which 3 marks would be for PG/Ph.D and 2 marks would be for excellence in sports at State or National level. (Total weightage 30 marks).
  • f) The result of the test would be verified by the committee and then given to the respective Management/Correspondents as per vacancy for issue of appointment orders by them.
  • g) Wherever enough strength is not there aided posts will be given to those aided school where it is required otherwise it will go the District pool.
  • 3. Filling up of Non-teaching Aided posts shall be kept on hold and separate orders will be given later.
  • 4. The Commissioner of School Education, Andhra Pradesh shall take further necessary action in the matter accordingly.