APGLI New Bonds Employees List for Enhancement of APGLI Bonds

APGLI New Bonds Required Employees List. APGLI Office has released the List of 50598  Employees, whose APGLI enhancement applications are to be sent to APGLI Office. The APGLI Premium amount is deducted from salaries, but Bond has not been issued for these Employees. All the Employees whose names appear in the list are required to sent the Application form for issue of Further Bonds.

APGLI New Bonds Required Employees List for Enhancement of APGLI Bonds

  1. All the D &Dos in the state are here by informed that, in terms of G.O.Ms.36 Finance (Admn.DI&IF) Dept., dated 05.03.2016 at para 9 it was clearly enunciated that, the Drawing and Disbursing Officers concerned are solely responsible for effecting the recovery of revised premium from all the eligible employees (i.e. who are below 55 years of age) from the pay of March, 2016 payable in April 2016 duly forwarding the requisite proposal forms and obtaining the requisite policies from the Insurance Department intact.
  2. 2. Accordingly, some of the D &Dos were effected only premium recoveries but not submitted the requisite proposal Forms to the local APGLI District Offices for obtaining policy bonds to that effect so far. At this juncture, it is once again informed that, in the event of death of the any employee without submitting Proposal form through the D&DO concerned, for total amount recovered towards APGLI Premium, AND those amounts would be treated as unauthorized & paid without Insurance benefit (i.e Bonus) and out of that any legal case(Forum/Court etc.,) arises for Insurance claim with profit, the D&DO is solely responsible for Financial loss of the concerned employee(S)since, the D&DO is fails to submit the Proposal Form as per Government order inforce to the APGLI Dept.,.
  3. 3. Therefore, the details of total recoveries made and due amount pending for want of proposal form through the D&DO for issuing APGLI policy bonds is shown, please and check the details based on HRMS Employee ID's and submit the Proposal Forms to the local District APGLI Office immediately before attaining 55 years of Maximum Insurable age, to APGLI Office so as to mitigate the legal problems in future and also to ensure protection for the families of Employees .Hence, Please Click below for back log policy bonds status.
How to check the Employee List
  • Click on the Below Link. Enter either your APGLI Number or Treasury Id Number. Click on Check.
  • If your Name appears in the next screen, you are required to submit enhancement application if your age is below 55 years.