AP PRC New Basic Pay Fixation Calculator - Find New Basic Pay in AP NEW PRC 2018 (PRC 2021)

AP PRC 2018 (PRC 2021) New Basic Pay Calculator - Find New Basic Pay in AP PRC 2018. AP PRC 2021 New Basic Pay Fixation Calculator, Fixation Table. AP PRC 2018 New Basic Pay Andhra Pradesh PRC 2018 Basic Pay Calculator. Expected New Basic Pay In PRC 2018 At Different Fitment Levels. Calculating New Basic Pay in PRC in Andhra Pradesh AP. Software to Calculate New PRC Basic in Andhra Pradesh PRC. Find New PRC Basic at different levels of fitment. How to calculate the Basic in AP Revised Pay Scales in AP PRC 2018. AP PRC 2018 Pay Fixation. Find the Basic Pay in AP Pay Revision 2018(AP Revised Pay Scales 2018). AP PRC New Basic Pay Fixation Calculator - Find New Basic Pay in AP NEW PRC 2018 (PRC 2021)

AP PRC 2018 New Basic Pay AP PRC 2018 New Basic Pay Calculator

We have designed the software to find New Basic in AP/Andhra Pradesh PRC. By using this software we can find the New Basic / Pay Fixation in AP PRC 2018 easily. First Let us see how to calculate the New Basic in Revised Pay Scales in 2018.
Steps to Calculate the New Basic
  • First and foremost the Basic Pay as on 1.7.2018 is to be taken for Calculating the New PRC Basic. For ex  Take Basic as on 1.7.2018 is Rs. 33220/-
  • Then the DA, as on 1.7.2018 is to be taken. Dearness Allowance as on 1.7.2018 will be 30.392%
  • Then Fitment given by the Government. This is the crucial as the total PRC benefit depends on this fitment only. Let us take fitment as 30% for instance.
Then the Total Emoluments for PRC 2018 = Basic Pay as on 1.7.2018 + DA as on 1.7.2018 + Fitment on Basic
  • Hence the Total gross eligible for calculating New Basic : Rs.33220 + (33220 * 30.392%) + (33220 * 30%) 
  • = 33220 + 10096 + 9966
  • = 53282
Hence Total emoluments Rs 53282 qualifies for New PRC. The pay shall be fixed in the Revised Scales of Pay 2018, at the stage immediately above the existing emoluments.
Now we have prepared a information table basing on the proposals given by the major unions and organisations to the AP PRC Commission. Use the below software to find the New PRC Basic basing on the Unions Proposals. This is for information only. 


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