School Complex Grants Samagra Siksha Utilization Guidelines Rc 94

Rc. No. 94/A3/APSS/2019 Dated: 30/09/2019 Procs.Rc.No.01/A3/APSS/2019 dt. lnstructions for utilization of School Complex Grants. Guidelines for Utilization for School Complex Grants/ Cluster Resource Center Grants in Andhra Pradesh APSSA. Each Cluster Resource is released a grant of Rc 22000 for an academic year for meeting various expenses and needs of the School Complex/ Cluster Resource Center. These School Complex Grants are to be spent as per the instructions and guidelines released by the AP SSA. Detailed Instructions are given below.

School Complex Grants Samagra Siksha Utilization Guidelines Rc 94

Each Cluster Resource Coordinator to visit the schools under his/her jurisdiction at least once in 2 months. It is expected that in remote and rural areas the CRC will have five schools while in urban areas this can go upto 10 schools.
  • Cluster Resource Coordinator would monitor the schools and provide onsite academic support.
  • Assess school performance and design Strategies for improvement of various interventions at school level.
  • Will review the status of implementation at the cluster level so as to ensure better outcomes.
  • Upload at least 5 reports for each school in a year on mobile App Based Platform which is being developed by the department.
  • School performance and act as a mentor. The report of the school visit is also to be uploaded on a Mobile App.
S. No Particulars Approved in Rs.
01 Contingent Grant 10,000
02 Meeting &TA 1,000
03 TLM Grant 5,000
04 Maintenance Grant 5,000
05 Mobility Support for CRC 1,000 (per school in the complex)
The detailed Guidelines for utilization of School Complex Grants
Contingency Grant — Rs.10,000/-
  • Maintenance of ROTs
  • Procurement of Registers, Records, Stationary etc.,
  • Teacher Reference Books as per the list communicated by SPO.
  • Purchase of Educational CDs.
  • Providing Tea & Refreshments to the participants.
  • Postage & Xerox
  • Requirement School Complex meetings.
Meeting and TA Grant — Rs.1,000/-
  • Conveyance for school visit to the School Complex HM @ Rs.500/- per month - Rs.5000/- per annum (Minimum under schools once in a month) subject to furnishing of school visit report to DPO/DEO.
  • Other items any as per requirement from the savings of the above items.
  • School Monitoring. Reviews with Head Master of Primary and Upper Primary Schools
TLM Grant — Rs.5,000/- per annum
  • Procurement of material for preparation of TLM in the School Complex Meetings.
  • Procurement of permanent TLM
  • Purchase of Educational magazines
  • Other contingencies if any to meet from the savings of the above items.
  • Requirement in School complex meetings.
Maintenance Grant Rs. 5000
  • Maintenance of Computers
  • Maintenance of TV
  • Maintenance of Digital infrastructure
Mobility Support for CRC: (Rs. 1000 per school in the complex)
  • An additional support of Rs. 1000 per school was estimated under this intervention For CRC coordinator to visit the school frequently and provide onsite academic support, organize monthly meeting to discuss academic issues and design strategies for better Visits schools regularly
  • Furnish the reports to their higher officers
  • Upload the visit reports in the app
  • To rectify the gaps in the schools

Activities Planned in School Complexes

  • Conduct of Seminars, debates and interviews with Subject Experts 
  • School wise display and debates on innovative activities
  • Conduct of TLM Melas
  • Conduct of Book Review
  • Conduct of School Wise Review by the Complex Chairman
  • Preparation of Lesson Plan, TLM and for arrangement for demonstration of model teaching by teachers.
  • Conduct of Month Wise Syllabus Analysis
  • Preparation of Questions based on the Academic Standards as prescribed in the syllabus.
  • Conduct of School Complex Day


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