AP Out Sourcing Corporation Guidelines Memo GAD 01

Circular Memo No.GAD 01-SUOMISC/31/2019-SU-I Dated: 20.11.2019 Sub:- GAD -SU - Andhra Pradesh Corporation for Outsourced Services (APCOS) - Guidelines - Issued. he Andhra Pradesh Corporation for Outsourced Services shall act as a "Placement Agency for Outsourced Manpower" by placing outsourced manpower to the Departments / Organizations of the GoAP, as per their indents / requirements.Working Guidelines and Duties of AP Out Sourcing Corporation.

AP Out Sourcing Corporation Guidelines Memo GAD 01

  • 1) G.O.Ms.No.126, GA (SU.I) dept, dt: 18.10.2019 
  • 2) G.O.Ms.No. 136, GA.(SU.I) dept, dt:04.11.2019 
Detailed Guidelines:
  • In the references 1st and 2nd cited, orders were issued for incorporation of Andhra Pradesh Corporation for Outsourced Services (APCOS) under secton 8 of the Companies Act, 2013.
  • 2. The following guidelines for the Andhra Pradesh Corporation for Outsourced Services (APCOS) are hereby issued as follows:
  • The Andhra Pradesh Corporation for Outsourced Services shall act as a "Placement Agency for Outsourced Manpower" by placing outsourced manpower to the Departments / Organizations of the GoAP, as per their indents / requirements.
1. The Corporation shall work to achieve the following outcomes.
  • i. Removal of private outsourcing agencies / middle men ii. Corrupton free outsourcing placement iii. Implementation of 50% reservation for BCs, SCs, STs and Minorities, and 50% reservation for women iv. Timely and full payment of remuneration, without any undue cuts v. Proper credit of EPF and ESI
  • 2. Guidelines for engaging outsourced manpower:
  • 2.1. For the purposes of engaging the outsourced employees who are currently working with the departments:
  • All the outsourced employees who are currently engaged shall be migrated to the APCOS, which will act as a placement agency.
  • No employee who is engaged in outsourcing currently shall be removed.
  • For the purposes of migrating the outsourcing employee, the unit shall be the contract or the department where the employees are currently engaged
  • The contract or the department unit shall be assigned a unique code and the migration shall happen in toto
  • Reservation shall be appked to the contract or the department unit
  • While migrating the employees, proof of salary slip along with bank account number, EPF & ESI account shall be collected.

2.2 Manpower Sponsorship Process at the District Level

2.2.1. A District Level Committee shall be constituted in every district as follows.
  • i. Chairperson --- District Collector & Ex-Officio Exe. Director of APCOS
  • ii. Member-Convenor --- Joint Collector-II
  • iii. Member --- Representative of the indenting Organization
  • 2.2.2. This District Level Committee shall carry out the process and migrate the candidates from the existing unit while observing:
  • 2. 50% of the candidates belong to SCs (15%), STs (6%) and BCs & Minorities (29%). 50% reservation for women reservation.
  • 3. The District Level Committee shall keep in mind that women reservation for BCs, SCs, STs and Minorities shall be observed considering District as a Unit.
  • 4. In cases where the existing / currently working candidates has to be moved out, for fulfilment of the reservations as mentioned above, junior most candidate has to be moved out. Wherever possible such candidates who are moved out form one unit can be adjusted in another unit to fulfil the reservation requirement there.
  • 5. Fresh candidates shall be sponsored by the District Level Committee incase the above mentioned reservation is not fuffilled with the existing/ currently working candidates.
  • 6. The list of sponsored candidates thus finalized shall be forwarded by the District Collector to APCOS .
  • 7. The sponsored candidates shall be issued Letters of Intimation by District Collector in the system generated format .
  • 8. The District Collector concerned shall maintain the acknowledgement copies of the above Letters of Intimation, 
  • 4.1 his / her office as Ex-Officio Exe. Director of APCOS.
  • 9. With regard to finalisation of the lists at State level, the HoD of the concerned department shall finaflse the list and with regard to Secretariat departments the concerned Secretary of the Department shall finalise the list duly following the procedure stipulated above.
  • 10. The Hon'ble in-charge Minister of the District & the Minister of the department concerned in case of HOD/Secretariat, shall only oversee the implementation of reservations for SCs, STs, BCs, Minorities and women at District level and HoD/Secretariat level respectively.
  • 11. User id and Initial Password shall be sent to the registered e-mail id and mobile number of the District Collectors/Heads of Departments/Secretariat Departments, who have registered themselves through the link given in APCOS Portal (i.e http://apcos.ap.gov.in)
3. Placement of the Candidates
The APCOS shall send the Placement Intimation to the Client Organization concerned, with the details of candidates placed and appropriate terms & conditions, as per the format given.

4. Payment of Monthly Remuneration & Statutory Payments

4.1 Payment of Monthly Remuneration
1) The Client Organization shall make the following payments to APCOS, every month
  • i. Remuneration for the placed candidates, depending upon their Duty Certificates, as per the terms & conditions
  • ii. Employer's share of EPF contributions of the placed candidates ESI subscription amount for the placed candidates
  • iv. Goods and Services Tax (GST) as applicable
4.2 Payments by APCOS
  • 1. Upon receiving the payments from the Client Organizations, APCOS shall remit the monthly remunerations to the candidates, into their bank accounts directly.
  • 2. APCOS shall also remit the EPF, ESI, GST etc. as per the statutory norms.
  • 5. It may be noted that the deadline for process and finalisation of list by the District Level committees, Heads of Departments, and Secretaries of the Secretariat Departments shall be 15-12-2019 and the APCOS shall issue placement intimation to the Departments concerned by 01-01-2020.
6. For any clarification on these guidelines, any one of the following officers may be contacted:-
  • 1.Sri N.Srinivasulu, Joint Secretary to Government, GA Dept., Mob No.9000904619.
  • 2.Sri M.Maheswara Reddy, Executive Director(FAC), APCOS, Mob.No.8333083333.
  • 3.Sri P.Abdulla, Project Manager, APCOS., Mob.No.9390910747


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