Online submission of Number Statements Budget 2020-21 Instructions Memo 1048987

Cir. Memo No.1048987/Budget.I/2019 Dt.05.12.2019 Online submission of Number Statements Budget 2020-21 Instructions Memo 1048987. Step by Step Guide on Online Submission of Number Statements in Andhra Pradesh. User Manual on Number Statements. Online Website for Number Statements Submission. All DDOS, STOs, Heads of Departments and other Estimating Officers are therefore requested to furnish the Number Statements in the Proforma provided online by 25-12-2019 at the latest to the concerned FMU Sections in Finance Department . Online submission of Number Statements and Budget.Download Online Number Statements Model Forms
Sub: Budget 2020-21-Online submission of Number Statements - Instructions Issued, Reg.

Online submission of Number Statements Budget 2020-21 Instructions Memo 1048987 

  • According to Para 13.2.1 of the A.P. Budget Manual, the Heads of Departments and the other Estimating officers have to submit Number Statements to the Finance Department giving particulars of posts of Permanent, Temporary and Supernumerary establishment (both Gazetted and Non Gazetted), Number of posts and also the pay particulars such as the sanctioned monthly pay, special pay if any, and fixed allowances attached to the posts or individuals that will be drawn on the latest month.
  • 2) The Heads of Departments/Drawing and Disbursing Officers (DDOs) and other estimating officers are requested to scrupulously follow the guidelines given below while furnishing number statements for the year 2020-21 to the Government:
  1. A.When a post is upgraded and orders issued by Finance (HR) Department (erstwhile Finance (SMPC) Department) to this effect, the departments shall reduce the post in the lower cadre and increase the higher cadre.
  2. B.When posts are created in the department in addition to the existing sanction strength, the departments shall include the newly created post in the number statements.
  3. C.The cadre strength indicated in the Number Statements should be in conformity with the continuation orders issued by Finance (HR) Department.
  4. D.The estimating officers/HoDs/DDOs shall not include the vacant posts in Number Statements and in estimates for salaries.
3) i. The Process involved in preparation of the Number Statements is as follows:
  • 1. The details of the Number Statements are to be filled in the on-line forms provided to the DDOs for the purpose.
  • 2. These on-line forms come with pre-populated data, based on the availability of the data concerned in HRMS.
  • 3. The DDOs should verify the pre-populated data and make corrections where necessary and submit the forms. Where data is not pre-populated, the DDOs have to enter the data concerned.
  • 4. While submitting the on-line forms, the DDOs should upload all Sanction Orders concerned, issued by Finance Department / Competent Authority. 
  • 5. The data submitted by the DDOs, along with the respective Sanction Orders, shall be verified and certified on-line by the Sub-Treasury Officers (STOs) / Asst. Pay & Accounts Officers (APAOs) concerned 
  • 6. The data verified and certified by STOs shall be scrutinized and certified on-line by the Heads of the Departments (HoDs) concerned. 
  • 7. Finally, the Secretaries concerned shall scrutinize and certify on-line, the Number Statements of the HoDs under their administrative control. 
The DDOs shall enter all the required data for the Number Statements, in the on-line forms provided for the purpose. 
These on-line forms include – 
  • 1. Proforma I : Details of the Regular Employees (under DH 010 Salaries)
  • 2. Proforma-IIA : Details of the Grants-In-Aid Employees (under DH 060-GIA Salaries) (HRMS pay roll)
  • 3. Proforma-IIB : Details of the Employee Salaries under Grants-In-Aid (under DH-SDH 310-Grants-in-Aid – 311-Grants-in-Aid towards Salaries)
  • 4. Proforma-III : Details of the Work Charged Employees (under DH 070-Work Charged Establishment Salaries)
  • 5. Proforma-IVA: Details of the Individual Contract Employees (under DH-SDH 300-Other Contractual Services - 301-Individual Contract Employees)
  • 6. Proforma-IVB : Details of the Outsourced Employees through Agencies (under DH-SDH 300- Other Contractual Services - 302 Outsourcing Employees through Agencies)
  • 7. Proforma-IVC : Details of the Contract Services through 3rd Party Firms (under DHS-SDHS 300-Other Contractual Services - 304Contract Services through 3rd Party Firms and 280-Professional Services – 288- Individual Professionals Engaged through 3rd Party)
  • 8. Proforma-VI: Details of the Professional Services and Wages (SDHS 282, 283, 285, 286, 287 and 289 under DH 280-Professional Services and SDHS 291, 292, 293, 294, 295, 296, 297 under DH 290-Other Professional Services and also SDHs 021, 022, 023, 024 under DH 020-Wages)
  • 9. The number of posts and scale of pay attached to the post shall be furnished in the Appendix- 'A' (Number Statement Proforma-V) provided online.
The HoDs are informed that the expenditure under all Heads of Accounts including salaries shall be regulated with reference to budget provisions. In the absence of Number Statements, the responsibility for any shortfall or excess in the estimates fixed by Finance Department lies with the HODs concerned.

5) All DDOS, STOs, Heads of Departments and other Estimating Officers are therefore requested to furnish the Number Statements in the Proforma provided online by 25-12-2019 at the latest to the concerned FMU Sections in Finance Department.

On-line Submission Procedure for Number Statements

All Drawing and Disbursing Officers, Sub Treasury Officers, Heads of Departments and other Estimating Officers are requested to visit Finance Department web-site on the Internet using the URL: or and click 'on the web link tab "Login" on the main page. 
The DDOS, STOs and HODs are informed that the information already furnished by them on-line last year can be viewed and they shall make only required changes by following the steps given below
  • This Link will open a pop-up box for "Login". 
  • Please login using your Username i.e., DDO code and Password i.e., budget2020. All necessary Proforma are provided to be filled in.
  • Saving of Proforma can be done in the middle using 'Save' Button.
  • After completion of entries click on 'Final Save & Submit. 
  • After final submission, no more editing is allowed.
The DDOS/STOs/HoDs are requested to contact Assistant Secretary to Government (Budget) (8096949729) / Data Processing Officers, Finance Department (7729981922, 9948197221) for any further guidance on the Online System.

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