Teachers Training on EM for 1-6th Classes from 2020-21 Detailed Instructions Rc 5

Teachers Training on EM for 1-6th Classes from 2020-21 Detailed Instructions Rc 5. AP EM for 1-6th Classes from 2020-21 Teachers Training Detailed Instructions  Rc.No.5/EMIC/2019 Dated 6-12-2019 Sub: Converting of all classes from 1 to VI in Primary, UP, HS under all managements in to EM from the Academic year 2020-2021 and gradually increasing each further class from the next consequent academic year, govt. Orders issued - Detailed instructions for taking of training for capacity building of the teachers for teaching through EM - Reg. Detailed Schedule on Teachers Training on English Medium for 1-6th Classes going to be started from 2020-21 Academic Year.

 AP EM for 1-6th Classes from 2020-21 Teachers Training Detailed Instructions Rc 5

Sub: Converting of all classes from 1 to VI in Primary, UP, HS under all managements in to EM from the Academic year 2020-2021 and gradually increasing each further class from the next consequent academic year, govt. Orders issued - Detailed instructions for taking of training for capacity building of the teachers for teaching through EM - Reg.
  • 1. G.O.Ms.No.85 SE (Prog.1) Department DT: 20-11-2-19.
  • 2. Minutes of the meeting taken up Commissioner, School Education, AP, Ibrahimpatnam on 21-11-2019
  • Government have issued orders according permission to commissioner of School Education to convert all classes from I to VI in Primary, Upper Primary, High Schools under all managements into English Medium from the academic year 2020-21 and gradually increasing each further class from next consequent academic years Government further ordered that, Commissioner, School Education shall take comprehensive action for online assessment of the current English proficiency levels of the teachers and design appropriate programme for enhancing the English Medium teaching skills for the teachers. It was further ordered that, intensive extensive trainings must be ensured during the current academic year and during the summer of 2020 for equipping the teacher to teach English medium from academic year 2020-21 for classes I to VI. Govt have further emphasized that number of trainings shall be given to the teachers and improving their English medium teaching skills in specific subjects and in general. Government have also further directed that action shall be taken for reviving the English language teaching centres and District English Centres (DECS) and the re locating them in District Institutes for Education and Training (DIET)
  • 2. Immediately after receiving the orders, Commissioner of School Education has taken up a detailed review with the Special Officer, Director, SCERT and all senior officers of school education department on 20-11-2019. Further a series of discussions have been held to chalk out a detailed plan of action for implementing the government orders in co-ordination with the Director, SCERT, Ibrahimpatnam.
  • 3. Based on the discussions the following instructions are issued to Director, SCERT, Ibrahimpatnam, RJDSE, DEO's, Additional Project Co-ordinators of Samagra Shiksha and the MEOs in the state:
  • Preparation of training module for the resource teachers.
Identification and training of Key Resource Persons for further training
  • 4. Director, SCERT, Ibrahimpatnam has taken up preparation of a training module for the capacity building of the resource persons through an expert group drawn from the faculty from English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad, Anna University, Chennai, Acharya Nagarjuna University, Guntur, Kendriya Vidyalaya Sanghatan, Ambedkar Univeristy, New Delhi and Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya and other organizations. A special camp has been conducted at Guntur from 13-11-2019 to 1-12-2019.
Training to State Resource Group
  • 5. The Director, SCERT has already identified (30) Key Resource Persons who have studied in English medium and got trained earlier in teaching in English with English as a methodology in teacher training. A training camp for the capacity building of the KRPS is scheduled from 6-12-2019 to 8-12-2019 at Nagarjuna University, Guntur.

Training to District Resource Group

  • 6. Director, SCERT has further identified (260) teachers @ 20 teachers per district as State Resource Group. These teachers have stood top in a computer based test to check up the English Language proficiency. The (30) KRPs along with the expert group from various universities will impart training to the SRG in two spells from 9-12-2019 to 13-12-2019 (5 days) and 19-12-2019 to 23-12-2019 (5 days) at Vijayawada.
  • 7. Director, SCERT, Ibrahimpatnam shall identify (2704) District Resource Persons @ 4 resource persons per mandal. These teachers shall be identified through a Computer Based Test. The Special Officer, English Medium Project, Ibrahimpatnam shall get the tool designed in consultation with Cambridge University and get the test conducted on 27-12-2019. A notification to that effect shall be issued by 13-12-2019.
  • 8. Around (3000) teachers shall be selected based on the computer based test by 31-12-2019 and their academic profiles shall be uploaded by 5-1-2020 by all District Education Officers
  • .9. Training to these (3000) DRPs shall be arranged at the divisional level in all (13) districts from 21-1-2020 to 25-1-2020. Each training centre shall have (4) SRPs and around (60) DRPS. The Principal of the DIET shall be the Training Coordinator and the DCEB Secretary shall be the Nodal Officer.
  • 10. The District Education Officer shall identify suitable venues for imparting training which will be residential in nature.
  • 11. At the end of the training camp to the DRPs, an online assessment shall be conducted and those that have fallen short of expected proficiency shall be replaced with efficient hands.

First Round of Foundation Training to the teachers

  • 12. The teachers that are going to teach from Class I to VI in English medium shall be imparted foundation training to orient them towards the new medium of instruction and also to build up their capacities in spoken English and in teaching in English in general. The training shall be for a duration of (5) days. It will be taken up at mandal level in 3 spells at the rate of 50 per each spell from 3-7 Feb, 2020, 10-14 Feb, 2020 and 16-20 Feb, 2020. If there are any teachers left out, another spell may be taken from 24-28 Feb, 2020.www.apteachers.in.
  • 13. This phase of training is non residential. The Mandal Education Officer shall be the Nodal Officer and the Headmaster of the School in which the training is going to be organised shall be the training coordinator.
  • 14. District Education Officer shall select those schools that have virtual class rooms with internet connection. He shall take further steps to activate those VCRs and internet connections that are not functional as on date.
  • 15. Special Officer, English Medium Project, Ibrahimpatnam shall take necessary action to make the (13) district studios and the state studio functional and also come up with a plan of action to utilize the infrastructure to broadcast interactive lessons by experts to the teachers undergoing training at the mandal level camps.
  • 16. An online proficiency test shall be conducted for all the participant teachers at the beginning of each spell and those that have not reached the expected level of proficiency be identified at the end of each training camp.www.apteachers.in
Second round of foundation training
  • 17. A second round of foundation training shall be organized for those teachers that have fallen short of expected levels of proficiency from 2-5, March 2020 at respective mandal training centres.
  • 18. Before taking up of the second round, a quick study of the learning needs of those teachers shall be taken up immediately after completion of the 1'st spell of the first round of foundation i.e., 7-2-2020 and appropriate training material to be designed to suit those teachers with the help of expert faculty drawn from the Universities. This supplementary material shall have to be ready by 20-2-2020.
Intensive practice
  • 19. After completion of the foundation training, the teachers shall be given mobile apps, online links and other resource material for intensive practice during the month of March, 2020
Subject Specific training
  • 20. Subject specific training shall be organised for all the teachers in teaching the subjects such as mother tongue languages, Mathematics and Environmental studies. This training shall be conducted on the lines of the foundation training in 2 spells in the month of April at mandal level. The first spell shall be from 6-10, April, 2020 covering all teachers except the schools where single teachers are working. The teachers working as single teachers shall attend the training from 24-28, April, 2020, i.e after the closing of the academic year.
Monthly re-orientation to the teachers
  • 21. The foundation training and subject specific training shall be followed by monthly reorientation to the teachers at identified school complexes that have VCRs, and internet connectivity. They shall be around 4 such centres per each mandal. They shall be developed as School Complexes in due course. The District Education Officer shall identify such schools and furnish the list to Director, SCERT by 31-12-2019 so that those centres will be strengthened in all respects such as English labs, computers, LCD projector, TV, library and other learning infrastructure.
  • 22. The monthly re-orientation shall be held every month for one day at the above centres. The Headmaster of the School shall be the Training Coordinator. The teachers attending the meeting shall prepare the TLM for transacting the lessons for the next month. The School Complex will guide the teachers for effective teaching in English Medium.
Strengthening of DIETs and ELTCs and DECS
  • 23. Director, SCERT, Ibrahimpatnam and Director, SIEMAT, Patamata, Vijayawada shall come up with a detailed plan of action for filling up of the vacancies of faculty in DIETs, for relocating the DECs and for strengthening the ELTCs and also for strengthening the physical resources of DIETs by 15-12-2019.
Timetable, resource material and budget requirements
  • 24. Director, SCERT shall work out the time table, resource material, detailed guidelines for monthly re-orientation and budget requirement and furnish by 31-12-2019.


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