NO Bio Metric E Hazar Attendance for Teachers until Further Orders - due to Karona COVID-19

R.C.No.152/IT CELL/2016 Dated 13-03-2020 Sub: School Education - Dispense the Biometric Attendance temporarily due to spread of 'COVID-19" - orders -Issued. Bio Metric E Hazar attendance is stopped temporarily for Teachers and Non Teaching Staff in Education Department due to the Karona Virus until further orders.NO Bio Metric E Hazar Attendance for Teachers until Further Orders - due to Karona COVID-19

Bio Metric E Hazar Dispensed Temporarily - due to Karona COVID-19

  • 1) Note No.36/Addl.CS to CM/2020 dated: 06/03/2020 of the Hon'ble Chief Minister's Office, Govt Of Andhra Pradesh.
  • 2) F.No.C-13014/ Under Secretary to the, Ministry of Personal, Public Grievances and Pensions, Govt of India
  • In the reference read above, the Hon'ble thief Minister's office, Govt of Andhra Pradesh have issued instructions dispense the Bio-metric Attendance temporarily informing that one of the main sources for the spread of 'COVID-19" is direct source of contact.
  • Therefore all the units functioning under the School Education Department, Regional Joint Directors, District Educational Officers and Additional Project officers are instructed to dispense the Biometric Attendance temporarily until further orders and the attendance may be obtained in physical form.

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