MDM Jagananna Gorumudda Monitorings -Implementation -Trainings Detailed Instructions

MDM Jagananna Gorumudda Monitorings -Implementation -Trainings Detailed Instructions. File No.ESE02-27021/51/2020-MDM -CSE PROCEEDINGS OF THE DIRECTOR, MID DAY MEAL & SANITATION Rc.No.ESE02-31021/B/2020 Dated:16/03/2020. MDM Jagananna Gorumudda Monitoring Trainings Detailed Instructions
Sub: SE-MDM-Jagananna Gorumudda (MDM)-Monitoring of the Scheme through mobile application and maintaining data- Training programme to the field level staff-Reg.
  1. 1.This office Progs no. ESE02/27021/38/2020 MDM Dt:29/02/2020. 2. Govt. Memo No.ESE01-SEDNOCSE(MDM)/12/2020, School Education (Prog.1) Dept., dt. 4.03.2020.
  • In continuation of the reference 1st read above, the Master Level Training to the resource persons with regard to Online Data Collection and Monitoring of the Mid Day Meal Scheme & School Sanitation though moble APP was conducted on 05/03/2020 with the identified members. The Master Level Trainers are instructed to conduct District Level training and in turn the District lover Trainers will train the Mandal Level Trainers along with Education-Welfare Assistants of Village Secretariat/Ward Secretariat duly informing them in advance.
  • In this context, it is reiterated that as you are all aware that from 21st January, 2020, the Mid Day Meal Scheme in Andhra Pradesh has witnessed a path breaking transformation into a more nutritious and tastier meal due to the generous, innovative and most caring attitude shown by our esteemed Hon'ble Chief Minister whose initiative of revision in the daily Food menu of the MDM serving 36 lakhs children in about 45000 Schools consuming. In the times of real time governance, the Hon'ble Chief Minister has time and again instructed to capture the implementation of the MDM & School Sanitation by way of extensive usage of Mobile applications. Thus IT enabled Tools have been developed by the Education Department. The ongoing mobile App for MDM developed by the NIC, which is being used by HMs for the last 1 year is further enhanced with additional features to facilitate users to capture the field data. In addition the department is introducing a Sanitation App also. The APK (Android package) LINK for both the Apps is now communicated to all the School/Village/Mandal/District/State level Officers and Parent Committee members and Village Organisations
  • The Government has strategized to monitor the MDM & School Sanitation by involving the Parents, SHGs, Village Education Volunteers and all the Officers by regular and extensive usage of the Mobile Applications. Thus the Government has first created the 4 tier Structure of Supervision for Monitoring the MDM & School Sanitation vide reference 2nd cited (enclosed). How each tier of Officers/Parents/SHGs should use the Apps is explained below by clearly delineating the roles and responsibilities of the concerned:

1. Daily monitoring by Head Master/Parent Corvimittee of the respective Schools:

  • At the School level, the HMs shall enter the INPUTS in the HM Login of the MDM App and the Parents Committee members in the PC Login of the MDM App. The information entered by toem gives a direct feedback to the Hon'ble Chief Minister at State level and Crficers at all levels on the DAILY SERVING OF THE MDM. If a deviations in the implementation is noticed, the App will generate an ALERT to the MEO who shall report to the DEO on the action taken to restore the situation. Thus there shall be a system of Ranking of best performing schools. Eventually the HMs and PCs shall take up responsibility to implement MDM in their Schools to utmost satisfaction. 
2. Monitoring every alternate day by the Education & Welfare Asst.,of Village Secretariat/Ward Secretariat :
  • He/She shall download the APK Link for the MDM and APK Link for the School Sanitation and shall inspect the Schools under his jurisdiction in the village/ward every alternate day and shall enter the relevant INPUTS in the App. He/She shall take pictures of the MDM relating to Hygiene, Quality, Quantity of the MDM items and other relevant items requiring Government attention. In the Sanitation App, there are certain ONE TIME CAPTURE ITEMS and daily monitoring items like taking photographs of Toilets in the School. He/She shall act under the guidance of the HMS/MEOs. 
3. Periodical (quarterly) monitoring by the Village Organisation of SHGs : 
  • The Village Organisation of SHGs shall study the status of the MDM performance every quarter and shall enter the relevant INPUTS in the MDM App and Sanitation App by entering the VO Login . The Inspection of the SHGs shall be a valuable feedback for the Officers to bring changes in the MDM in the School.
4. Monitoring by the State/District/Mandal Officers of Education Dept., by way ofrandom inspection of the Mid Day Meal Scheme. : 
  • The Officers at the Mandal/District/State level shall not only randomly inspect the Schools but also spend some time every day in Office to check the PROGRESS REPORTS that are generated everyday by the Apps and take corrective action on the Alerts generated by the Apps requiring their intervention. The MEOs shall re inspect the Schools and see that the deviation is restored.
  • The District Collector is the Nodal Officer of the MDM & School Sanitation who shall also spare her/his valuable time to check the Dashboards generated by the Apps of MDM & School Sanitation and shall direct the DEOs and other Officers to actively take corrective actions and implement the MDM scrupulously.
In view of the above all the DEOs/Ads-MDM/MEOS/HMs/Education Volunteers have to give TOP PRIORITY to the Steps taken by the Government in MONITORING THE MDM & SANITATION. The following Apps should be immediately downloaded by all the Officers and start using them.
  • 1. Jagananna Gorumudda App
  • 2. Sanitation App
  1. The APK (Android Package) Link for both the Apps shall be communicated to all. The DEOs/ADsMDMin the State are informed that the "Jagananna Gorumudda App" is available at Google Play store and they are requested to download the App and conduct the District Level training and Mandal Level Trainings on the proposed dates mentioned as here under:
  • Therefore, all the District Educational Officers are requested to conduct the District & Mandal Level trainings on the proposed dates without fail and submit compliance in the matter and the expenditure may be met from the MME funds already released. The training module along with user manual is enclosed in both Telugu & English versions for reference.
  • Top priority should be given to this item of work as the Hon'ble Chief Minister is giving top priority and reviewing the Mid Day Meal Scheme/ School Sanitation regularly.


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