SSC 10th Radio Lessons on All India Radio Digital Learning AP

SSC Radio Lessons on All India Radio during CORONA Digital Learning AP File No.SS-15021/22/2020-FIN SEC-SSA Rc No : SSA-15021/22/2020-SAMO-SSA Dt 20/04/2020 Sub AP SS- SIEMAT - Broadcasting of the Recorded Lessons to the 10th Class students for all the subjects through All India Radio w.e.f. 22.04.2020 on wards - communication of the dates for relay broadcasting of the 10th class Lessons - Certain instructions - Issued. All India Radio Telugu, SSC 10th class lessons broadcasting schedule.

SSC 10th  Radio Lessons on All India Radio Digital Learning AP 

1. Letter of the Director, Prasara Bharathi, India's Public Service Broad Caster Commercial Broadcasting Service, All India Radio Hyderabad.
2. This office Lr No: SS-15021/22/2020-SAMO SEC-SSA dt 18.04.2020.

In view of the spread of Corona Virus ( COVID - 19) in the state, the schools were shutdown and there is a huge loss of learning time for the 10th class students. Hence the Andhra Pradesh, Samagra Shiksha has decided to broadcast the Lessons through All India Radio to the students studying in the classes of 10th for the entire subjects keeping in view of the upcoming 10th class public examinations.
These lessons will help the students to revise the important concepts in the subject for better performance in the upcoming Public Examinations.
The lessons for the 10th class students will be broadcasted through All India Radio on the following dates and time:
In this regard, all the District Educational officers and Project Co coordinators of Samagra Shikaha and Addl Project Co ordinators of Samagra Shiksha in the State are requested to give further instructions to all the Dyeos/HMS/MEOs/DIS in your jurisdiction and vide publicity/awareness through print media and electronic media to parents and 10th class students in your respective districts and utilize these facilities to listen the radio lessons for better revision of the concepts in the subjects to come out with flying colors in the upcoming 10th class Public Examinations.