CLEP-2 Day-1 Spoken English Webinar Class for Teachers - Watch Full Video

CLEP-2 Day-1 Spoken English Webinar Class for Teachers - Watch Full Video. 1st Day Spoken English Webinar Class for Teachers - Watch Full Video. 27th May Day -1 CLEP-2 Spoken English Class Webinar On " Introduction to Spoken English for Teachers" by Dr. Shoba K.N., Assit. Prof. of English, Anna University, Chennai.

CLEP-2 Day-1 Spoken English Webinar Class for Teachers - Watch Full Video

Introduction to Spoken English for Teachers Moving Forward! 
Welcome Aboard! 
English is a universal language and it is understood all over the world. In fact, in today's world speaking English has become a necessity. As teachers of the future generation, we become role models for our students especially while exposing them to the English language. It is absolutely essential that we as teachers constantly need to improve ourselves and enhance our skillsets. 
As teachers, we focus on various aspects namely, preparing the teaching-learning materials, exploring various teaching methods and strategies. However, we need to understand that our communication plays a major role in the classroom. Our profession necessitates that we adapt to the changes happening around us. 

CLEP 1 focused on Developing the General Proficiency of teachers in the English language, covering a wide range of topics including the various skills that are included in order to develop skills in the English language. The program focused on listening skills, reading skills speaking skills and also writing skills related to the English Language. We also had several sessions on vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation which are the subskills. However, there was always a constant need for developing the Spoken skills in the English language for teachers who are making this paradigm shift from Telugu medium to the English medium in the primary classrooms. 

CLEP 2, the second phase of the training period shed more light on pedagogical aspects of the primary classroom, analyzing what teaching and learning methods will be useful for the primary classroom. The learner became the center of attention during these sessions. We looked at topics ranging widely such as Adapting to the new curriculum,Understanding Young Learners, etc. We also looked at topics like Dealing with multi-graded classroom, 

Assessment for learning and Using multilingualism as an approach in the primary class. So now the teachers of the schools of Andhra Pradesh are well equipped with ideas that are related to the general proficiency of the English language and to certain pedagogical aspects that are related to the primary classroom.We are together moving a step ahead, a step forward reflecting every teachers’ constant interest and feedback about the necessity of a Spoken English component to the entire training. 

Given the lock down period face to face training have become impossible and SCERT Andhra Pradesh has planned a series of webinars related to various Spoken English topics.