Instructions on Re-opening Schools after LOCK-DOWN - Standard Operating Procedure

Instructions on Re-opening Schools after LOCKDOWN - Standard Operating Procedure. SCHOOL EDUCATION (PROG.II) DEPARTMENT Memo No. ESE01-SEDNOCSE/627/2020-PROG-|Dated:05.06.2020 File No.ESE02-30/47/2020-A&I-CSE Lr.Rc.No. 105/A8/2020. Dated:19/05/2020 Sub:School Education - COVID-19 - Containment of spreading of Novel -Corona Virus (COVID-19) in the State - Reopening of schools during the academic year 2020-21 - Standard operating procedure for reopening of schools - Proposal - Submitted - Reg. COVID-19 - Containment of spreading of Novel Corona Virus (COVID-19) in the State - Standard operating procedure to be followed in all schools functioning under all the managements for the academic year 2020-21 - Certain instructions - Issued.

Instructions on Re-opening Schools after LOCKDOWN - Standard Operating Procedure

Sub: COVID-19 - Containment of spreading of Novel Corona Virus (COVID-19) in the State - Standard operating procedure to be followed in all schools functioning under all the managements for the academic year 2020-21 - Certain instructions - Issued

File No.ESE02-30/47/2020-A&I-CSE CSE has sent this letter to Govt of AP. In this context, I wish to submit that, a proposed Standard Operating Procedure for reopening of schools is submitted in the annexure. I submit that this is version 1.0 only and various measures taken across the globe are being analysed so as to find out best interventions for replication in our state also. The second draft will be furnished by 25-5-2020.
  1. From the CSE, AP, Lr. Rc.No. 105/A&I/2020, dt.19.5.2020
  • The Commissioner of School Education, A.P., vide Lr. cited has reported the Government that all the schools functioning under all the managements in the State are to be re-opened on 12th June 2020, as per schedule. But, considering the present situation in spreading of COVID-19 in the State, there may be an expected delay in commencement of the next academic year 2020-2021 and that the closure of schools due to COVID-19, poses greater challenges to education, mental and physical health. Apart from the impact on education and school readiness for children, lock down of schools is severely affecting Child mental health leading to anxiety and stress because of lack of peer group interaction, which is one of the serious concerns as per UNESCO studies. Evidences reveal that important aspects of schooling like immunization program and feeding program are severely affected and the marginal families are prone to even more inequality, hunger, malnutrition etc. There is increased risk of violence against children at home, abuse and sexual harassment apart from risk of increased child labour activities and child marriages. Social evils against children are kept in check by encouraging education and schooling. Because of the on-going COVID19 situation, there is increased fear of increase in such evils, which affects the children and the solution is to re-opening of the schools duly complying the security protocol in order to ensure health and education..
  • 2. The C.S.E., A.P., has therefore, proposed following Standard Operating Procedure for re-opening of schools in the State, as and when the lock down of educational institutions is lifted

  • Re-opening Schools after LOCK-DOWN - Standard Operating Procedure

    Preparedness of School Premises
    • a) Disinfecting the school premises like gate, door handle, switches, windows, bathrooms, toilet, sink, hand wash and drinking water taps, playground equipment, walls, benches etc., by disinfectant.
    • b) Fever check at the entry of the schools.
    • c) Two Automated hand wash stations (for 30 children) at the entry of the school to ensure everyone washes their hands before entering school.
    • d) Washable cloth masks to be distributed to children and Teachers.
    • e) Posters on precautions to be followed are to displayed in the school premises.
    • f) Teachers/Parents and students are strictly informed to stay at home if there are any symptoms like fever, cough, sore throat or any illness.
    • g) Mandatory use of gloves and mask for Teachers and Mid-day meal staff.
    • h) Hand kerchief to be mandatory along with uniforms.
    • i) HM to ensure that sufficient hand soaps, sanitizers and disinfectant are available at the school point. 
    • j) Sufficient running water for hand washing and toilets to be ensured at the school point. 
    • k) Orientation to all employees and Teachers shall be given in order to allay the fear and promote hygiene.
    During School Hours:
    • a) Morning assembly shall be cancelled, instead it can happen inside classroom through speaker wherever it is possible.
    • b) Schools which have strength of less than 30 shall have one schooling from 8 am to 12 pm maintaining a strength of 15 in each class room.
    • c) Schools which have strength of more than 30 should have two shifts one starting from 8 am to 12 pm and another from 12.30 pm to 4.30 pm.
    • d) School which have strength of 50-100 children, shall run alternate day schooling wherein first day two shifts, first and second batch will come followed by third and fourth batches in the alternate day.
    • e) Workbooks to be distributed to the students to utilize the hours spent at home.
    • f) Staggered water bells and lunch bells to ensure that at a children are out and in queue. .
    • g) Handwash to be mandatory during water bells to ensure sanitation.
    • h)  minutes to be allotted to explain safety measures on COVID19 and to collect any cases of infection in and around the children area.
    • i) The School premises are to be cleaned again after school hours to ensure safety of children under the supervision of Headmaster.
    • j) Contact Sports may be avoided during the Physical education period and instead individual exercises and yoga may be taught.
    • a) Apart from vitamin A, regular iron and folic acid tablets may be continued.
    • b) Fortnightly health checkups may be conducted during Saturday and details of every child health shall be maintained at schools.
    • c) Saturday, which is celebrated as 'No school bag day' may be used to entertain children by showing child friendly movies and activities to relieve the children from mental stress and anxiety because of lock down.
    Mid-day meal:
    • 1. Mid-day meal shall be given as dry ration until the situation becomes normal 
    • 2. No cooked mid-day meal will be served at the School points 
    • 3. However the employees who handles dry ration are to mandatorily wear gloves and masks and to maintain health sanitation practices.
    Exams protocol:
    • 1. Temperature check at the school point is mandatory. 
    • 2. Mandatory hand washing stations at the entrance and masks to be worn all the time 
    • 3. In each examination hall, only 10 students may be allowed to write. 
    • 4. The students who is at different place from the location of the school will be given options to select the examination center from the list of options which will be duly notified. 
    • 5. Transport facility to be arranged by the Collectors for the children in the containment areas to attend the exam.
    • 6. The exam supervisors and other staffs to mandatorily wear gloves as they distribute paper. 
    • 7. Separate isolation room for students are to be ear marked for those children who shows symptoms during the course of exam. 
    • 8. The exam premises is to be disinfected before and after every exam. 
    • 9. Sufficient Hand sanitizers, Soaps, tissues and dustbin to be available at the exam centre 
    • 10. Running water facility to be ensured at all centres.
    Spot valuation centers:
    • 1. To be arranged at the District level or in adjacent districts. 
    • 2. Thermal scanner during entry and exit. 
    • 3. Mandatory use of masks, gloves as they touch papers 
    • 4. Sanitizer, handwash to be supplied to all and kept at prominent places 
    • 5. Area to be disinfected before and after. 
    • 6. Lift maybe allowed to be used by 2 persons only.
    Instruction during Lock-down:
    • 1. To ensure continuity in education during the lock down period, work sheets will be distributed to all the children at the school point and a detailed instructional videos will be telecasted through TV. 
    • 2. Weekly assessment of the worksheets will be done at the school point once in a week 
    • 3. Detailed Distance learning modalities will be prepared by the expert committee formed and based on the committee recommendations detailed plan of action will be prepared for continuous teaching-learning process
    In the circumstances stated above, Government after examining the matter, hereby accord permission to the C.S.E., A.P., to issue necessary instructions to all the R.J.D.S.Es / D.E.Os and to follow the above Standard Operating Procedure in all the schools function under all the managements of the schools, scrupulously without any deviation, during the academic year 2020-2021. Separate orders will be issued for commencement of the academic year