SSC/10th 2020 Public Exams -Action Plan - Exam Centers - Taking Measures Instructions

SSC/10th 2020 Public Exams -Action Plan - Exam Centers - Taking Measures Instructions.  Rc.No. 115/B-1/2020, Dated: 13-06-2020. SC Public Examinations, July 2020 — Communication of planner -Orders-Issued. Rc.No.25/B-3/2020 Dated: 11-06-2020 Sub: SSC Public Examinations July 2020-Precautionary measures to be taken to protect the examinees at the examination centers from Covid-19-orders issued-Reg.

SSC/10th 2020 Public Exams -Action Plan - Exam Centers - Taking Measures Instructions

Sub: SSC Public Examinations, July 2020 — Communication of planner-Orders-Issued.
  • The SSC Public Examinations July, 2020 are scheduled to be conducted from 10-07-2020 to 17-07-2020 between 09.30 AM to 12.45 PM throughout the State. The smooth conduct of the SSC Public Examinations naturally calls for considerable caution and vigil.
  • Therefore, all the D.E.Os and A.C.G.Es in the District should evince personal interest and take all precautionary measures. They should plan and complete all pre-examination works so that no problem would arise at the time of conduct of examinations.
  • In this regard, the undersigned has developed the schedule for events with indication of dates before which they have to be performed. This is a planner to ensure the timely completion of work.
  • All the District Educational Officers and Asst. Commissioners are instructed to follow it without fail. Slightest variation and delay in completion of the activities mentioned in the planner would affect the conduct of SSC Examinations.
  • All the Regional Joint Directors are requested to hold review meetings in their respective offices with all the DEOs and ACGEs under their jurisdiction and review the arrangements made.

SSC 2020 July Exams Action Plan - Arrangements Schedule

SSC Public Examinations July 2020-Precautionary measures to be taken

Rc.No.25/B-3/2020 Dated: 11-06-2020 Sub: SSC Public Examinations July 2020-Precautionary measures to be taken to protect the examinees at the examination centers from Covid-19-orders issued-Reg.
  • Ref: Guidelines issued by Ministry of Home Affairs, GOI duly reiterated by MHRD, GOI and guidelines issued by Government of AP.
  • It is hereby informed that SSC Public Examinations July 2020 will be conducted from 10th July to 17th July in 4201 centers for 639088 candidates all over the state. The general instructions that are being issued time to time for the successful conduct of examinationsfor CS,DO and all other exam related personnel are already issued to ensure the smooth and successful conduct of examinations as is being done every year.
In addition to the above the following instructions are issued to take appropriate measures to protect the examinees at the examination centers from Covid-19.

  • 1. The parents shall be instructed not to gather in big groups near the examination centers.
  • 2. The parents and students shall visit examination center atleast 02 days before the commencement of examination so as to enable them to be on time on the first day of the examination in particular and all other examination days in general.
  • 3. Necessary arrangements shall be made in such a way that the students shall leave the examination hall duly following the physical distance to gathering in huge number that may lead to floating of the physical distance norm.
  • 4. All the examination halls shall be thoroughly disinfected before the commencement of the next examinations.
  • 5. Arrangements shall be made for cleaning all the table chairs and door handles and electric with board etc. with wet cloth dipped in disinfectant every morning before the start of the examinations.
  • 6. The students shall be made to sit in their benches in a zigzag pattern to ensure that that the students can sit duly maintaining physical distance norm. The distance between the two students shall be at least 05 feet shall be maintained.
  • 7. To avoid large gathering at thermal scanning students shall be directed to come to the examination centers at least 02 hours before the commencement examinations.
  • 8. There shall be sufficient number of thermal scanners in order to screen the students when they are about to enter the examination center. The thermal scanning should be done under the shade.
  • 9. The required number of medical staff shall be appointed to look after the medical needs of the students. The proceedings issued by medical department shall be obtain and shall be sent to this office.
  • 10. Hand sanitizers, masks shall be provided for sanitizing the hands of the students and examination staff.
  • 11. Hand gloves shall be provided to the examination staff and wearing the mask is mandatory.
  • 12. Separate isolation room shall be identified to make the students who are appearing for the examination and having cough, cold and high fever.
  • 13. If any invigilator is suffering cough or cold he shall be relieved immediately and required replacement shall be made by the chief superintendent.
  • 14. Proper awareness shall be created among the students about the necessity of safety measures and physical distancing.
  • 15. Wide publicity shall also be made regarding the home remedies and practices to enhance the immunity as notified the Government of India. The services of ayush department shall be utilized for the supply of ayurvedic and homeo medicine for developing immunity among the students and staff. 16. The students who are residing in the red or containment zones shall be safely transported to the exam centers duly following the physical distance norm.
  • 17. It shall be the required transport facility to the students to reach the examination centers in time duly coordinating with the APSRTC. Physical distancing norm shall be followed duly transportation. Help line shall be made available in the RTC bus station for the convenience of the students.
  • 18. The examination time table shall be communicated to all the schools concerned. Wide publicity shall be given in the local media.
  • 19. Whatsup groups with HMs shall be formed to communicate all the important information including the time table.
  • 20. The help line numbers for clarification shall be made available round the clock to clarify the genuine doubts of parents and students. Wide publicity shall be given in the local media about the availability of help line numbers.
  • 21. The students of all residential society schools shall be informed through the principals concerned and making wide publicity regarding the conduct of examinations(Exam schedule).
  • 22. Wide publicity shall be given regarding the additionally constituted centers for the benefit of students and parents for the easy identification of centers.
  • 23. All other instructions that were issued earlier by the DGE,AP, Vijayawada for the conduct