Andhra Pradesh Fundamental Rules and Subsidiary Rules - AP Fundamental Rules Download PDF

The Andhra Pradesh Fundamental Rules and Subsidiary Rules - AP Fundamental Rules, AP FRs. The Fundamental Rules and Subsidiary Rules of Andhra Pradesh Government. The Fundamental Rules (FRs) are originally framed under section 96-B (2) of Govt. of India Act 1919, Continuing under Article 313 of the Constitution of India, Supported by the proviso to Article 309. The Fundamental Rules are applicable to both central and state Govt. employees. The AP Fundamental Rules in brief and Download PDF available below. The 130 AP Fundamental Rules (corrected up to 1957) are divided into 5 Parts.

Andhra Pradesh Fundamental Rules and Subsidiary Rules - AP Fundamental Rules Download PDF

  • This volume contains the Fundamental Rules mace by the Secretary of State in Council in 1922, under Section 96-B of the Government of India Act, 1919, to regulate the conditions of service of the Civil Services in India in regard to pay, allowances, leave, joining time, foreign service, etc.
  • 2 . Under the Fundamental Rules, a State Government may make rules modifying or replacing any of the Fundamental Rules in relation to services under its administrative control provided that the interests of the existing members of services are protected and that the new rules so made give no concessions which are not covered either by the Fundamental Rules or by the latest version of the Civil Service Regulations. The subsidiary rules and instructions so framed by the State Government are also embodied in this volume in their appropriate places under the main rules.
  • 3. With the coming into force of the new Constitution of India on 26th January 1950, the Fundamental Rules made by the Secretary of State or the Governor General in Council will have to be altered to be in consonance with the new constitutional set-up. Pending revision of the Fundamental Rules by the Government of India in this respect, it has been decided to leave the said rules as they are for the present.

The AP Fundamental Rules in Brief

  • FRs are applicable to both central and state Govt. employees
  • FRS are reissued by the states of Karnataka and Tamilnadu 
  • FRs relate to personal claims of Govt. employees 
  • 130 FRs divided into 5 parts
The 5 Parts of the Fundamental Rules are:

 Rule  Description  FR Numbers
 Part-I  Extent of application  Rule 1-8
 Definitions  Rule 9
 Part-II  General conditions of service  Rule 10-18
 Rule-III  Pay  Rule 19-43
 Additions to Pay -  Rule 44-48
 Combination of Appointments  Rule 49
 Deputation out of India  Rule 50-51
 Dismissal, removal and suspension  Rule 52-55
 Retirement  Rule 56
 Part-IV  Leave  Rule 57-104
 Joining Time  Rule 105-108
Part V and VI  Parts V and VI not printed
 Part-VII  Foreign Service  Rule 109-127
 Service under Local Funds  Rule 128-130
I Authorized courses of instruction or training referred to in subsidiary rule under  Fundamental Rule 9 (6) {b) (i)
I-A Certificate of physical fitness (for executive posts)
Part I Subsidiary rules under Fundamental Rule 74 (a) — Leave procedure in the case of Government servants in India
Part II Rules made by the Governor General in Council under Fundamental  Rule 74 (6) — -Leave procedure to be  followed elsewhere than in India
Part III Subsidiary rules under Rule 74 (a) (iv ) — Maintenance of records of service
Part IV Forms
III Andhra Pradesh Leave Rules, 1933
IV List of ministerial servants
V Leave calculator
V-A  Ready reckoner for calculating leave of persons governed by the Andhra Pradesh Leave Rules, 1938
VI Model leave terms for officers engaged on contract
VII Executive instructions regarding casual leave
VIII Statutory Service Rules Index
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