AP GIS Group Insurance Scheme 1984 - AP GIS Scheme - New GIS Slab Rates

AP Employees Group Insurance Scheme 1984 GIS 1984 . A.P.STATE EMPLOYEES GROUP INSURANCE SCHEME,1984. The Government of A.P have introduced A.P.S.E.G.I.Scheme (Andhra Pradesh Group Insurance Scheme (G.I.S) ) w.e.f. 01-11-1984 vide G.O.Ms.No.293 Fin.Plg. Dept. Dt. 08-10-1984 in place of then existing Family Benefit Fund Scheme. All Gazetted, Non-Gazetted and Class-IV employees who are in service as on 1st Nov1984, and Who join service on or after 1st Nov-1984. Basically this scheme is called as Andhra Pradesh Employees Group Insurance scheme,1984 Details of GIS Scheme, We will briefly discuss about the Subscriptions to GIS, Savings in GIS Scheme and Calculation of GIS at the time of Retirement and Rules of GIS., Recovery of Subscription from Salary (GIS Monthly Subscription), Recovery of Premium, GIS Claim on Retirement, GIS Claim on Death are given in brief below GOMS NO 293 F&P(FW-ADMN-II) DEPT DT 08-10-1984 WEF 01-11-1984 .

AP Employees Group Insurance Scheme 1984 GIS 1984 

GIS scheme is intended to provide Insurance for the Andhra Pradesh state Government Employees, 
Employees of Panchayat Raj Institutions and Municipalities, and work charged employees at a low cost and on wholly contributory and self financing basis, the benefits of an insurance cover to help their families in the event of death in service and a lump sum payment to augment there resources on retirement. The Government of A.P have introduced A.P.S.E.G.I.Scheme w.e.f. 01-11-1984 vide G.O.Ms.No.293 Fin.Plg. Dept. Dt. 08-10-1984. All Gazetted, Non-Gazetted and Class-IV employees who are in service as on 1st Nov1984, and Who join service on or after 1st Nov-1984. 

Key Points of GIS Scheme
  • The membership of the scheme shall be compulsory for all those employees: 
  • As the Scheme has come into force with effect from 1-11-84, the anniversary of the scheme is November of each year. Employees, who enter service in the Month other than November, shall be enrolled as member on the next anniversary (Next November).
  • Those employees who are Promoted/Appointed during any month other than November of each year. will become full members of the scheme from the 1st of November of the next following Year to the Date of appointment/promotion.www.apteachers.in
The scheme serves double purpose [a] Insurance cover provided to help the families of Employees in the event of death while in service.  [b] Saving portion along with interest is payable to the employee on his retirement or to the family members of the Govt servant in the event of death. 
  • The scheme is applicable all state Government employees including Village servants.
  • The Village servant be treated as belonging to Group D and he has to contribute Rs.15/- till he attains the age of 60 years.
  • In the case of death of village servant before 60 years a sum of Rs 15000/- has to be paid to the nominee in addition to the balance in the savings fund.
  • If village servants opt to continue to contribute the savings fund subscription after completion of 60 years, he may allow to contribute but no insurance coverage is allowed.
  • The sweepers and scavengers working in Grm Panchayats which were provincialized are eligible for subscribing to GIS.
Employees are grouped in to four categories: 
  • A] Category A ----------- 8 units
  • B] Category B ------------4 units 
  • C] Category C-------------2 units 
  • D] Category D -------------1 unit
As of Now,  Each unit----------------15=00 [Rupees 4.50ps—Insurance fund  and 10.50ps --Savings fund]
  • The Employee who entered in to service in the month other than November, he shall be enrolled as a member of the scheme on the next anniversary i.e., in the month of November.
  • If the unit rate is 10/- [Rs 3.125 as insurance fund and Rs.6.875 as savings fund]
  • In case of appointment to automatic advancement scheme the date of orders shall be taken as a criterion for change of higher group..


  • Recovery shall be made from the salary every month by the D.D.O, for duty, leave, or suspension. Recovery shall be made including the month of retirement, death, resignation, removal etc.,.
  • No interest is levied on arrears of subscription due to delay in payment of salary.
  • Subscription with interest will be recovered for E.O.L period in not more than three instalments after resuming duty from leave.
  • If on deputation, the borrowing authority shall recover the subscription and remit to relevant head of account.
  • No loans or advances shall be paid to any member or other beneficiary of the Scheme from or against his accumulation
  • Subscription shall be recovered from the employee irrespective of his being on duty, leave or suspension. 
  • If an employee is on EOL, his subscriptions shall be recovered with interest admissible under the scheme is not more than 3 installments from his salary for the months following the month in which he resumes duty after leave. 
  • If an employee dies while on EOL, the subscription due from him shall be recovered with interest from his salary before settlement of the claim.


  • An employee entering service in a month other than November shall be given the benefit of insurance cover applicable to the group from the date of joining to the date of becoming full member of the scheme.
  • Insurance cover is Rs.3/- per month per unit before 31-10-1994, and Insurance cover is Rs.4-50 per month per unit from 1-11-1994.
  • Head of office shall obtain Nomination from the employee who becomes eligible for membership of the scheme within 2 months. T
  • he Groups to which the Govt.Servant belongs shall be decided on the basis of actual scale of pay which they are drawing from time to time.

AP GIS SLAB Rates (Latest As per PRC 2015)

Slab Rates (As per Pay Scales) Group Subscription No. of units
from 1-11-1984

to 31-10- 1994

from 1-11-1994
Rs.35,120-87,130/- to Rs.80,930-1,10,850/- A Rs.80/- Rs.120/- 8 Units
Rs.23,100-67,990/- to Rs.31,460-84,970/- B Rs.40/- Rs.60/- 4 Units
Rs.16,400-49,870/- to Rs.22,460-66,330/- C Rs.20/- Rs.30/- 2 Units
Rs.13,000-40,270/- to Rs.15,460-47,330/- D Rs.10/- Rs.15/- 1 Unit

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