E-SR AP EMPLOYEES ESR Revised Orders GO 99 -Detailed Step by Step Procedure

E-SR AP EMPLOYEES ESR Revised Orders GO 99 . Public Services – Maintenance of Service Register – Replacing the Service Register with e-Service Register (e-SR) – Revised Orders Issued – Regarding. The updated version of the e-SR module contains the following screens, through which the employees / DDOs have to enter required data. Detailed Procedure along with Guide released by Govt of AP on E_SR Revised GO 99. G.O.Ms.No.99 Dated: 03-12-2020
All the employees and DDOs are instructed to go through the e-SR enclosed to this GO, which provides step-by-step instructions on entry and confirmation of data by the employees / DDOs. The same is also available on the website esr.ap.gov.in. The User Manual also contains procedural guidelines to be followed for implementation of e-SR.

E-SR AP EMPLOYEES ESR Revised Orders GO 99  -Detailed Step by Step Procedure

The Heads of Offices / Heads of Departments who maintain Service Registers of the employees are directed to enter all required data in the e-SR Module by 31st December 2020.

The e-Service Register for Gazetted and Non-Gazetted employees of the Government, as per the amended Annexure-II, Part-III read with Rule 74 (a) (iv) of the Fundamental Rules & Form-10 shall be maintained as per the following instructions. 
  • 1. The Head of office /DDO are jointly responsible for upload of e.SR data of the employees working in the office.
  • 2. In respect of Grant-in-Aid employees drawing salaries under DH/SDH 060/061- GIA towards salaries, the salary bill counter signing authority in Government is responsible for upload of e.SR.
  • 3. In respect of All India Service officers, the PAO, AP, Ibrahimpatnam shall upload e.SR data into the system under his authentication.
  • 4. For the employees in Foreign Service Deputation, the last DDO in parent department is responsible for upload of eSR data.
  • 1. All employees whose salary is drawn under 010-salaries.
  • 2. All Grant-in-Aid employees whose salaries are drawn under DH/SDH 060/061.
  • 3. All work charged employees whose salaries are drawn under DH/SDH 070/071.
  • 4. Employee in Foreign Service Deputation
  • 1. The e.SR data shall be uploaded by DDO in https:// esr.ap.gov.in . portal using his CFMS ID as login password.
  • 2. The HOO/DDO shall immediately update all the entries in physical SR before commencement of upload of e.SR data.
  • 3. All the pages in the physical SR shall be scanned / uploaded by the DDO into e.SR module.
  • 4. Before scanning of pages in physical SR, all the pages in physical SR(s) shall be serially numbered by the DDO by affixing a stamp on the bottom of each page containing the words “page no______ and also scanned /uploaded into e.SR” under his/her signature. Better if the leave account(EL/HPL) is scanned at the end. At the end of each scanned copy of the e.SR, the DDO shall certify the number of scanned pages uploaded under his signature.
  • 5. The physical SR can be scanned by the DDO by using conventional scanners or by using “Lens” APP of Microsoft Corporation.
  • 6. Uploading of scanned SR shall be done by DDO using biometric authentication.
  • 7. After upload of e.SR data, the physical copy of e.SR shall be in the custody of pension sanctioning Authority for which separate orders will be issued by the Government for discontinuance of physical SR.
  • 8. In addition to uploading the scanned copy of the SR, the DDO shall enter the SR data on the relevant columns of e.SR data entry application duly attaching the following documents. a) Latest photograph b) SSC or equivalent certificate as proof of Date of Birth for superior service employees and Transfer certificate/relevant proof for last grade service employees. c) Caste certificate d) Aadhar card. e) Medical Certificate (Disabled persons only)
  • 9. After entry of the data into e.SR application, the DDO shall download the e.SR data entered in PDF format, show it to the employee for cross-verification and obtain the employee’s signature on the PDF format in token of having satisfied with the correctness of Data uploaded into HCM system. The DDO shall also affix his signature on the PDF format and upload in the e.SR application under his/her biometric authentication.
  • 10. After upload of e.SR data by the employee, the data shall be escalated to the Treasury/PAO where the salary bill of the employee is audited and approved.
  • 11. The Treasury officer/APAO shall cross verify the data uploaded in eSR with the entries in the scanned / uploaded copy of the physical SR and confirm the correctness of Data entry of the following information 
  1. a) Name of the employee as entered in the SR. 
  2. b) Date of birth
  3. c) Date of initial entry into service. 
  4. d) Community 
  5. e) Disabilities, if any 
  6. f) Latest Pay of the employee(by cross verifying with FLY leaf Register) 
  7. g) Post held by the employee as on date. 
  8. h) EL balance of the employee as on date of Upload. 
  9. i) HPL balance of the employee as on date of Upload.
  • 12. The Treasury officer/APAO shall confirm the above information under biometric authentication. After confirmation by the Treasury officer/APAO only, the e.SR. data shall be uploaded into HCM system by the SAP Team. e-Service Book Guidelines Prepared by Andhra Pradesh Centre for Financial Systems & Services
  • 13. The upload of e.SR. data into HCM system shall be completed by all the DDOs by 31/12/2020.
  • 14. The PAO, AP, Ibrahimpatnam shall co-ordinate the e.SR data entry work at HOD offices level and the DTA, AP, Ibrahimpatnam shall Co-ordinate work at District level through network of Treasury officers.
  • 15. The CEO, APCFSS shall organize the data storage servers properly for smooth upload of e.SR data. 16. For the employees existing prior to 1-7-2020, the SR entry may be taken as an automatic process with due acknowledgement by the competent authority.
  • 17. For the employees appointed on or after 1-7-2020, upload of each required certificate is mandatory. 18. DDOs may raise incident in CFMS for resolution of e-SR related issues.