Guidelines on Finalizing AMMAVODI Lists & Action on Ineligible Withheld

AMMAVODI Guidelines on Finalizing AMMAVODI Lists & Action on Ineligible Withheld.  AMMAVODI Further Guidelines on Action to be taken on Eligible, Ineligible, Withheld and Finalizing Lists Display of the lists in the schools/ colleges Thorough verification of the eligibility lists Action to be taken on the list of With Held candidates Action to be taken with regard the ineligible Finalizing the lists and approval of Gramsabha List: Rc.No. ESE02-28021/27/2020-PLG –CSE, 23/12/2020.

AMMAVODI Guidelines on Finalizing AMMAVODI Lists & Action on Ineligible Withheld

Sub: School Education -Planning - NAVARATNALU Jagananna Ammavodi Programme Financial Assistant ofRs.15,000/- per annum to each mother or recognized guardian who is below poverty line household and sending their children to Schools/Colleges i.e., from Classes I to XII (Intermediate Education)-Implementation for the academic year 2020- 2021- Certain Instructions- issued–Reg.

  • 1. This office Progs. Rc. No. file no ESE02-28021/27/2020- PLG-CSE dated 09.12.2020.
  • 2. ESE02-28021/27/2020-PLG -CSE , dated 07.12.2020, 21.12.2020 towards implementation of AMMAVODI for the year 2020-2021. @@@@@@
O R D E R:
In continuation to this office instructions issued vide reference read above, the Joint Collectors, Development, District Educational officers and Regional Joint Director of School Education in the state are hereby informed that on 21.12.2020 the lists of eligible, ineligible and withheld students along with the details of their mothers were hosted in as to enable to download in pdf format by the school headmasters, Mandal Educational Officers concerned with their login credentials.
2. As per the above instructions the said lists were displayed in the notice board of school point, Mandal Resource Centre (EO Office) and the Gram / Ward Secretariats as on 23.12.2020 12.00 noon, 93.41% schools have displayed the lists in the state.
3. Therefore the Joint Collectors, Development & District Educational in the state are requested to issue following detailed guidelines to Head Masters/ Mandal Educational officers/ Regional Inspection Officers/ District Vocational Education Officers:

Display of the lists in the schools/ colleges
4. Among the schools that have not displayed the lists, the district wise details of institutions were communicated to all the District Education Officers and also to the managements concerned. They have to ensure that all Headmasters and Principals display the lists immediately.

Thorough verification of the eligibility lists
  • 5. Once the lists are displayed, the Headmasters and Principals shall immediately verify the eligibility lists thoroughly and find out if any ineligible people have come in the lists because of errors in child info. They have to make such candidates immediately ineligible. For this an option is provided to them in the portal. The Headmasters and Principals shall delete of any candidate is found ineligible even if he got the benefit last year. In this regard the decision of the Headmaster and the Principal is final.
  • 6. Further, they shall convene the Parents Committee meeting on 28-12-2020 and explain them once again and also seek their cooperation in detecting the ineligible candidates if any from the eligibility list. The PC members may be informed that they may also inform such cases if any to the headmaster separately also and that the names of such informants shall be kept confidential.
  • 7. The Headmasters and the Principals shall exercise utmost care and caution before finalizing the eligibility lists as no ineligible person should get this benefit. The entire program of Ammavodi is intended with the ultimate objective of ensuring that poverty does not come in the way of the poor mothers for educating their children. So if any ineligible person knocks away the benefit, it not only damages the credibility of the system but also causes injustice to the needy and eligible. Hence Headmasters and Principals should feel the moral responsibility in ensuring that the final list is completely genuine.
Action to be taken on the list of With Held candidates:
  • 8. Further the headmasters shall thoroughly verify the list of withheld candidates duly verifying the details furnished in the child info. Care and caution should be exercised in case of children tagged to the ration card of the mother last year but tagged to ration/rice card of another candidate other than the mother.
  • 9. If any employee working in department including Samagra Shiksha / School Education department whose salary/honorarium drawn is more than Rs. 10,000 p.m in rural areas and Rs. 12, 000 p.m in urban areas and if the candidates are found in eligible list or in withheld such names shall be placed in ineligible list.
10. This data should be placed in the PC meeting to be held on 28-12- 2020 and those ineligible should be marked as ineligible.

Action to be taken with regard the ineligible List:
  • 11. With regard to those candidates that are put in the ineligibility list, an Online link will be provided to the (9,42,702) ineligible students at Gram / Ward secretariat with the credentials by today evening 23.12.2020.
  • 12. The mothers/guardians who are contesting against ineligibility (six step validation) may submit their grievances with proper evidence in their Gram / Ward secretariats through 6 Step Validation Grievances Portal.
  • 13. The disposal of such appeals shall be as per the SoP followed for redressal of grievances under Six Step Validation done through Village and Wards Secretariat.
Finalizing the lists and approval of Gramsabha
  • 14. Once the eligibility lists are thoroughly verified and finalized and discussed with the Parents Committee on 28-12-2020, the same shall be frozen on 29-12-2020 and a pdf shall be generated and printed by the headmaster and principal concerned.
  • 15. That list in the form of PDF shall be certified by the Headmaster and Principal concerned stating that he has thoroughly verified and discussed with the Parents Committee and that the details furnished are correct. 16. Then the list should be placed before Gramsabha for approval on 30-12-2020 and with the signature of the Gramsabha and the Headmaster and Principal concerned the certified copies shall be submitted to the Mandal Education Officer concerned by 31-12-2020.