New Schedule for Web Options AP Teachers Transfers @MEO Offices - Rc.No.13029

Web Options Instructions and Clarifications - Web Options at MEO Offices. As the server is completely causing problems it is further decided to take further steps on APTEACHERS Transfers Web Options as mentioned below.Rc.No.13029/11/2020-EST 3 Dated:18/12/2020 Sub:- School Education – Rules – The Andhra Pradesh Teachers (Regulation of Transfers) Rules – Guidelines (Instructions) – Revised Schedule –Issued.
1. G.O.Ms.No.53 School Education (Ser.II) Department dated.12-10-2020.
2. G.O.Ms.No.54 School Education (Ser.II) Department dated.12-10-2020.
3. Proc.Rc.No.13029/11/2020-EST3 dated 14.10.2020 of this office.
4. G.O.Ms.No.59 School Education (Ser.II) Department dated. 24-11-2020.
5. Proc.Rc.No.13029/11/2020-EST3 dated 25.11.2020 of this office.

Web Options Instructions and Clarifications - Web Options at MEO Offices

రాష్ట్రంలో ఉపాధ్యాయులందరికి తెలియజేయునది ఏమనగా షెడ్యూల్ ప్రకారం పూర్తి కావలసిన వెబ్ ఆప్షన్స్ నమోదు 15.12.2020 తో పూర్తి కావలసిఉన్నది.కానీ సర్వర్ సమస్య వలన ఆ తేదీ ని 18.12.2020 వరకు పొడిగించడమైనది.సదరు షెడ్యూల్ ప్రకారం 18.12.2020 అర్ధరాత్రి సర్వర్ ఆపబడును.
ఈ నిర్దేశిత సమయంలో వెబ్ ఆప్షన్లు అసలు పెట్టుకోలేనివారు మరియు పార్షికంగా పెట్టుకున్న వారు. సంబంధిత మండల విద్యాశాఖాధికారి వారి కార్యాలయంలోఆప్షన్ లు సబ్మిట్   చేసుకోవచ్చును
ఎవరైతే తప్పనిసరి బదిలీలలో ఉన్నారో మరియు ఎవరైతే సబ్మిట్ చెయ్యలేదో వారు తేదీ 21.12.2020, 22.12.2020 న సంబంధిత MEO ఆఫీస్ నందు వారు సబ్మిట్ చేసుకునే అవకాశము కల్పించడమైనది.
ఉపాధ్యాయులు ఎవరైతే తమ ఆప్షన్స్ సరిగ్గా నమోదు కాలేదు అని భావించారో అలాంటి వారికి 23.12.2020 నుండి 30.12.2020 వరకు 8 రోజులు సంబంధిత MEO ఆఫీస్ లో సబ్మిట్ చేసుకునే అవకాశం కల్పించడమైనది.
అతి ముఖ్యమైన గమనిక- సర్వర్ లోడ్ అధిగమించడం కోసం MEO ఆఫీస్ నందు రోజుకు కేవలం 10 అప్లికేషన్స్ సబ్మిట్ చేసుకొనుటకు అవకాశం కల్పించడం జరిగినది.
  • In continuation of the orders issued vide references read above, all theRegional Joint Directors of School Education and the District Educational Officers in the state are informed that as per the schedule issued by this office, the submission of online web options by the headmaster / teachers was initially to be closed by 15.12.2020 but upon request from the teachers, the last date was extended upto 18.12.2020. Accordingly, the submission of web options shall be closed by 18-12-2020 midnight.
  • 2. All those teachers who have submitted their web options shall take a print out of their option form and furnish the same to the Mandal Education Officer concerned on 19-12-2020. The Mandal Education Officer shall receive the print out and confirm the same from 21-12-2020 onwards. For this purpose, the MEO concerned will be given credentials ( user name / password) on 20-12-2020. Once he receives the userid and password, he shall open the application of the teacher online and confirm the receipt of the signed copy of the option form of the teacher
  • However, as observed from the database of submission of options by teachers at 8.00pm on 18-12-2020 it is found that still (1,021) teachers have not submitted their web options. Some of the teachers have informed this office that they were not able to submit the web options in time and in some cases due to lack of connectivity. Hence it is decided to give them one more opportunity to submit their options. Since the web options are going to be frozen by 18.12.2020 midnight, the said facility will be given to them through the concerned MRC.
  • The MEO concerned shall facilitate those teachers to submit their web options through MRC. Such teachers shall report to the MRC on 21-12-2020 or on 22-12-2020 and attend to the work. An OTP will be generated to such teachers to authenticate such submission. The date on which they attend the MRC for this purpose shall be treated as OD. After submission, those teachers shall have to take a print out and furnish the same to the MEO duly signing the same. The MEO shall confirm the submission as explained at para 2 above.
  • The MEOs shall identify and facilitate such candidates and admit them to submit their web options (not exceeding 10 candidates per day) so as to ensure that the server is not overloaded.
  1. The headmasters / teachers who have applied for web options and found that their options have been properly reflected in the print out shall submit the self-attested copy to MEOs at Mandal resource Centres. from 19-12-2020 to 19-12- 1 2020
  2. Confirming the receipt of signed copies of web option forms by MEOs 21-12-2020 to 31-12- 2020
  3. The headmasters / teachers who have not submitted their options due to various reasons as on 2020 18.12.2020 will have to submit their web options at respective MRC from 21-12-2020 to 22-12- 2020
  4. The Mandal Education Officer shall not share the credentials with any teacher other than the MRC staff and no teacher shall be permitted to access the portal outside the MRC
  5. The headmasters / teachers who have submitted their web options multiple times and found that the 2020 print out of the options is not reflecting all their options properly shall get complete display of their options, modify if any and confirm the final list.  from 23-12-2020 to  31-12-2020
  6. Such candidates shall have to submit the final print out through at respective MRC not exceeding 10 candidates per day
  • The Deputy Educational officers shall co-ordinate with Mandal Education Officers of their respective divisions for collecting the signed web options copies and report the work done every day to the District Education Officers and Regional Joint Directors concerned. The copies of signed web options have to be forwarded to the concerned District Educational officers as soon as the entire work is over in the mandal and the in the division.
  • The Deputy Education Officers and Mandal Education Officers may utilize the services of the competent teachers or Cluster Resource Persons for necessary assistance in this work. The days such teachers or CRPs attending the MRCs for this work shall be treated as OD.
  • Therefore, all the District Educational officers in the state are requested to bestow their personal attention and ensure completion of this work by 31-12-2020 duly ensuring that there shall not be any clash with the schedule given for identifying unique mothers/guardians for Jagananna Ammavodi Program
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