Dispose the Appeals of Municipal AreaTeachers for Transfers Options Memo 13029

Dispose the Appeals of Municipal  AreaTeachers for Transfers Options Memo 13029. బదిలీలు - స్టే కారణంగా మున్సిపల్ పరిధి పాఠశాలల ఖాళీలను ఎంచుకోలేని పరిస్థితి - వివాదం ముగిసినందున ఆప్షన్ అవకాశం ఇవ్వాలన్న టీచర్స్ కోరికను - నిరాకరిస్తూ ఉత్తర్వు జారీ చేసిన డైరెక్టర్
File No.ESE02-13029/11/2020-EST 3-CSE Memo.No.13029/11/2021-EST Dated:-20/02/2021.
SE - Estt.III - Appeals received from the teachers for transfer to vacant posts arose due to dismissal of Court Cases - Certain! Instructions - Issued.
  • All the Regional Joint Directors of School Education in the State and District Educational Officers in the State are invited to the subject cited and certain representations are being received from the teachers stating that they could not opt for the places located in municipal areas as there were stay orders of Hon'ble AP High Court and now that those cases have been dismissed, they are requesting for giving them an opportunity to opt for those places.
  • In this regard it is clarify that the transfers once completed can not be reviewed and it is not possible to review their requests at this juncture.
  • Hence, the Regional Joint Directors and District Education Officers are requested to dispose the appeals received from such teachers on those grounds as per the enclosed format.